Are you planning on installing a gate for your driveway and thinking of automating it? Do you want some information about motorizing a gate? For instance, why should you motorized a gate installed in the driveway? What are different types of gates available in the market? Accordingly, what are the gate automation options available? What are the benefits of gate automation options? How much do different types of motorized gate materials cost? What is the basic difference between motorized gates and manual gates? What are the pros and cons of both types?

As compared to the manual gates, does the automatic gates increases the value of the property? Is it worth to invest on a motorized gate for an investment property? Will it require a permit?

In this topic, we are about to answer all those questions along with some other exciting information on the topic. This article will guide you all about the motorized gates.

There are many sources of information available on the internet, sometimes it all becomes so confusing. Through, this article I aim to solve this confusion.

What are the Types of Driveway Gates Options?

The driveway gates are basically divided into two categories.

These categories are:

1. Automatic Gates

As the name suggests, they are operated automatically.

The motor operates behind these gates powered by electricity. They have quickly become popular among the people.

2. Manual Gates

Manual gates work manually. They are the traditional gates that are seen in most suburban homes.

What are the Gate Automation Options?

There are many different types of driveway gates automation options out there. And, obviously, the type and style of automation will depend on the type of the gates.

I have listed some of the key gate automation types below, based on gate types.

1. Swing Gates Automation

They are just like the entrance door of the house. Just like normal doors, they also open inward and outward. But they are placed away from the footpath or the street, in order to avoid hitting anything passing by.

Swing Gates are available in two types. A single swing is one type, it is just like a bedroom door. The other one is called double swing, which is just like a French door. This type of gate is cheaper than the other types of gate available.

  • This type of gate is only suitable for flat driveways.
  • They can’t be more than 16’ wide.
  • They require a lot of space.

2. Slide Gates Automation

As the name suggests, the slide gates use a sliding motion. They either slide from left to right or from left to right.

Slide gates do not require a lot of space as a swing gate, but it require a passage for gate to slide through. Slide gates further come in three types.

  1. The first one is called the V track slide. This type of slide gate is a favorite among people as it is very durable.
  2. The second one is called Rear Pipe. The gate is attached to the fence panels in this type of slide gate. Two wheels are mounted at the end of the gate. These wheels are used to slide open the gate.
  3. The third one is called Cantilever. This type of gate is ideal for areas with frequent snow. Instead of the two wheels that touch the ground, it has vertical posts. The gate is placed between these posts.
  • This type of material is costly as compared to the swing Gates.
  • The V Track slide gate is not suitable for the areas that have frequent snow.
  • They are not suitable for properties that little space or frontage (width).

3. Vertical Lifts and Vertical Pivot Gates Automation

These types of gates do not slide backwards. Instead, they rise upwards. They do not take a lot of space.

The vertical gate has a tilted side that points towards the air. On the other hand, the pivot lift gates are lifted entirely into the air.

These types of gates are usually used for industrial purposes.

  • They are very expensive.
  • They are not quite typical for household uses.

Why Choosing the Right Gate for Automation is Important?

Choosing the right gate is a critical task. A gate is the first thing someone sees when they will look at your property. It enhances the overall look of your property. It makes the whole property look aesthetically appealing. So, choosing the gate will really impact your whole property. If the gate design goes well, the entire outlook will, then a property will be easy to sell as well.

Benefits of Automatic Gates

Automatic gates have so many benefits. So, many people are opting for them. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:

  • Sense of privacy

Automatic gates provide a sense of privacy that traditional gates do not offer. They increase the level of privacy of the home.

It will only allow those people to enter who have authorization. It will not allow unauthorized visitors.

The owner of the home will have a through which he will control who enters and leaves the property. As such, the security lies in the palm of the hand of the owner.

  • Boundaries

As it is mentioned above, the whole gate is operated through the remote so, the owner can create boundaries for added safety. He can create boundaries for pets that they do not cross.

  • Designs

There are many different designs available in the automatic gates. They come in a variety of sizes, heights and shapes. You can even have them customized. So, you have the option to choose a favorite type, style and color.

  • Benefit of convenience

There are many different ways of opening an automated gate. They can be opened through remote control, a card, by signals and thumb pads. You won’t have to physically get out of the car every time you have to enter. Just simply uses the gate opening device you have. The traditional gates do not offer this type of convenience.

  • Unauthorized Vehicles

Sometimes people use others driveway for turning their cars around. You will be safe from such types of invasion. They won’t be able to use your driveway, as much compared to a neighbor without such controlled security gating option.

  • Cheap Option, When You Factor the Security Cost

Installation of automatic Gates is a very good way of saving money. Not only they keep the property secured, but they also are sometimes a cheaper option as compared to the other options that are available in the market.

  • Investment

Properties that have automated gates, get an instant appeal and value increases.

People want security in their homes. They like the properties that have additional security features. So, the addition of an automated gate instantly increases the overall value of the property. So, if you plan on selling your house in a few years then adding an automated gate is a good way of investing your money.

  • Aesthetics

Adding a beautiful gate will change the whole aesthetics of your property. The automated gates come in many different materials.

If you have a modern property, you can choose the modern style. If you have a traditional property, then you can choose the traditional style. It is totally up to you.


Note: You can find several different styles through your builder that matches your aesthetics.

Cost of Motorized Gates Options

As mentioned above, the automatic gates come in many different materials. So, the cost of each will depend on the type of material that is being used.

The following are the cost of the motorized gates according to the material.

  • Vinyl

It is a very popular option. It is quite inexpensive. But it is prone to damage. The cost of vinyl is $200 to $1000 US dollars.

  • Aluminium

Aluminium is an expensive material. It looks very beautiful and does not have a lot of weight. But the dents can occur quite easily on the surface of the gate.

The cost of the aluminium material is around $2000 to $4000 US dollars.

  • Wood

Wood looks very beautiful on the house. This type of material is very popular. But it’s an expensive material too. It also requires very high and constant maintenance. If you don’t like the maintenance aspect, then, it will not be a suitable option for you.

The cost of the wooden material is around $300 to $4000 US dollars.

  • Steel

The steel gates look very good if you have a modern property. They work really well with it. They are quite heavy though. They are also expensive. But on the plus side, they require low maintenance.

The cost of Steel gates is around $600 to $4000 US dollars.

  • Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron is also another option. They are low maintenance but are very difficult to install. The cost of wrought Iron gates is around $600 to $4000 US dollars.

Tip: We previously covered how to raise capital for developments.

Difference Between Manual and Motorized Gates

1. Manual Gates

Before discussing any further, let’s first discuss what a manual gate is actually.

A manual gate is a traditional gate. You have to physically get out to open and close them.

Pros of Manual Gates
  • They are not very expensive.
  • They come in a variety of different options.
  • They are very easy to repair.
Cons of Manual Gates
  • They are not convenient.
  • They are not as safe as the automated one. Anyone can open it, and walk/drive through to your property.
  • They do not provide the same level of security as the automated gates.

2. Motorized Gates

Motorized gates are electric gates, and sometimes can be solar too.

They are operated through a gate opening device. You just have to use that device (e.g. remote) to open the gate.

It doesn’t require physically opening and closing the gate.

Pros of Motorized Gates
  • They are very safe.
  • Keeps your property secure.
  • They make a good impression on the guests.
  • They are very convenient.
  • They are durable.
Cons of Motorized Gates
  • They are very expensive.
  • They require a high level of maintenance.
  • They are not easy to repair.
  • They will not work if the electricity is out.

Would a Motorized Gate Increase the Value of Your Property? (as Compared to a Manual Gate)

The answer is Yes. Automated gates definitely increase the value of your property.

They are in very high demand in the modern day where people prefer the luxuries and convenience. People tend to be more interested in the properties that have motorised gates as compared to the manual one. All because of the benefits of motorized gates.

Does It Worth for an Investment Property?

Yes, it is totally worth to add an automatic gate to the investment property, especially if the investment property is located in a busy urban or suburban location. They are the cheapest way of adding ensuring security for the home. So, if you are thinking of adding them to your investment property, then it is a perfect option.

Gate Permit

Whether you decide on the automatic or a manual gate, you will need a permit, if you wish to build your gate on a new driveway. If you do have an existing driveway, usually permit is not required.

Visit your local council and get the permit for your gate and driveway construction. Only then you will be able to start working on your project.


No matter what type of gate you are choosing you cannot make a DIY project of it. It simply cannot be done at home. Because it requires special machinery, tools and skills. So, the best way of installing a gate is with the help of an installer.


Determine beforehand what you want from your gate. Do your homework so you know, what type of questions you can ask. When you have decided everything than you start finding the Installer.

Talk with different contractors. Tell them about your plans. Go for the one you think who can understand your demands.

An installer will also tell you how you can get the permit for the gate. According to your requirements, they can also guide you about the type of material that will work best for you.

Be very careful when choosing because your whole project likely depends on the reliability of the contractor you have chosen.


The article aimed to enlighten people about what is meant by Manual and Motorized Gates. How they are different from each other as the motorized gates are slowly becoming more popular because of there many attributes.

They are also many options to choose from when it comes to the motorized gates. Like all things, both types have pros and cons. But in case of the motorized gates, there are more pros as compared to the cons.

Even from the investment point of view, motorised gates are a very good option, especially if the investment property is located in a busy urban or suburban location. Partly, because they are very secure and safe, and then the convenience while providing privacy as well.

Lastly, if you think of installing an automated gate, the key is to choose the right installer contractor. That’s the best way to guarantee the success of your gate automation project.

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