Blogging is one of the fastest growing mode of income with the constant growth of the internet. Given the fact that people are now indulging more into entrepreneurship, it goes without saying that the growth of blogging is on its peak. It is growing mainly because of the rising value of the content across multiple channels. If you have been looking to indulge in something similar, WordPress is an amazing platform to look into. This is one of the best platforms for developing your own website without the need to have your own knowledge regarding web development and such.

What is a Theme for WordPress?

All that being said, the one thing about blogs that make it stand out of the rest is its presentation. If the blog doesn’t look good, chances are that the audience won’t engage much on it even if it has the best content published. This is the primary reason why it is important to ensure that you do have a good sense of the best available WordPress themes that will skyrocket the popularity of your blog.

Three Best Premium WordPress Themes

The very first subtopic that we want to touch base with is the amazing premium WordPress themes that you can look into. If budget is not a concern for you, it is best suggested that you do opt for the premium themes which you would have to pay extra for.

But, owing to the fact that these are classified themes, you are assured that they will not just look good when it comes to the design and layout of the website but will also have a very responsive and unique user experience to it.

Let us take a look at the top 3 premium themes, shall we?

1- X

Don’t get deterred by the name of the theme, it is actually one of the best in the lot which is best suited for all kinds of websites. It does come with four different categories along with built-in demos for you to have a better understanding of the same.

The best factor of this theme is the fact that it comes with Cornerstone, which is one of the most popular WordPress web page builders. Apart from the standard layout that comes with the theme, you can also customize a lot of things with this theme, which is an added bonus.

The Customiser on this theme is one of the best factors that sets it apart from the free themes in terms of the kind of options that you get with it.

2- Uncode

Next on the list of the premium themes definitely has to be Uncode. Apart from getting a variety of premium plugins with this theme, you can also enjoy the prospect of the fact that it is considered as a multipurpose theme. Apart from everything, they have also been found to offer a number of website demos which does come a lot in handy for the bloggers.

The images used in this theme are very adaptive as well, which is an added bonus and help in enhancing the responsiveness of the website. It does come with a large media library which has further been found to be quite useful in embedding any kind of media that one wants to on their website.

Apart from the standard menu options, you can also get accessible advanced menu options, which are an added bonus. It is also compatible with almost all the kinds of third-party plug-ins, which further makes it a good option to look into.

3- Divi

If you have been on the lookout for a simple yet multi-purpose theme for your blog, Divi is actually an amazing option to look into. The best part of this theme is the fact that the same comes with the WooCommerce compatibility, which enhances the responsiveness of the website all the more.

They come with a number of pre-installed layouts that the users can access directly without any issues. It comes with the front-end page builder tool and helps with the click editing and is one of the few premium themes on WordPress that offers this feature.

Apart from the standard features and plugins, the theme also does come with the wide range of content elements, including audio player, blog, number counter and so on and so forth that you can most definitely take a peek into.

Three Best Free WordPress Themes for Bloggers

Now that we have discussed the best premium WordPress themes, it is time that we provide insight into the themes that won’t cost you anything. Paying a hefty amount every month behind the themes might not be something that every blogger can afford, especially during the initial days of their blogging journey.

The free WordPress themes do come in handy for such bloggers who are on a budget but need a good and responsive layout for their website.

1- Airi

If you are into the spacious and minimalistic theme for your blog but don’t have the money to spend, Airi is an amazing option to look into. It has a very clean space throughout the website along with clean and crisp typography, which makes it one of the best website themes to opt for.

The header area has a full banner image space which can be used according to the requirements for the blogger. It has a multipurpose quality to it and is best suited for any type of website.

This is the kind of WordPress theme, which is amazing for the bloggers or even the start-up companies who are just starting out. The additional prospect of the Elementor integration helps ensure that you can use this theme for any kind of website that you have.

This is one of the free themes which also include the WooCommerce which allows you to start selling your digital products as well. The customization options on this theme are pretty amazing as well, which is an added bonus when you do come to think of it.

2- Talon

If you see this theme, you wouldn’t technically believe that this is a free theme at all. The large header of this theme is what takes up the majority of the space of the website, but if you have a blog that requires the call to action on the main page itself, this is perfect.

The header can either include a static image or even a slider, as per your requirements. This allows you a little leeway in designing the home page as per your requirements even more so. Apart from the prospect of the definitive tools and plug-ins, you also do get a varying number of customizable options that you can take a peek into. It comes with Page Builder Support as well, which is an added bonus.

3- Neve

If you have a blog that needs a minimal and fast theme to leverage the best of experience for their users, the Neve theme is one of the best ones in the lot. It gets along well with the page builder, thus making it a good option to look into.

Apart from the responsiveness of the theme, the design is the next thing that does stand out of the rest. It has a very clean and clear theme and layout which fits perfect for almost all of the business types or even the niches of blogs that you are running.

The customization options with the theme are pretty amazing as well, helping you get a better chance at managing your color, fonts and even the layout altogether. It also does offer mega menus, which are further an added bonus that helps make your website look clean and aids the user to navigate through easily without any kind of interruptions. It provides with the top-notch support as well, direct from the developers who are an added bonus and not something you get with every free theme.

What is the Best WordPress Themes for Bloggers?

With the top 3 picks from the free and the premium WordPress themes did, it is time that we divert our focus on the rest of the accessory themes that are available. The growing popularity behind the concept of minimalism is what is paving the way for the elegant WordPress themes instead of the complex ones.

As the majority of the bloggers do prefer opting for the free WordPress themes available, we are going to help you by listing out the best available free WordPress themes that one can look into for their blog.

1- Ocean WP

Just as the name suggests, the Ocean WP is as calming and soothing as the name of it. It has a very minimal yet interactive design which makes it stand out of the rest. Even though it is a free theme, you will get a number of premium like features that you don’t technically get with the free themes available.

It does come with a varying number of customization options and suits almost any kind or niche of the blog that you have. Apart from the multiple layout options, you also do get the custom logo support along with a versatile image gallery for enhancing the multimedia aspect with your posts. It is very flexible and does come with live customizer support as well.

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2- Astra

Next on the list of the elegant WordPress themes definitely has to be Astra. It is perfect for any kind of blogs that you have – be it personal or even business blogs. It has been developed to the best suit almost any kind of page builder like the Beaver Builder, Elementary, etc.

Apart from the free features that you get with this, you also do get additional premium like features like that of the WooCommerce that can come a lot in handy for your blog.

It is a very lightweight theme which ensures that it is quite responsive as well. It comes with a number of customization options as well, which is an added bonus.

3- Bento

No, it is not like the Japanese Tiffin box but is one of the most elegant WordPress themes for bloggers. It is a multipurpose WordPress theme which comes with an abundance of features that you can take a look into.

It is very compatible with not just the theme of the website but gels along nicely with the additional page builder plugins as well, which is an added bonus. Even though it is completely a free theme, you do get a number of customization options that you can take a peek into.

4- Ribosome

Next on the list of the elegant WordPress themes has to be Ribosome. This is the kind of theme which is amazing for the personal blogs or for the ones which have a magazine vibe to it. The layout does come with a number of customizable options – starting from the background header to the color schemes used on the blog.

Along with the common features, it does come along with a single navigation bar at the top along with the social buttons. This is a very minimal yet chic looking theme that can make your blog seem amazing.

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Apart from the standard header, it does come with a sidebar on the right for updates and the latest posts. It also comes with multiple customizable Google fonts that you can check to find which one seems the best for your blog.

5- SiteOrigin Unwind

The SiteOrigin Unwind is yet another one of the beneficial and elegant free WordPress theme that takes your website up by a notch. It comes with the complete WooCommerce support which lets you sell your products without any kind of issues whatsoever.

The minimalist style is what adds to the look and feel of the website. It is also highly customizable, which further adds to the list of pros on why it is a good option to look into.

Additionally, it also does come with multiple layouts and such which further adds to how amazing the end result with the website is.

6- Hemingway

Hemingway is yet another one of the clean WordPress themes for the bloggers, which allow providing a very chic and stylish look to the blog. It is predominantly a two-column layout that comes with the header along with the parallax effect.

Apart from the normal layout of the theme, it does come with a varying number of customizable options in terms of the colors, font and even the layout of the same. You can make a custom logo and such which is definitely an added bonus that you can’t get otherwise.

It has also been found that the theme options with this are pretty easy to set up as well.

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7- Writer

If you have a personal or writing-related blog, this is the perfect theme to look into. It is also amazing for writers who have their own travel and adventure blogs on their website. The layout of this theme is very simple but very elegant at the same time.

The presence of the large slider on the top uses the feature image from the latest blog posts that you make, which is pretty amazing. Apart from the customization options, it does come with a number of templates as well as widgets that one can take a peek into.

8- Verbose

Not many bloggers like this theme but it is actually a very well placed and accurate theme for the bloggers who are on the lookout for a chic yet organized layout for their website.

The blog is well maintained and designed to help with the readability as well as the visual appearance of the posts that you do make on the website. It comes with a three column layout which multiple customization options.

The left grid is for the general widgets while the rest two columns are for the posts that you make on the website.

9- Lovecraft

Next on the list of the elegant WordPress themes definitely has to be Lovecraft without a speck of doubt. Apart from the full custom header, the clean appearance with this theme is definitely something that you just can’t get enough of.

This theme is one which also comes with the left sidebar and the navigation theme that you can’t get with many of the premium versions of the themes as well. The customization options are pretty amazing as well, which is definitely an added bonus. It does suit any kind of blogs and niche so you can get creative with the same.

10- Baskerville

If you have been on the lookout for a modern and chic layout and theme for your blog, Baskerville is the one to opt for. Much like the prior ones, even this one does feature a large full-page header which is then followed by the blog posts that you publish.

These are displayed in the grid form on the website and do come with a number of templates that you can select as per your liking altogether. The single post and pages can be customized as per the liking of the blogger, which is an added bonus altogether.

11- Admiral

Next on the list has to be Admiral. This is yet another one of the magazine style WordPress themes that can beautify your website. Much like the majority of the magazine style website, even this one does come with a three column layout, making it a perfect option for the majority of the blogs around.

It has sidebars on both sides and with the content column in the middle, thus making navigation a lot easier. It comes with the customizable layout along with the posts slideshow, the header area, the page layout, and the infinite scroll as well.

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12- Coral Dark

If the dark and gothic background is something that you are looking for, the Coral Dark is actually an amazing theme. It does come in multiple layouts, one with the one column and the other with the two column layout.

Apart from the layout of the theme, even you get a wide range of customization options, including that of the fonts, colors and even the widget area.

13- Hiero

Next on the list of the elegant WordPress themes most definitely has to be Hiero. Even this comes with a magazine-style format, but the appearance is actually quite amazing in itself.

Apart from the navigation menu on the top, it also does come with the two column layout, which is an added bonus. The home page contains the latest posts, and even the feature image depicts the importance of the post to garner in more audience.

14- Satori

Satori is yet another one of the elegant and beautiful themes that you can take a look into if you are starting out with blogging. Apart from it being highly customizable, it has also been found to have an amazing layout to it, which is an added bonus.

The full-width header adds to the beauty of the blog and does bring around better appearance and layout of the blog. It comes installed with the WooCommerce which has further been found to be of quite helpful if you want to sell products at a later stage.

15- Nitro

Not many bloggers pay attention to this theme, but Nitro is one of the most customizable and amazing themes on WordPress which signified easy navigation and amazing layout of the blog.

Apart from the homepage slider on the top, you also have easy access to the featured posts just down of it, which makes it easier for the readers to connect well with the posts. It is also highly customizable with the home page, background, header and the templates that you just can’t brush aside.

If you have been on the lookout for the best WordPress themes for your blog, we have suggested some of the best ones available around. We have covered a number of prospects, from the kind of blog it will suit the level of customizations it allows. All in all, these themes are some of the best ones in the lot that you can think of using for your website without any kind of issues whatsoever.