In this article, we review Investors Prime Real Estate led by Konrad Bobilak. Many questions regarding Investors Prime Real Estate and Konrad Bobilak will be covered in this review to help you decide if this venture is a scam or not.

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Australia’s real estate market for residential property has reached a value of $5.5 trillion. This showcases Australia as one of the largest markets for real estate investment. Australia stands forth as the 13th largest economy in the world, with projected GDP growth
of 2.9% within the next five years, making it a huge marketplace for all real estate investors.

Witnessing this consistent economic growth, Australian land is a top priority for investors to put their money in. However, these people often fail to understand the right property to invest in. Hence, they need specialists to guide them in finding the top properties to get the maximum profits.

This is where Konrad Bobilak’s Investors Prime Real Estate comes into the picture.

What Is Investors Prime Real Estate?

Investors Prime Real Estate is an initiative by Konrad Bobilak to help both novice and seasonal investors to find the perfect property that guarantees a high rate of return on investment.

Konrad Bobilak, being one of Australia’s most sought after real estate specialists, has created Investors Prime Real Estate to discover and target high-end properties in the most coveted areas. These are prime areas that tend to outperform others in the means of being top residential areas, so their value only increases.

This real estate strategy is perfect for those who are looking for an opportunity to invest with minimal risk of loss.

What To Look For When Hiring A Real Estate Specialist Such As Konrad Bobilak?

One of the essential things that distinguish a top real estate specialist from a mediocre one is the experience that they have. Konrad Bobilak stays as one of the best because of his multitude of experience in the field.

Not only has he taught tens of thousands of people about residential real estate, but he has also published a book and maintains a constant digital media presence signifying his knowledge in the field.

On the other hand, the work experience of a specialist you are looking towards hiring also matters a lot. Konrad Bobilak has excelled in these regards as he has worked as the financier for one of the 4 major banks in Australia.

He also practices real estate investment personally and so has made a multi-million-dollar portfolio which shows his skills.

Another aspect to take into consideration are the qualifications such as those of Konrad Bobilak. He has done Bachelor’s in Business Management followed by further studies in the field of financial planning, mortgage broking and real estate, which make him qualified enough to provide justifiable advice.

Keeping all of this aside, one thing that makes or breaks any real estate specialist’s reputation is their media presence and recognition.

Konrad Bobilak has been a part of many news articles and is well recognized in the media with nothing but praises on his part. This reputation is also necessary to take under consideration before you work with any real estate specialist whatsoever.

Features of Investors Prime Real Estate

One of the main services that Investors Prime Real Estate provides is access to premium properties in premium locations. The criteria for any property to get registered at Investors Prime Real Estate is ‘tough’, and so around 95% of properties are rejected according to them. This ensures that only the top properties are available for the clients that promise results in terms of return on investment.

Not only this, but while getting properties, the process also includes a Due Diligence Pack. This is essential in terms of reassuring and giving the client accurate figures and facts as to why the chosen property is an ideal choice.

The clients can use the due diligence pack themselves as well, but Investors Prime Real Estate has the finest team who is experienced and can give the client complete assurance without the client having to undergo any sort of hassle.

Alongside, the investors at Investors Prime Real Estate get priority access to properties that others do not; again, that’s what they say. With the finest property research kit, those utilizing the services of Investors Prime Real Estate are made to discover properties that are unavailable for other real estate companies in the market.

This is due to the widely spread networking of those at Investors Prime Real Estate.

What Does Investors Prime Real Estate Do?

Investors Prime Real Estate is one of the most top-ranking real estate companies that provide its clients with an investment opportunity within the most sought-after suburbs in Australia.

Their main job is to shortlist the premium properties in Australia that guarantee a high rate of return on investment for their clients. Similarly, they need to consider both micro and macro factors of investment such as location and requirement of the client and thus provide their client with the best means of investment that is required.

Why Is Investors Prime Real Estate The Best?

Providing tailored solutions to the investors and offering top of the line services using the experienced specialists hired by Investors Prime Real Estate, this company stands to be one of the best in Australia in guiding one regarding residential property investment.

Investors Prime Real Estate uses a data-driven approach that is more focused on the statistics of the market, which enables it to ensure profits for its clients.

Furthering this, Investors Prime Real Estate also differentiates itself in the market through the content they offer.

Not many companies are actively present on digital mediums as they fail to understand the importance of digital media as our community becomes more virtual. However, Investors Prime Real Estate identifies this and thus targets their audience through online mediums and shows them the knowledge that the professional possesses in terms of attracting more clients.

Konrad Bobilak’s Experience

When talking about trusting any company, one of the main points to take into note is the CEO’s experience, expertise and reliability. In these considerations, Konrad Bobilak stands as successful.

He has thrived as being a teacher for tens of thousands of people in the field of real estate and has also stood as the author of one of the most well-recognized books in the real estate industry.

In addition to this, he has extensive experience in fund management, risk insurance, commercial lending, residential lending, asset finance and real estate sales.

One of the key factors of checking anyone’s credibility is understanding what they do. Konrad Bobilak practices what he preaches and has thus created a multi-million-dollar portfolio with regards to residential real estate investment.

This has also helped him establish a huge social network which only adds to Investors Prime Real Estate’s successes.

Benefits Of Using Investors Prime Real Estate – The Pros

  • A highly specialized team that has a huge experience in the real estate marketplace.
  • Unique projects are offered that are inaccessible to other property dealers in Australia.
  • Critical property screening is performed based on a set criterion to maximize return on investment.
  • Delivering properties above the market with the highest capital growth potential.
  • Taking into consideration the complete overview and all macro and micro factors before getting a property on board for upcoming clients.
  • Utilizing the widely spread-out network that helps gain an unfair advantage in accessing the best residential properties.

Disadvantages of Investors Prime Real Estate – The Cons

  • Only the top properties in Australia are chosen, so only certain individuals can afford them,
  • 95% of properties are rejected as they do not promise a high rate of return on investment,
  • Limited access to a small number of properties, so not everyone is catered to.
  • The critical analysis in terms of due diligence and property research takes a much longer time to get access to the property bought.

How Can Investors Prime Real Estate by Konrad Bobilak Improve?

Under close criticism, it is obvious how Investors Prime Real Estate subconsciously caters to a niche elite class.

One way it can improve and add to the Australian economy is by increasing the number of properties they offer. Although this may affect the top-notch quality, what the company can do is make specific categories in terms of risk management and hence be able to cater to a larger market.

Moreover, they should also hire more specialists because as the company grows, there is an increase in the number of clients on board.

To cater to the specific needs of each client, a greater number of specialists are needed to keep customer retention and satisfaction intact.

Any Alternatives To Using This Real Estate Company?

As always, there are certain alternatives rather than going to Investors Prime Real Estate. This includes going to find a property yourself or hiring solo agents to help you do so. However, these methods are not the sometimes best as a comparison to Investors Prime Real Estate.

Finding a property, yourself requires intensive market research and time, and you may still not get the best property which increases the risk of loss.

On the other hand, hiring a real estate agent as a buyers’ agent may also not guarantee the best prices since they may be new in the market and hence lack the essential connections needed to get you the best deals.

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In conclusion, Investors Prime Real Estate is one of the best choices in Australia to take into consideration before investing in high-end property. This company focuses on results based upon facts rather than opinions and thus provides a good investment means.

Keeping all of this in mind, Investors Prime Real Estate would get a rating of 4 out of 5, since not only do they guarantee results, but they also focus on customer satisfaction.