Here we review the OpenCorp Property Investment Specialists to confirm how this company led by Allister Lewison and Cam McLellan could model your property investment journey. This OpenCorp Property Investment Review is a must-read if you are considering them.

The Australian property investment market is an ever-growing market with some predictions it will further increase by 16% in the overall housing prices within the next 2 years. As the population grows, so does the demand for housing in Australia. By June 2021, the number of household units sold reached up to 582,900, being the largest number since 2004.

Keeping these statistics in mind, it is essential for those who are starting off their investment career to get advice from specialists as to what should be done. Not only the beginners but also advanced property investors could always do with some expert advice to reduce their risk of loss.

This is where the services provided by OpenCorp Property Investment could come in handy.

First thing first, what is OpenCorp Property Investment?

The OpenCorp Property Investment Service – What Is It?

The increase in the need for real estate specialists is where OpenCorp Property Investment services come in. OpenCorp Property Investment consists of a team of experts in the field of real estate who guide their clients regarding which property they should purchase that will give them the maximum return on investment.

With a built-in commission rate of around 4% only, the OpenCorp Property Investment Specialists guarantee the best negotiations hassle-free.

OpenCorp Property Investment started off when four enthusiastic investors worked hard to build upon their own portfolio. Following this, they helped their friends and family from where the idea of helping the masses came into being.

The company has been serving the market for over 10 years and has earned only praises (largely). They are simply an unforgettable support for every real estate investment journey.

What To Look At Before Investing With OpenCorp Property Investment?

One of the essential things to take into consideration before one works with any real estate investment company is the background and experience of the team. This mainly includes the experience, reliability and expertise of the CEO as well.

Looking at OpenCorp Property Investment, both Allister Lewison and Cam McLellan are highly experienced in terms of real estate investment.

Allister Lewison entered the real estate investment market at the young age of 20, whereas Cam McLellan bought his first set of properties at a young age as well. They managed to make a huge property portfolio and moved on to helping family and friends and thus have enough experience in guiding people regarding real estate property investment.

The OpenCorp Property Investment is also considered reliable.

Another thing to consider before investing with any company is their company portfolio. This includes;

  • the number of clients they have previously worked with,
  • the number of positive responses and recurring clients, and
  • the types of properties sold with a positive return on investment.

Understanding and looking out for these things is necessary to make sure that your investment opportunity is not wasted. Hence, looking at these key considerations regarding OpenCorp Property Investment, they come true as being highly qualified.

The last and most important thing to research before one works with a company is its legitimacy and standing. Looking at OpenCorp Property Investment and their huge number of clienteles that have only positive feedback. Along with their authorized license, we can confirm that OpenCorp Property Investment is legitimate and very much real to work with.

They are not a scam!

Services Offered By OpenCorp Property Investment Specialists

At OpenCorp Property Investment, they do not just offer property investment services. They cater to various niches with a vision of becoming one of the most well-recognized real estate investment companies in Australia.

The list of services they provide are below.

  • Strategy Sessions

A strategy session is customized specifically for the client where they can learn in-depth about property investment and management.

This is a one-on-one session including a specialist and the client, where they discuss the current investment path and define the new path that is to be followed.

After this, there is a close inspection on discovering means of generating finance and then learning how to keep your own home ‘safe’. The client can then proceed towards planning on how to pick the best property after seeing others having earned a lot of return on their investment through the chosen strategies.

This leads to creating an understanding of how 90% of the people fail to move past purchasing 2 properties
and so how they can tap into the remaining 10%.

  • Mentor for life

The mentor for life program is an ongoing mentorship program with OpenCorp where they provide lifetime assistance regarding all property investment till their client reaches the desired goal.

This program works in a simple way where the client does not have to do much work.

A dedicated portfolio management team is assigned to every client that works with the senior investment consultant. They manage your entire portfolio, which is also reviewed after every 6 months.

  • Funds management

This is a simple process to help you in investing whatever minimum amount you have above $1000.

Resifund is a sub-branch that enables you to invest with other people who are facing similar financial difficulties. You collaboratively purchase a property and take advantage of the return on investment as per your share in it.

  • Mortgage broking

Another sub-branch of OpenCorp Property Investment is OpenFinance. This is a way of mortgage broking for those who know their ideal property yet lack the funds to invest in it.

OpenCorp Property Investment also aids them in these regards by enabling them and giving them the tools for financial freedom and getting loans.

  • Property management

OpenCorp Property Investment also provides property management services.

They have a set team that will keep your property in prime condition and find the perfect tenant for your house or apartment in terms of maximizing the rent you earn through the property.

Rest assured, you can stay stress-free and understand that your property will be in safe hands with OpenCorp Property Investment.

How Does OpenCorp Property Investment Work

There are certain steps that OpenCorp Property Investment follows in terms of guiding their customers to purchase the best property as a real estate investment.

These are as follows:

  1. Providing essential investment education to the masses and specific clients so that they know what they are doing in terms of investment.
  2. Setting up customized goals for the clients and proper timelines on when they should be able to achieve them if they follow the strategies given by OpenCorp Property Investment.
  3. Setting up a team of experts to guide the client throughout the whole process and further down the lane whenever necessary.
  4. Help the client arrange the needed finance in order to purchase the property they are looking at.
  5. Help the client select the best property according to their budget that will maximize profits in terms of return on investment.
  6. Manage the tenancy agreement set with the tenant and the property at hand using the best available resources.

Why Should One Choose OpenCorp Property Investment Service?

  • OpenCorp Property Investment comprises a team of highly experienced specialists who have intensive knowledge about the real estate marketplace.
  • OpenCorp Property Investment has been in the real estate market for more than 10 years with only outspoken praises by their clients.
  • The founding team is highly professional, with a great portfolio in terms of investing and even greater knowledge about the field. They have published their own book called “my four-year-old the property investor”.
  • OpenCorp Property Investment can help their clients build wealth to find the ideal property through their huge networking.
  • OpenCorp Property Investment focuses on getting their client a property that has minimal risk and maximum profits, and a positive return on investment.
  • Helps build wealth and mitigate risks.

Advantages Of Hiring OpenCorp Property Investment Service – The Pros

  • Keep their clients well-informed and clarified regarding any property dealings related to them.
  • On-time replies and consistent updates on progress.
  • Always available to answer any queries the client may have.
  • High focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Easy to work with the team that leaves no stone unturned to reduce any risk of loss.
  • Management of any troubles without any negative consequence or time delays.
  • Strictly professional and timely in all things they do.
  • The first consultation session is free of cost.

Drawbacks of Using OpenCorp Property Investment Services – The Cons

  • Usually only offer high investment projects in top areas to ensure a greater rate of return, which leads to fewer people being able to work with them.
  • They often switch their property managers quite regularly, which can be slight trouble as each case has different directions they are going in. Thus, this may cause slight delays to make sure the new manager understands the needs of the client first.


To sum up, all that has been stated above, and after closely analyzing OpenCorp Property Investment, it is obvious that they deserve a rating of 5 out of 5 for their exemplary services.

Not only do they provide each client with what they need to ensure satisfaction, they also work upon hiring only the best of the best in terms of experts for real estate advising. This, along with the high positive feedback, is what makes OpenCorp Property Investment one of the best real estate investment guidance companies in Australia.