In this McGrath Real Estate of John McGrath Review, you will discover a lot about John McGrath and his McGrath Real Estate.

Property investment is one of the major markets in Australia on the rise year by year.

The real estate investment market is a rapid and dynamic market that is constantly growing with an estimated increase of 4% to 12% in the housing prices in the next 2 years. Knowing this, we can understand the reason as to why property investment has become much more common in our times.

Undoubtedly, real estate investment is one of the best ways to earn wealth, having the best return on investment, especially in the long-term.

However, it is often difficult for novice investors who are just entering the market, to decide where to invest to maximize their capital gains.

This is where the real estate experts such as John McGrath and their firms such as McGrath Real Estate come to the picture.

Let’s find out who John McGrath really is and his McGrath Real Estate…

The McGrath Real Estate Service – What Is It?

The McGrath Real Estate Service consists of some of the most knowledgeable property managers in Australia who are responsible for guiding you and helping you find the right investment opportunity that caters to all your needs.

With proven insights into the Australian real estate marketplace, McGrath Real Estate Service is experienced in what they do and so have multiple success stories over the years.

They not only guide you regarding property investment, but they also enable a seamless process throughout your time with them and so are one of the top real estate advising agencies.

What To Look At Before Investing With A Company Like McGrath Real Estate Service?

Before trusting any company with your investment whereabouts, it is essential to look at certain key factors.

One of the basic factors is identifying the number of satisfied customers and clientele. This proves that any company such as McGrath Real Estate is good at what they do and have the necessary knowledge to help you out with your property investment.

Moreover, another core factor to take into consideration is the legitimacy and trustworthiness of the company. This can primarily be ensured through the company license that is compulsory in Australia, followed by client feedback and reviews.

The majority of positive reviews showcase any company such as McGrath Real Estate as honest, reliable and credible enough to be trusted with your finances and financial goals that you wish to achieve.

Keeping these personal judgments aside, the experience and skills of the property managers
and advisors chosen by the company to take on board also speak majorly for the kind of experience you will get.

Looking at the property managers and understanding the qualifications is an essential part of deciding whether a company like McGrath Real Estate will be able to satisfy your needs without causing any extra hassle and trouble for you.

Services Offered By McGrath Real Estate Specialists

One of the main services that McGrath Real Estate provides for their clients is helping them structure their investment needs out properly. They have experts specially trained to strategize the investment opportunities as per the client’s need. Hence, they counsel you into managing your investments to ensure a maximum rate of return on investment.

Moreover, McGrath Real Estate also guides you in terms of the property cycle. The company helps you identify the prime time when a property is about to boom and, hence, the right time to invest your investment in that company.

They also guide you as to when you should proceed to another property investment by predicting the downfall of the current property at hand through key statistics so as to build your portfolio.

Another feature that McGrath Real Estate is responsible for providing you with is the guidance of the costs that are related to purchasing a property.

This includes the taxes that you may have to pay over time, which most people over look. After identifying these, they also help you analyze them to ensure that investing in the property eventually creates benefit rather than downfall in terms of finances.

Hence, McGrath Real Estate helps you find the right property as per your need and requirement, following which they also provide you with the ideal manager for that property who has the needed knowledge and information regarding the area, property and more.

This is to ensure that they can guide you regarding the ups and downs of the property
you have invested in and thus maximize your profit in terms of capital gains.

How Does McGrath Real Estate Service Work?

  • Initially, guide you on the amount you can borrow to invest further on.
  • Help you in getting a lending pre-approval
    based on your financial status.
  • Understand your motivation, and depending on that, document your future investment goals.
  • Mentor you in researching the real estate investment market while catering to all your needs.
  • Talk to your accountant to decide the amount to be invested and regarding the rate of return.
  • Find you a lawyer to cater to your property investment needs, in the long run, to avoid making any impulsive decisions that may backfire in the future.
  • Perform a preliminary cash flow analysis on your currently owned property if any to understand the current financial status and hence, decide the future investments.
  • Depict the full costs associated with investing into any property and thus guide you into analyzing your needs and whether you are ready for that sort of commitment.
  • Finding a suitable property as per your requirements and performing the due diligence to avoid any long term risks involved with property investment.
  • Helping you purchase the property and assigning a property manager to provide you with future insights and details regarding the ups and downs of the property so as to help you decide when you want to sell it again.

Why Should One Choose McGrath Real Estate Service?

With more than 1500 experts in-field, McGrath Real Estate is by far one of the topmost efficient real estate advising companies that maintain a seamless experience for their clients through constant updates about the process and detailed insights about your property when you hire a property manager.

John McGrath founded this company in 2015, and in over 5 years, McGrath Real Estate has managed to establish itself in the real estate property investment market firmly.

Having helped thousands of clients and customers, McGrath Real Estate is a company trained to satisfy their clients with success. They are a top choice in Australia in terms of getting the best real estate investment advice and guidance.

Advantages Of Hiring The McGrath Real Estate Services

  • Offering to hassle-free services by doing all the leg work for their client including the property analysis and due diligence so as to ensure the clients get the best investment opportunity.
  • Clients can avoid all the paperwork that is needed and leave it to the experts to get done with as per what is offered at McGrath Real Estate.
  • The property managers assigned to every client at McGrath Real Estate are friendly and attentive to the client’s needs during physical in-person meetings with them. They listen to the needs and then work upon them as per the requirement.
  • The team at McGrath Real Estate is highly professional in how they conduct negotiations using their huge network and thus manage to get the client the best deals.

Drawbacks of Utilizing The McGrath Real Estate Services

  • Considering the developments in technology, McGrath Real Estate lacks in terms of virtual presence and customer service with delayed responses and replies to emails and a minimal presence on digital media platforms.
  • Another drawback of using the McGrath Real Estate service is that they prefer constant in-person presence to process things. This could be a hassle for those who find it difficult to go to places and wish to get stuff done from the comfort of their homes.
  • McGrath Real Estate also has slow customer service, keeping in mind they need physical reminders constantly to process certain things, which can be done through virtual communication as well as being troublesome for the client.

How Can McGrath Real Estate Service Improve?

There are several ways McGrath Real Estate could work upon improving their services.

One of the key aspects where they lack is customer satisfaction. Considering this, they should have a specialized team focusing only on customer retention and satisfaction by giving out prompt replies, handling all the queries and answering all the questions.

This team should be well aware of what goes on at McGrath Real Estate and thus be able to help any existing client or potential client sort out any troubles or provide them with any information required.

Similarly, they should also create ease for their customers and allocate a team to manage the communications virtually so that more clients find it easier to communicate through any online medium and get all the relevant information that fits their needs.

In addition, McGrath Real Estate should also work upon getting more information on the landlord/ sellers considering there have been instances with clients where the seller was not sure what was promised, and there were several demands by the sellers in person, which were highly unfeasible.


To conclude what has been stated above, it is simply evident that McGrath Real Estate is one of the finest real estate investment guiding companies established by John McGrath.

Not only do they have a high success rate, they also have top of the line experts on board for counseling which is why they clearly get a rating out 4 out of 5. However, they do need to work upon their involvement with their clients and customers all in all.