This guide will explain Investment Networks such as Angel Investment Network. Many interesting questions will be answered in this Angel Investment Network review to confirm if it is a scam or not, and how to spot a scam.

Let’s start rolling…

Times have been changed, and society has moved towards more awareness and encouragement of startups, knowing there are often a lack of platforms that can empower these startups.

Our community does not lack individuals with ideas for a business. What it lacks is the necessary connections to potential investors who can help establish these businesses.

There are 344.5K new startups in Australia in 2021. However, they do not get funding. This is why they do not expand fast and thus the most close-down shortly after establishment.

This is where the Angle Investment Network comes to the picture…

What is Angel Investment Network?

Recognizing the opportunity of the need for a platform to connect entrepreneurs with potential investors, Angel Investment Network was launched.

Their core purpose is to bring together businesses looking for an investment to scale their model with investors that have the necessary money, network, and knowledge to help the business grow.

Using the Angel Investment Network, entrepreneurs submit their business pitches on the website, following which all the interested investors can contact the business if they want to invest in them – creating a simple platform for entrepreneurs with an idea to get their needed funding through investors looking for an opportunity to make money.

What To Look For Before Working With A Company Like Angel Investment Network?

Before one entrusts any company with their personal details, there are things to take into consideration to make sure that they are not being framed by anyone virtually.

Keeping this in mind, one should take into deep notice the credibility of any company before the individual gives them their personal details. This can be checked by verifying the company’s license to offer services and whether they are registered with the government.

Another method of checking any company’s legitimacy is by their past client and customer feedback. The positive feedback ensures that the company is reliable and trustworthy, having offered positive services before.

Moving forward, another key aspect to take under scrutiny is the rate of success that the company has put forth. If any company has a reputation of majorly being successful in their services, they are likely to provide their client with what they need in the future. Knowing this, one can rely on them when working with them.

In the case of Angel Investment Network, this could be checked by looking at the successful startups who managed to get the necessary funding to establish themselves.

Seeing that the number of startups that had gotten investors was more than those who failed to get one proves that Angel Investment Network is not a scam.

Furthering this, one could also look at the total or average investment that Angel Investment Network has managed to raise. This can help one decide whether they fit the need of the investment that the individual may need.

Understanding this, they can also see that Angel Investment Network has raised an investment of around $400 million by far in the years of business, and so it is not a complete scam. But, you still need to do your due diligence to get successful there, like in anything.

Media Recognition For Angel Investment Network

Having been in the market for several years and being successful multiple times, many newspapers and magazines have featured the Angel Investment Network. They have been mentioned as one of the top investments generating companies by The DailyMail.

Meanwhile, BBC and TechCrunch also only have praise for the company. Such renowned mass media channels talking nothing but positively about any company showcases their legitimacy.

Moreover, it can also be seen that Angel Investment Network has been mentioned in Real Business, Spears, Financial Times, Forbes and The Guardian, which are all some of the most recognized magazines worldwide.

Having been mentioned in a positive light, Angel Investment Network has thus established its place in the marketplace of acting as an intermediary between entrepreneurs with an idea and potential investors. They thus enable individuals to find their business partners and start their very own startup with ease.

Services Offered By Angel Investment Network

The Angel Investment Network is a huge platform for connecting startups to potential investors. They provide a basic service as serving as an intermediary between businesses and investors.

The Angel Investment Network has a simple process of registration on its website. One can choose whether they are an investor or business and easily sign up through their emails.

Businesses can then upload their pitch deck on-site and get connected to investors who are interested in the business model. Hence, raising the necessary funding.

Investors are given a choice of whichever business they wish to invest in, whereas businesses simply need to upload their pitch deck and wait patiently.

Similarly, through the Angel Investment Network, it is not necessary that one simply finds an angel investor. Another major thing that this website unconsciously brings forth is helping an individual find the right business partner.

When one connects with people from different backgrounds and expertise, one can get a more diverse and dynamic team for the business. Hence, the business tends to perform better when there are opinions from multiple expertise on different decisions.

At Angel Investment Network, any individual can register as both a potential entrepreneur and an investor for free. There is an in-depth analysis to make the entire process much easier to uptake. Thus, not only does Angel Investment Network encourage more startups and entrepreneurs.

This encouragement also adds onto the growth of the entire economy. With a seamless process of connection and communication, Angel Investment Network offers ease of business throughout Australia and internationally as well.

Why Should One Choose Angel Investment Network?

Having been in the market for over 15 years, the Angel Investment Network has several years of experience in the marketplace as a means of connecting businesses to investors. They have established themselves as one of the well-recognized platforms all over the US and Australia in terms of getting businesses investment.

They have up to 18 diverse sectors for investors to choose a business to invest in from and so offer different opportunities for these investors as well. This includes fin-tech, property investment, and more.

Angel Investment Network should be a good choice for when one is choosing a platform to get funding from because they have a history of experience and feedback. They have also managed to raise funding of up to $400 million which makes them capable enough of doing so again.

Pros Of Working With Angel Investment Network

  • Angel Investment Network is a network highly equipped to cater to all the needs of their clients, including investors and entrepreneurs, while maintaining standards of professionalism and integrity.
  • They offer many various sectors, including household and the ever-rising IT sectors, to their clients who wish to invest into businesses as Angel Investors.
  • The platform is an easy-to-use, user-friendly platform that enables seamless procedures to connect businesses with the essential scalability potential to the right investors.
  • The team at Angel Investment network is highly responsive to their investors and entrepreneurs in terms of handling things to ensure a smooth transaction throughout.

Cons Of Working With Angel Investment Network

  • One of the highlighted disadvantages that members who have posted their business pitch decks have noted is that there are not many real investors. Hence, this leads to the lesser investment being generated for a business with high potential.
  • Another key drawback is that despite the fact that one does not get an investor for their business pitch deck, the individual does not get a refund of the registration fee, which leads to financial loss in the long run.
  • The platform leads to personal details of individuals, such as email addresses being shared with potential spammers. Thus, this most often may lead to the individual getting excessive spam emails once they register with Angel Investment Network.

Ways Angel Investment Network Can Improve Their Services

There are several ways to look into which can lead Angel Investment Network to grow and become much more productive in terms of improving their customer service for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

One of the key aspects to focus on is a better system of vetting the investors they get on board. This is to make sure that the investors are not fraudulent and possess the necessary funds in order to finance and invest in a business with the potential to grow.

Moreover, they should keep the entrepreneurs details secure and safe so as to avoid spam emails going out to their clientele. This spam would just lead to a negative image of the company as a whole and may disrupt the potential customer market considering individuals prefer to avoid excessive and unnecessary spamming in their emails.

Other Alternatives To Angel Investment Network

When someone enters any market, they are bound to look at any company’s competition to make sure that they make the right choice before actually investing in time and effort to proceed forward.

In this regard, let us consider the competition that Angel Investment Network has with regard to similar companies that connect potentially scalable businesses to willing investors.

One of the main choices that come into mind is Smart Money Match.

Smart Money Match

Differing from Angel Investment Network, Smart Money Match connects and enables transactions between investors and entrepreneurs from over 200 countries all over the world.

They have managed to establish themselves in the global investment market to unmatchable multitudes. Investors can simply send an anonymous proposal through the website, which asset managers can further approve and pass on.

This enables an established proper route of investment without any fraud and so proves as being more legitimate since the investors are kept a close check upon to make sure they are not fake.

Another key competitor in the game is the Pop Up World Investor Connector.

Pop Up World Investor Connector

This is another one of Angel Investment Network’s competition as a means of generating funds in the form of loans for the entrepreneurs determined to establish their business.

Pop Up World Investor Connector has a simple, easy to use and user-friendly website that simply allows any individual to post their business pitch deck by registering on the website.

Similarly, it allows investors who have made an account to send proposals of potential investments they are willing to give and thus proceed with the discussion and negotiation accordingly. This is a simplistic website that makes it easier for people to communicate.

Is Angel Investment Network A Scam?

Although some reviews speak otherwise, Angel Investment Network is not a scam, but a scam may occur within the network if you do now do your own due diligence.

Generally speaking, it is one of the finest platforms that enable future entrepreneurs to connect with potential investors for free. Hence, not only does this website add significance to the individual’s life by providing them with a means of earning, but it also enables countrywide transactions adding to the overall economy of a country.

Moreover, there have been several successful startups as well who have been able to raise funding through this network. Therefore, serving as proof that Angel Investment Network is not a scam and getting funding simply depends upon the sheer luck of any individual and their ability to sell the product in the investment market.


To conclude all that has been stated above, it is to be noted that Angel Investment Network is one of the top platforms/ websites to connect investors with entrepreneurs, and so it deserves a rating of 4 out of 5.

Despite certain individuals not getting funding and staying unwilling to accept that it may be their business model, Angel Investment Network continues to thrive to multitudes by generating investments for several businesses by far, excelling in customer service and helping businesses establish themselves in the marketplace.