The number of freelancing sites are increasing by the day. Today, you will come across many reputed freelancing sites that outsource jobs or hires freelancers, out of which and are key players. People who want to shape their career as a freelancer can find these sites really helpful. In other words, these freelancing platforms could be a high starting point for them.

When it comes to choosing an online freelancing site, you need to pick the best one. Picking up a reliable website will assure you a good amount of work. Not only that, but it will also help you to become an experienced freelancer.

Freelancing sites are not only beneficial for the budding freelancers, but also for the employers looking forward to getting their work done. Employers look for freelancers who can provide them with quality work. Therefore, they tend to choose sites that are both reliable and reputable so that they can get hold of experienced freelancers.

Speaking of freelancing sites, there are two well-known freelancing sites, one is Fiverr, and the second is If you are in the freelancing field, then chances are you already know about both the site. Now the question is which site is better.

To find that out, we need to compare the different aspects and features of and To help you out, we have laid down the comparison between the two sites in this article, in the perspectives of employers and freelancers.

Before anything, let’s work out the opportunities those platforms, in general, bring to employers and freelancers.

Why Should Employers Join Freelance Platforms?

Business is all about dynamism driven by ideas, innovation, and talent. As the nature of business reformed from local to global, several new ideas and products evolved in due course to meet the business needs reformative requirement. One prime challenge every business, whether big or small, is the talent fit for a particular project.

Thanks to the fast-paced evolution of the internet and related technologies, now there are several well-conceptualized platforms enabling search, filter, match, hire talents for your specific requirements.

Managing talent pool is a big challenge, especially when the company is new with limited resource pool to hire the best talent as a regular employee.

The entrepreneurial boom has also created a massive wave of demand for skills who are willing to collaborate with as a freelancer.

Aided by organic growth of freelancer talent pool on some of the platforms, companies can now hire freelancers in simple steps from a global pool of talents available on highly evolved platforms like and Fiverr. Those platforms get access to millions of skills, which you can filter according to your need of skills, expertise, budget, delivery, urgency, etc. and hire on the go.

As an entrepreneur, you get all the advantages like a vast global pool of talents, expertise, specificity, and cost and most importantly saving your time that generally goes waste in finding the right person locally for the job.

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Why Should Freelancers Join Freelance Platforms?

In the contemporary world of digital dynamism when companies are searching for freelancers, it is all about making yourself visible as a freelancer, at the right place and right time with all possible primary information.

The three-way interactive platforms like Fiverr and, where jobs are posted, matches are found, and people get freelance works, gives you the platform jobs and the desired visibility.

Freelancing is all about freedom; you enjoy the freedom of mobility as you can work from anywhere, freedom to choose your work hours, freedom to choose workload and most importantly, the global exposure and global pay.

So, if you have decided to enjoy the benefits of freelancing, you have to be on freelance platforms so that you could get work on assignments regularly or get your work outsourced to freelancers.

However, it is a challenging task to be effectively present on every platform; regardless, you are a freelancer or an employer. Smartness is in finding the best one and be active there for maximum gain.

Here we will do a comparative analysis of the two top freelancing platforms, namely Fiverr and

To make it simple, we will compare both the platforms in the same categories so that you take to decide and plan your freelancing life accordingly.

The Journey | vs. Review

The Journey of, the Tel Aviv, Israel based online marketplace for the freelancer services, is in operation since 2010.

In a mission is to change how the world works together, this freelance marketplace has successfully facilitated 50 million transactions across 8 verticals. It offers more than 200 services in graphic design, digital marketing, programming, video, animation, writing, and translation across 160 countries.

It is the most favorable destination for those looking for short, quick, and low-cost work is done. Services offered by ‘Gigs’ starts at just US$5, making it one of the best freelancer hunting crowd-sourcing marketplaces.

Conceptually, this platform enables talent to discover from the global pool of well-classified talents in the simplest possible way. The world-class user interface allows businesses to get in touch with service sellers in three different levels smoothly.

The most significant part about this crowdsourcing service is the highest level of transparency, allowing access to sellers’ profile and other details. This gives then the much-needed information to select suitable talent for the desired project.

In a mission to expand foot-print in the freelancer work-space, the company added two more offices, London and Berlin in the list which includes New York, San Francisco, and Miami.

The simplicity of the system makes it the most attractive destination as it hosts freelancers with all possible details of services and work samples and allows businesses to discover the most suitable talent and finalize the process.

Now let’s have a look about and how it has evolved.

The Journey of, the Sydney based marketplace for the freelancers, is in operation since 2009 and currently has over 30 million users across 247 countries.

The global crowdsourcing marketplace with offices in London, Jakarta, Manila, Southern California, Vancouver, and Buenos Aires allows employers to post assignments seamlessly so that suitable freelancers could bid and get the work.

The diversity of work available on the platform is amazing with the majority of jobs are of online-collaboration nature like web-designing, application development, content writing, copy writing, along with several freelances consulting and advisory services.

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On the one hand, with get access to the best possible talents at a very competitive cost in the simplest possible steps for specific projects.

On the other hand, freelancers on the get global opportunities with the payment protection as the marketplace properly checks of credentials of employers and their payment history.

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Now we know the history and background of and, and especially what they stand for.

Let’s look at the strengths and weaknesses of the two platforms now.

Strengths | vs Review

Features of

In a short period, Fiverr has created a niche for itself in the freelancer marketplace by focusing on simplicity, speed, cost, range, and transparency aspects.

If you go by performance, then the Gig buying at every 4 sec in the price range of US$5 to US$10,000 is commendable. This is the platform where you need to be if you want to explore freelancing opportunities in the simplest possible way.

It is good to know the details of the features before you proceed.

Trust at Core

Since 2010, millions of users with more than 50 million transactions facilitated, making Fiverr one of the most trusted platforms for freelancers.

In this platform, you get access to the service seller’s profile to ascertain his credibility and freelancers get to know about business in the most transparent manner.

Review & Feedback

The review and feedback system is helpful for both clients and service sellers. Good reviews help the seller get better ranking and higher exposure. In the long run, you improve your earning potential by doing the correct thing.


The three-way interface with at the core to ensure transparency and accountability makes it one of the most reliable platforms. Openness helps both the parties to know about each other and engage professionally.

Escrow Account

Just like any other marketplace, Fiverr also has an escrow account option. This is a type of Trust Account.

Following the payment made by the buyer through PayPal or another medium, the money goes into an escrow account. It remains there until the completion of the assigned task. However, it is mandatory to pay in advance on Fiverr.


You get support system comprising well-equipped staff available 24×7 across geographies. The support staffs remain active to respond quickly in the user forum. One can get support via a website request process. If you have any dispute, you can get in touch with the team by submitting a request directly via the website.

Apart from the above features, you get a well classified multi-category job, secure payment gateway, currency support, and private communication features being a part of

Benefits of

Fiverr offers several benefits to businesses looking for quick, low-cost outsourcing solutions for their business needs. The vast pool of highly well-classified freelancers is there to help you get advantages of cost-effective yet quality solutions.

Here are some of the benefits of

Categorization and Custom search

Services available on Fiverr are categorized into 12 broad groups and several deep subcategories within each basket. Businesses could search for specific keywords and get instant relevant results with filters to refine.

The best part is you can start at just $5 and increase the pool depending on your specifications.

Low Fiverr fee

Since Fiverr charges low fee, just like any price-point-matrix, it attracts a large pool of interested traffic resulting in higher business potential.

If you are a beginner, no worries, this platform trains you to be a Pro and be a market fit, that is not it; if you are a Pro, then the sky is the limit for you as Fiverr brings so many companies looking for raw creative talents in specific domains.

Private communications

During the hiring process, Fiverr provides avenues for both seller and buyers to communicate effectively. The site allows for effective private communication, which helps the buyer and the seller to be clear about the deal. Both the parties are provided with a secured platform to chat and ensure that the project details are cleared between them.


Freelancers love freedom, and they hate any breach of trust. Fiverr gives you all possible required information to judge judiciously and act accordingly. The information set that drives your decision like ratings, feedback, analytics, and some exceptions are open for access. So, this openness and transparency help you get better talent at a reasonable price.

Hierarchical Search

Since Fiverr has three-level hierarchies of sellers depending on ratings, task completion status, it gives you the freedom to choose as you wish. Depending on your budgetary requirements and project needs, you can filter pros as you want to.

Secure Personal Details

Your privacy as seller and buyer is protected, as Fiverr only shares those pieces of information that are required for completion of transactions. You will also appreciate that your profile information helps you get the business, so the game is in finding a reasonable balance in between. Fiverr helps you find that balance.


In comparison to any other freelancing sites (like, Fiverr is much more user-friendly. Users find it incredibly easy to use. This is one of the main reasons why they prefer Fiverr over any other (including

The site is super intuitive and also provides you with great tools that can help you weed through the massive pool of talent.

Not only employers but even freelancers find the site easy to use. Both parties can browse through different jobs easily.

Protected Buyer Payments

Fiverr assure you all possible guarantee of secure payment. All your financial data is secured.

You have the freedom to make payments using PayPal, credit cards, or other forms of electronic payments.

Features of

The main features of include the below.

Trust at Core has a robust system of worker classification solution and the compliance service to make sure both the parties, employers and freelancers could collaborate without any doubt in mind.

The customer identity verification system gives you the required confidence to collaborate with ease.


The platform has a very user-friendly custom dashboard that gives you all possible insights on bid success rate, progress tracking, user-data reporting in real-time. This gives you much-desired input to plan your work smartly.

Review & Feedback

Employers normally share feedback on freelancers’ profile (and vice versa), making it the most significant trigger point for future opportunities. If you are getting amazing reviews, it is highly likely that more opportunities will fall in your basket and your hourly rate will go up (as a freelancer), and you will get more robust ‘bids’ from established freelancers (as an employer). Your bidding success rate will rise, saving your time and energy.


The product has been conceptualized in such a way that both the parties could interact most transparently. It is transparency and openness that makes a huge hit among users.

Escrow Account

Freelancer has an escrow account service named ‘Milestone Payments’. To keep both client and freelancer in a safe zone, the platform holds the client’s fund until the fulfilment of commitment, or the resolution of the dispute, if any.

Support has well-trained managers at different geographical locations and time zones to help clients and freelancers.

The 24×7 live chat and email support along with well-defined online help make it simple for anyone to get required guidance.

Dispute Resolution

Despite the best possible efforts, disputes do arise.

At Disputes are resolved amicably keeping interests of both the parties in mind. However, in case of payment disputes, you have first to set up your payments using an escrow service ‘Milestone Payment’, then only they will process to resolve the dispute.

Benefits of

Over 30 million users across 247 countries and 12 million successful deals happen only when users are getting the desired outcome. This platform gives you the freedom to not just work, but work according to your own conveniences.

Some of the fundamental benefits of we are in love are below.

Simplistic Recruitment

This market place offers you the desired range and diversity of the vast talent pool in all possible domains. Clients can easily find suitable freelancers for projects.

The moment you post a job, several interested freelancers bid for the assignments, and you get real-time hiring process. Once shortlisted, the employer can get in touch with freelancers and carry the work forward.

Milestones Setting and Secured Payment

Apart from simplistic hiring, the most significant advantage is the simplicity of tracking hourly work and payment. The whole process is open and transparent for both client and freelancers.

The milestone set helps the client make hourly contracts with the freelancers. Since payment is routed through’s secured system; you won’t have to worry about the safety aspect.

Searching with Filters

The platforms allow the client to search for a suitable candidate with all applicable filters so that one could narrow down search results.

For those looking for a top-level worker, there is a Preferred Freelancer Program.


The whole idea behind the platform is freedom at both ends. Clients have the freedom to choose from the talent-pool according to his requirements, and freelancers have full freedom to choose work, work-schedule, work-hours, and payment.

Pricing Plans | vs. Review

Let’s look at how the cost of getting some word done through Fiverr and looks like.

Pricing Plan of

When it comes to entry, has an edge because it is just $5. Just like some classical platforms, sellers highlight their hourly rates, and they keep it open for negotiation.

However, interestingly, Fiverr charges comparatively higher 5% client fee, but you won’t mind paying if it is quick and effective. To make room for small businesses, Fiverr charges just $1 if the order size is $20 or less.

In $5 per job, clients get custom freelancer search, talent filtering, access to feedback & ratings, buyer protection, secured transactions along with secure communications, and 24×7 customer support.

Let’s hop over to cost of now.

Pricing Plan of

To make it simple for small businesses, allows free job posting, with the flexibility of price point depending on the type of projects.

Employers are charged only when freelancers accept the work. Depending on size and type of project, the rates may vary starting from 3% or $3 of fixed-price projects.

There are some other price points to suit the budget of the clients/employers too as noted below.

  • Hourly Project fee 3% for every payment made
  • Featured Projects Additional $29
  • Rushed Projects Additional $9
  • Project Removal $5
  • Extend Project Bidding Additional $9

How to Create a Profile: vs. Review

Let’s look at creating user files at Fiver and now.

How to Create a Profile on

You can easily create a free account on with nothing more than a Google or Facebook account.

On Fiverr, you can easily find a pool of workers willing to help you to complete projects of just about any kind.

Not to forget, you can get your first freelance project done for as low as $5.

Steps to Creating a Profile on

It is good to invest some time in building a profile on Fiverr as the whole dynamics is in search discovery driven by keyword searches made by clients to search suitable talent for a specific project.

Follow these simple steps to become a star on Fiverr.

Step 1: As a Gig, the sign up is Free. You have to share your primary email address to register and initiate the process.

Step 2: Fill all possible details with honesty. Remember, once done, you are live on one of the most dynamic freelancing platforms.

Step 3: Do justice to your skill sets. Deliver as per your level of commitment and expectations.

Step 4: Once you get the deal, you can get in touch with the client and discuss project details.

Step 5: Once you submit the assignment and client approves, your payment is released, kept in the escrow account. You get your payment in define time in the specified account.

How to Create a Profile on

As Employers would like to see your profile before assigning works, it is good to invest some time in building your freelancer profile correctly.

Follow these simple steps and enhance your visibility.

Steps to Creating a Profile on

Step 1: Just like any other webspace, you have to register yourself using either email address or Facebook profile.

Step 2: The next page leads you to profile type selection from the available list of Basic Freelancer (free) or Professional Freelancer (paid).

Step 3: In the next level, you have to select domains you are interested in from the available list. This is most important as your profile highlights this most.

Step 4: Visibility matters most on the marketplace. In the next level, you have to add short self-description along with services, language, rate, and also the location.

To make your profile more professional, you should share projects you have completed, membership type, your speed of completion, your country, ratings, etc. visible to potential employers.

You are now ready to bid for projects of your choice. Once your bid is accepted, you can discuss other details with the client and proceed.


The job market is moving towards freelancing and remote working.

Some job data from the U.S. suggest that as high as +60% people are willing to sacrifice regular jobs for freelancing assignments if some of the conditions are fulfilled. Platforms like and not just fulfill those conditions of trust, regularity and payment security, but takes you on the journey of fulfillment of higher goals like global exposure and learning new skills.

It is a challenging task to be very pro-active on outsourcing marketplace and consistently hunt for assignments, but technology has made it simple for anyone to do anything from anywhere. In this era of digital dynamism, smartness is the key to excel and earn maximum. Your smartness is in finding those collaborative skills that make your profile more visible and valuable so that you could get best of bids in real-time as a freelancer. If you enjoy your freedom, these platforms will be your wings.

Regardless you are a start-up or established business, not to forget freelancing platforms are all about sourcing you with talents and skills in a most cost-effective way. After all, it is a win-win scenario for both the employers who outsource their jobs and those freelancers from the international market who willing to fulfil those jobs.

Hope you found the article helpful? Let us know your experience with Fiver and as an employer or freelancer. We are delighted to hear about your experience.