If you have written content, it goes without saying that you need to ensure that it is foolproof and grammatically sound. With so many tools available to check your strengths as a writer, it becomes confusing which one is the best in the lot. Recently with the entire buzz around, the ProWriting Aid has been taking the world up by a storm. While people only did rely on Grammarly before, things are definitely changing for the better in terms of competition.

If you thought you had had the best as a Grammarly user, the features and the amazing qualities of Pro Writing Aid editing application is set to leave you shocked (in the best way possible). ProWriting Aid has been gaining popularity over the course of recent years and all because of the amazing range of features it has been imbibed with.

Saying so, you cannot judge ProWriting Aid without knowing this tool inside out to make the maximum use out of it without any issues whatsoever. And, to compare it with the most popular Grammarly too. It is also best suggested ensuring that you know of the plans that ProWriting Aid offer for you to main a well-staked decision on whether it is worth the time.

To help you with everything that we did mention above, we have prepared a subjective review of the Prowriting Aid and a comparison of it with the current best editing application, Grammarly.

Before looking into any comparisons, let’s try to understand the ProWriting Aid better.

What is ProwritingAid?

It is always best to kick start every discussion with the basis. ProWriting Aid is a self-editing tool which helps you excel your content by getting rid of the errors and the shortcomings that you might have done in the content altogether.

This is an evolving tool which more and more people are paying attention to owing to the wide range of features that Prowriting Aid offers. If you have been on the lookout for an affordable and good quality self-editing tool apart from Grammarly, this is most definitely the one you need to take a peek into.

The best part of this tool is the fact that it generates the report of your content based on multiple factors, ranging from the readability, grammar and even the other 25 factors that we are going to talk about in the latter part of this review article.

Additionally, it is also compatible with almost all the applications it is launched with, the Microsoft Word, Scrivener being one of the most popular ones in the lot.

The best factor of the Prowriting Aid is the in-depth report that it provides after analyzing your writing. It does check and analyze the content with every important factor kept in mind to provide you with a detailed report to help pick out all the possible flaws that could be hampering the credibility of the write-up. And, most importantly, with tips on how to improve your writing, if you are willing to improve.

Features of ProWriting Aid

With the basic knowledge about the tool out of the way, the next thing that we need to emphasize our focus on are the features that this tool provides with.

Unlike Grammarly, which comes with limited features (arguably) compared to ProWriting Aid, perhaps the reason why ProWriting Aid is gradually taking off the throne from them is because ProWriting Aid analyzes the content based on 25 different features of the application.

Those features might not necessarily seem like a lot, but when you do get to the end report, it brings forth all the flaws in the content that you have been struggling to keep track of.

Let us take a look at those features, shall we?

Writing style

The very first feature that ProWriting Aid editing tool focuses on is the writing style.

Given that the audience’s retention span may gradually decline over time when it’s coming to Affiliate Marketing Business, it is important that you create content that retains your readers’ attention, and in that aspect, writing style plays a crucial role.

With ProWriting Aid application, you can assess your writing style and point out some of the problems such as:

  • Excess usage of the passive voice
  • Getting rid of the unnecessary placement of verbs that are stuffing the sentence
  • Removing the repetitive words that don’t need to be there or can be improved
  • Style and length of the sentences, which can be optimized


It goes without saying that pointing out the grammar mistakes in content is a standard thing for any of the self-editing tools. With ProWriting Aid, you are assured of having the bare minimum grammatical errors without changing the overall meaning of the sentence altogether.

Pro Writing Aid Review

Apart from the basic grammatical errors that you are most likely going to make, the tool also highlights some of the underdog grammatical errors that many of us often tend to skip out on.

Some of the most important ones being:

  • Improper use of the apostrophe
  • Wrong usage of fragments in the sentence and the phrases
  • Mistakes in the tense and the malformation of the words in a sentence
  • Looks for the normal spelling errors that can often cause problems altogether

Overused Words

If you have been writing content for a long time, you’d know how a writer tends to get used to a word that they end up overusing in the content. The worst part of this is that they do end up doing it unintentionally.

If cluttered and overused words are something you do as well, and ProWriting Aid can point that out to you. ProWriting Aid has got you covered with that as well.

Pro Writing Aid Review

ProWriting Aid looks through the content piece to point out any of the overused words that have been there way too many times. It can help you provide with alternatives or ask to remove if it doesn’t change the meaning of the sentence completely.

Clichés and redundancies

How many times do you use ‘revert’ and ‘go back’ together in your content? That happens to a lot of us unknowingly, right?

The good news is ProWriting Aid does keep a check on that as well for you. If you have been writing phrases which are redundant or cliché as well, the tool does point it out for you to correct it.

Pro Writing Aid Review

This helps in enhancing the accuracy of the content and even prevents the unnecessary problem of disrupting the readability of the content all the more. Cliches can often end up making your content seem idiotic and childish.

With ProWriting Aid tool, you are assured of getting rid of that problem as well and that too for the good.

Sentence Length

It is hard for some writers to maintain short sentences. As we did mention about the retention span of the readers, it is fast reducing. If you want the audience to stay hooked to your content; therefore, it is very important that you write shorter sentences.

Pro Writing Aid Review

If that is something that you might not do in your content, the ProWriting Aid does point it out for you to correct. This helps in better readability score of the content and even helps prevent the complexity of the sentence.

ProWriting Aid can generate a graph with the sentence length throughout the content to help provide with a better picture. This enables you to assess and check which part of the sentence requires better changes or alterations.


If you have been into content writing and search engine optimization (SEO) recently, you’d know how important transition score is. It helps in deducing how well articulated the content is.

If you want to make better changes in terms of transition of the sentences, ProWriting Aid does have a feature to help with that as well.

Pro Writing Aid Review

ProWriting Aid identifies the areas in the content that has possibilities for a better transition for you to make changes to that. Suggested changes enhance the transition score and help you gain better readability of the content as well.


Readability is possibly one of the most important parts of the content, and ProWriting Aid helps assess that as well.

ProWriting Aid goes through and checks the entire content to see the parts that can be improved in terms of readability. This helps in enhancing the traffic as you create content for your blog.

ProWriting Aid provides with a report that you can then compare to the top readability analyzers including:

If your content receives a high score post-editing from these platforms, the chances are that your content is easy to read. However, readability depends on the words per sentence and even the length of the paragraphs too.

Word Complexities

Complex words and jargon might sound nice, but they aren’t good when you are writing content for the website or blog. The audience is inclined more towards easy and goes to language that they can make out from.

Pro Writing Aid Review

With ProWriting Aid, you are assured that the tool will point out the complex words and sentences. This helps to enhance the credibility of the content, and of course, the readability.

ProWriting Aid does highlight such complexities out, but the rest is up to you to decide whether you want to adopt its suggestions or not.


When it comes to writing content for a blog, none of your content is going to be indexed or rank well with the plagiarism. Not only that, if your content includes plagiarism, you also impose risks of copyright. This is the reason why it is imperative to check for the plagiarism before you post any content online, and plagiarism check is one of the features of ProWriting Aid as well.

ProWriting Aid helps highlight any of the copied parts in the content which you can then get rid of or change up accordingly in your own words. This does come in handy to boost the credibility of the content.

However, the flip side is that ProWriting Aid Plagiarism Checker is not a part of your Premium purchase, and an additional charge per test involves. Instead, you could purchase ProWriting Aid Premium Plus membership, which is at a comparable price point with Grammarly

How Does ProWriting Aid Work?

Now that you know of the key features, the next thing that you need to focus on is to understand how this ProWriting Aid tool works.

This will help you know of the better ways to make use of ProWriting Aid and enhance the quality of your content.

ProWriting Aid is one of those editing tools which have been found to help improve your writing habits for the better. If you have always relied on Grammarly and if you are especially struggling with Grammarly’s price point, it is the time to consider ProWriting Aid as an alternative option.

ProWriting Aid is not free, it is a paid self-editing tool that offers you a free trial for 14 days after which you need to enroll in any of the available subscription plans that they offer.

The one downside to this is the fact that the free version of the tool allows you to run the quality checks for a limited amount of words. With the Premium version, you wouldn’t necessarily have to struggle with any of it at all.

There are four ProWriting Aid Premium subscription offers that you can look into. They include:

  • 1 year – $50.00
  • 2 year – $75.00
  • 3 years – $100.00
  • Lifetime – $175.00

There are four ProWriting Aid Premium Plus subscription offers that you can look into. They include:

  • Monthly – $14.00 (or $168/y)
  • Yearly – $70.00
  • Lifetime – $320.00

The only difference in terms of Premium and Premium Plus is that in Premium Plus 60 plagiarism checks per annum is included where if you are a Premium subscriber you will have to purchase plagiarism checks based on your need.

The lifetime subscription offer is the most popular one in the lot and all for the right reasons when you do come to think of it.

Given we know about ProWriting Aid reasonably well now, let’s compare it with Grammarly to understand it’s features and its value for money better.

Pro Writing Aid Vs. Grammarly – Similarities and Differences

When it comes to comparing ProWriting Aid with Grammarly, there are definitely going to be some similarities as well as the differences that not many are often aware of. If you have been struggling with deciding which one to opt-in for, we are going to make your decision easier for you with the following rundown of feature comparison.

Similarities of Pro Writing Aid and Grammarly

Coming onto the similarities between Pro Writing Aid and Grammarly, broadly speaking, I should say there are only a few similarities than the differences.

Both ProWriting Aid as well as Grammarly are editing software, which helps in fixing the grammar and the repetitive words as well as the normal readability mistakes that the writer is most likely going to commit.

Even though ProWriting Aid does cost you less in terms of both the free and the premium versions, it provides with immaculate features for that.

The best similar feature of this two is that their potential to enhance the vocabulary of the content. They get rid of the repetitions, complex word, normal grammatical errors and the accessory basics when it comes to the content.

Let’s look at the differences between Pro Writing Aid and Grammarly now.

Differences Between Pro Writing Aid and Grammarly

It is the differences between the two writing software that makes you question which one is a better option.

If you want to get a professional touch to your content at the same time you are on a tight budget, it is best suggested to opt-in for the ProWriting Aid because of the number of features that it has.

Pro Writing Aid is indeed less costly than Grammarly, but the features are quite amazing for you to look into. The 25 features that Pro Writing Aid and factor check that it does isn’t something you get with Grammarly either. This is the primary reason why it is a better option in terms of the number of features at the moment in the market.

Let’s look at the price too, which is another notable difference between the two is the price point of the subscriptions.

Grammarly is, no doubt an expensive in comparison to ProWriting Aid. With the free version of Grammarly, you don’t necessarily have to fret about the same. It doesn’t come with any sort of limitation, which is pretty amazing. However, the free version of ProWriting Aid comes with limited trials and word limit.

So, if you are on a budget or don’t want to spend a lot on a self-editing tool in terms of the price point, the ProWriting Aid is definitely a better option.

Out of the two, which is better for the price and why?

As we did mention before, if you are on a tight budget and can’t afford the annual premium subscriptions as of now, the free version of Grammarly does get your basic job done with ease. Not just that, the Grammarly is technically better than that of the ProWriting View in a number of aspects.

Firstly, Grammarly doesn’t have any time frame or word count restrictions, which are pretty amazing. This assures that you can evaluate as much content as you want.

Coming on to ProWriting Aid, even though it is a bit cheaper, it does give back with the features it has. Provided that it gives back a detailed report to help enhance the quality of the content, you are assured of the credibility of the content in the end.

ProWriting Aid also does come with the Axolotl feature, which is pretty unique to only this specific one of the self-editing applications. It has primarily seen to help enhance the tone of the content without any additional issues at all. This isn’t something you will get on Grammarly.

So, even if the price point is lower in comparison to Grammarly, ProWriting Aid is definitely a better option in terms of the number of features it offers. Not just that, the lifetime subscription of the ProWriting Aid is $175, which is pretty reasonable given that you are getting so many features to assess and play around with.

It is always best to start off by checking the credibility of these tools with the trial period that they offer. That will help you gain a better outlook on whether the same is meant for you.

If you feel like the free version of Grammarly is enough, then that is what fits your bill. Otherwise, in our option, there is nothing out there to beak Grammarly’s user-friendly efficient and reliable interface.

But, if you ask us, we would suggest saving up a bit and then getting the lifetime subscription for the ProWriting Aid.

Final Verdict

ProWriting Aid is gradually gaining momentum. If you are into content development and have been on the hunt for a useful editing tool, this is most definitely one of the best ones available in terms of the number of features they offer for their price point. However, if your priority is accuracy and reliability, still there nothing beat the Grammarly.

Just make sure that you assess your requirements first and then check which features are needed. This will help reflect better quality content and even boost the overall readability and credibility of the material that you have written.

Pro Writing Aid


Overall Product







  • More Features than Grammarly
  • Cheaper than Grammarly in case of the Life Time Package


  • Low Accuracy and Reliability Compared to Grammarly
  • Plagiarism Checker is Not a Part of the Premium, but Comes for an Additional Fee (Unlike Grammarly)
  • Many Limitation in the Trail versions