Affiliate marketing is on the boom now and all for the right reasons. If you have been in the content marketing industry for quite some time now, you should know how things have changed for the better. This online marketing strategy started getting the popularity it had today as it began producing results.

With all that being said, if you have meant to try out affiliate marketing yourself, it is best suggested ensuring that you know the nitty gritty of it and then proceed if everything fits the bill.

Let us walk down all the possible scenarios about affiliate marketing, shall we?

Pros and Cons in Affiliate Marketing

The very first and most important point of discussion is about the pros and cons of this form of marketing. Even though it is one of the most growing forms of marketing nowadays, there are certain reasons why it has its popularity and its downsides too.

If you have been struggling to make a decision whether or not to pursue affiliate marketing, we do have some pointers to help you out.

Pros of Content Marketing

  • Income

Both for the brands and the marketer themselves, affiliate marketing brings forth a good stream of income. This is considered as a semi-passive form of revenue and can help the marketers’ channel in a reasonable sum of money even when they are actively not promoting anything.

Not just for the marketers, owing to the fact that the affiliate marketing deals are only successful when a customer purchases something, it is also a good deal for the brands. This ensures that they pay the marketer only with successful conversions.

  • Better exposure

This one is specifically for the brands.

Owing to the fact that the brands can reach a broad base of the audience through this marketing, it helps in building better outreach for the company. This is not something you easily or necessarily get with the traditional mode of marketing.

Owing to the fact that the affiliate marketers themselves have a very profound outreach, the same reflects on the sales generated for the brand as well.

  • Easy process

When we mention that affiliate marketing is an easy process, we don’t technically mean that it is a cakewalk. Technically, the process does take up a whole lot of expertise and a lot more to bring forth the results that the majority of the brands require.

But, the main factor in this is the fact that the process of understanding and implementing affiliate marketing isn’t that tough. If you have basic knowledge of everything there is to know about the basics of marketing and technology and have the audience base to reach out to, and you are all sorted.

Cons of Content Marketing

  • Time

Affiliate marketing is time-consuming. You can’t just expect to take this up and start earning from the get-go. In order to establish yourself as a credible affiliate marketer, it is quite important to ensure that you take the necessary time out to put in the hard work through the course of time.

As we did mention before, the process isn’t going to be easy and will take the time you need to invest to channel in better returns, so, don’t feel awkward about the time consumed to succeed because it is all part of the process.

  • Uncertainty

With affiliate marketing, you can only earn money when your audience makes the purchases. So, there is an uncertainty with the income, that is for sure. But, for the most part, if you have a popular blog or even a YouTube channel and you are using those platforms for your affiliate marketing, chances are that you will be successful in gaining the results that you are seeking for.

But, once you have everything seasoned in this prospect, earning money does come very effectively with it.

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Myths of Affiliate Marketing

It is accurate to say that affiliate marketing is growing and evolving at a rapid pace but owing to the lack of awareness around it in certain prospects, there are some myths that need to be decoded. There are actually several factors involved in this that need to be cleared up for being wrong.

In here, we are going to breakdown some of the common myths about affiliate marketing that not many people are even aware of.

1- Affiliate Marketing Is Easy

With as many as affiliate marketers that we have today in the market, ask any of them, and you would come to know how tough the job is.

It takes a lot of time to establish your place as an affiliate marketer. The process is not just extensive but quite tough when it comes to execution. If you don’t have a good following on the blog or a good outreach, the chances are that you have to work to build that first.

While it is easy to sign up for an affiliate program and get the codes and the discounts for the audience, it is not easy to convert them into successful sales right off the bat. There are no shortcuts to this, and not many people realize that. Even a conducted research found that only 0.6% of the affiliate marketers are successfully able to make revenue.

2- Affiliate Marketing is too competitive

Next, on the list of myths is the fact people thinking that affiliate marketing is too competitive. They also believe that it is no way to create money as the process is quite hard and requires you to have a loud voice to make the necessary impact.

The perception is entirely wrong. Too much competition in this niche of marketing suggests that there is money to be made in the subjective niche. Affiliate marketing is one niche which is expected to outnumber the traditional form of marketing in the coming years. That itself is a lot tell.

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3- Affiliate Marketing came with Amazon

While the majority of the boom surrounding Affiliate marketing came around with the Amazon Associate’s Program in the year of 1996, they are not the ones that introduced this form of marketing.

It was back in 1989 that William J. Tobin, who is considered as the Father of Affiliate Marketing, introduced his program known as the Prodigy Network for his company PC Flowers and Gifts.

4- Affiliate Marketing works only in Top-Notch Niches

This is possibly one of the most common myths that people face. If you have been reading into Affiliate Marketing and know what this entails, you would know that even some of the smallest products can be brought under it.

It depends on the brands who want to hire affiliates to market their products for them. It is completely false to think that the attention of the consumers is only subjected to the popular niches and products because that is not technically the case all the time.

5- Affiliate marketing doesn’t sit well with SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO
is an important factor in marketing. You wouldn’t technically know this, but affiliate marketing and SEO mesh well together. One of the concerns that many of the affiliate marketers have is the link placement from an SEO perspective. Many have this notion that websites can often be penalized if they have paid link from the other website.

That is not necessarily the case, though. You can incorporate the links anywhere as per your convenience in the website.

6- Affiliate marketing needs you to be tech-savvy

Not technically. If you know how to operate a computer, understand the basics of it and how to do things on the internet, you are good to go with the marketing schema. It is not a hard and fast rule for you to have to be tech-savvy to be able to become an affiliate marketer. That is not how it works, to be honest.

If you have good convincing and influencing skills, you are well competent to go with the process without having to worry about any prospects of it at all.

7- Affiliate marketing is all about skill

This is possibly one of the most commonly said myths that several of the affiliate marketers come across. All that being said, if you are struggling with the thought that affiliate marketing is all luck and no skill, let us bring you back to reality because that is anything but the truth.

In order to achieve success with affiliate marketing, it is necessary for one to come up with unique skills and strategies. You will be surprised as to how much hard work goes into one single affiliate program to reach the level of success that you see. It is not luck, not even a per cent of it is.

8- Affiliate marketing doesn’t work with recurring customers

Yet another one of the myths is the fact that affiliate marketing isn’t for the customers who have already made one purchase.

That is not true, rather the complete opposite. It has been found more likely that if a customer follows through an affiliate program, gets a good discount and makes a purchase through the program and likes the product, they are definitely going to come back for more.

Not just that, they are also more likely to share the details of the same with their friends and family too, which is an added bonus.

9- Affiliate marketing is only for the youngsters

You are completely wrong if you think that there is an age limit when it comes to becoming an affiliate marketer. There are no restrictions, and you are free to start at any age – be it 20 or 80.

The one thing you need to have is a good idea and knowledge about the subject and how to get things done with the strategies involved.

It is free to anyone who wants to join and start earning, so, if you are struggling with the dilemma that it is meant for a certain section of people, you are sorely mistaken.

10- Affiliate marketing relies just on social media popularity

It is futile to say that affiliate marketing would do well without social media presence because that is nothing but a lie. As much as the social media presence is important and needed, it is not the only thing that is making rows and decisions in this.

You will be shocked to know that people with successful blogs and well-written content can earn more than marketers who use just their social media presence.

After all, the only thing that matters is how much value you are providing the customers with.

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11- Affiliate marketing needs a lot of experience

Not technically, it doesn’t. It is always good to have the hands-on experience with any marketing niche, but it is not technically a mandatory thing to have when it comes down to affiliate marketing. Even with minimal basic knowledge and proper execution skills, you can make it work well for you.

Just be alert with what you are doing along because, at the end of the day, that is what that matters. It is all about how you build relationships and reach out to the audience that makes all the difference around.

12- Affiliate marketing requires a lot of investment

It is one of the most persistent myths that people with little money to invest won’t be able to launch their affiliate marketing programs successfully. That is not how it works. You need to realize that choosing to become an affiliate marketer is all about taking control of your own fate. It all relies on how well you govern things.

Even if you have just $500 a month to start with, that it should work well enough and won’t make it go to waste if you know the ways to build an affiliate marketing business correctly.

13- Affiliate marketing isn’t evolving

Many outsiders who have little to no knowledge about affiliate marketing think and feel that this is nothing but a dead end. That is generally not the case.

Owing to the fact that affiliate marketing is all about new experiences and engaging in new professional relationships, it helps you create a professional network for yourself. This has been found to be quite amazing in terms of blooming your career further.

More and more changes are coming forth in this prospect, which is why it is not surprising that this field of marketing is anything but the dead end.

14- Affiliate marketing makes you rich quickly

Yet another one of the misconceptions is the fact that affiliate marketing makes you rich very quickly. That is not necessarily the case.

Just like any other channel of marketing, even this one takes quite some time to provide with actionable results. If you think that you are going to get results after two days, two weeks or two months, that is very far fetched.

This is the reason why it is a myth if you think that affiliate marketing can make you money easily because it can’t.

In our experience, it would take a minimum of 6 months to start earning from affiliate marketing and if you build the business right you should able to cross the six-figure mark ($1,00,000+ per year) within two years.

15- Affiliate marketing is “Once effort and passive income” strategy

No, as much as it might seem like it, that is not the case. Affiliate marketing is not just about the effort that you put in once and the inflow of income without any effort whatsoever. That is not how it works at all.

Affiliate marketers need to continually adapt and work along to ensure that the coins keep flowing in. Instead of this, it is utterly futile if you do ask me so.

Common Mistakes Content Marketers Make

With the common myths out of the way, it is now important that we discuss the common mistakes that the affiliate marketers do.

If you have been around scrolling through, we hope this comes in handy for you. Let us take a look at some of them, shall we?

1- Not being focused enough

Affiliate marketing requires you to have good patience, discipline, and focus, and if you deter either of them, the chances are that it will take you quite a lot of time to mend things.

Try and keep yourself focused on the strategies and the varying ways in which one can derive better results at the end of the program. Take one program at a time, so you don’t have your focus diverted around.

2- Picking the wrong product

In order for you to be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to ensure that you have the right product that you are promoting. Not being able to do so will most definitely reflect on the results.

If you are promoting a product that you have no idea about, the chances are that you won’t be able to influence people to buy it. This will cause no changes to the results and won’t bring you any revenue at all.

3- Monetizing first

This is one of the biggest mistakes that you can possibly do. In order for you to be able to generate better revenue, you need to create value for your web page first.

If you don’t have good domain authority, how can you even expect to channel in more sales and such? Before straight up thinking about monetization, it is important that you focus on building your brand first.

4- Pitching in sales more

Now, if a reader came up to you via your affiliate program and you are trying to be too on their face selling your product, they are going to leave and never return. If the consumer doesn’t feel like you have no other motive than just to sell your product, they won’t convert.

Instead of doing that, try and guide them through the queries they are having. If required, try and walk them through the product and then let them decide whether they want to purchase the product or not.

5- Promoting multiple products at once

Unless you have built your empire as a successful affiliate marketer and have a well-sorted team working with you, working on numerous affiliate marketing products at a time is foolishness.

Not only is it too overbearing, but it is also hard to manage as well. So, if you are doing so, it is best suggested to think again.

6- Having no concrete plan

Yet another one of the common mistakes that many affiliate marketers do is that they don’t have a concrete plan to work with. They believe that they can wing it as it comes. That is not at all how it works.

You might be surprised to know that many marketers do this quite often, but the results are either unstable or not up to the mark. Try and avoid doing that and come up with a proper plan that you can execute well.

7- Making false claims

As a content marketer, it is your duty to stay transparent with the audience. Don’t make claims that are not true and won’t bring forth results because the audience will be fooled once and not every single time.

This way, you are bound to lose your audience base and won’t have a good insight into future conversions.

8- Lacking patience

Affiliate marketing takes time to give results. You can’t technically expect to have everything sorted out for you right off the bat. Losing patience and giving up on it halfway through won’t be fruitful in the long run at all.

9- Not testing the products out

If you are promoting something to the audience, you need to ensure that you take the time to test it out yourself. If it brings forth any kind of repercussions, you don’t want the audience to suffer through it at all.

10- Not paying attention to the competition

Affiliate marketing is growing, and so is the competition in the market. If you wish to make it big in the market, it is imperative to ensure that you pay attention to what your competitors are doing. This will help provide with a better perspective of things.

All in all, affiliate marketing is not as easy as it sounds or looks like. If you want to make it big with this, you need to invest your time and hard work as well. Nothing comes for the sake of it, and you need to work for it to happen.