If you want to settle yourself as a freelancer, Freelancer.com for employees is seems like the right destination for you. If you are a person who doesn’t want to get chained within the specific hour of a particular job, freelancing is the way to get relief from that professional block, and Freelancer.com may come up high in your Google search.

Especially to the entrepreneurs, freelancing is a kind of boon which will help you to concentrate on the right kind of job that you prefer to do. It is a fact that if you find your passion for your profession, you can excel at your job.

Freelancer.com is the place which is a perfect platform for all the freelancers around who can find the right kind of job without getting bound by the strict guidelines of office jobs.

Freelancing comes with lots of benefits which are impossible to find in the regular desk job. The first and most important fact is that here you can choose your work hour and workload. Besides that, you can also choose the work-from-home facility that gives you a peaceful work environment too.

So, today, you will get a thorough my Freelancer.com review and know how it helps the freelancers worldwide to get their favourite job and become entrepreneurs.

What is Freelancer.com?

Freelancer.com is the marketplace for the freelancers which are used by 25 million registered users around the world. This popular freelancing platform started its journey in 2009. It was founded by Matt Berrie, who is also the present CEO of the company. The headquarter of this site is in Sydney, Australia, and it has its branch offices around the world, in California, Jakarta, London, Manila, Buenos Aires, and in Vancouver.

You will be surprised to know that so far, the freelancers have completed 12 million projects with the help of Freelancer.com. This means, there are myriads of companies around the world which have outsourced their projects of web designing, writing, and software application and development along with other business services to the individual professionals to get the best work done within a certain deadline and at a much cheaper rate than employing separate employees locally for specific fields.

Freelancer.com is a huge marketplace, so the employers find it easy to get the best freelancers for the particular project.

Besides that, Freelancer.com also makes sure that the job applicators are stay protected. The site checks out there is no act of forgery from the employers as well as the freelancer’s end. Along with that, they also make sure that both the parties maintain healthy communication within the working hours.

Features of Freelancer.com

So, now you know what Freelancer.com is, it’s time to explore the essential features of this wonderful site.

Often the inadequate bidders and spam indeed shake off the base of freelancer sites time to time, but it is the features of Freelancer.com that have made it one of the best platforms for the freelancers to get a job.

Here, you will get to know about the essential features of Freelancer.com. Read on to learn more.

1. Trust-building Platform

Freelancer.com comes with worker classification solution and the compliance service, which enhances the opportunity of the freelancers to collaborate with the global cloud workforce. A customer is identifying a verification system that gives you opportunities to collaborate with potential clients with confidence.

2. Increase Insights

Through Freelancer.com, you can easily track your success rate and also check out the data important to you. You can get real-time reporting on metrics that give you information on user data and the time you spend on a custom dashboard.

3. Workflow Automation

The advanced Application Programming Interface (API) system assists you to track the workforce automation quickly and make your staff free from that duty so that they can concentrate on those workers that are more important to source by locally.

With the help of your software and intranet, it is now easy to make API calls into your virtual work to get freelancers.

4. Absolute Transparency

Freelancer.com is getting colossal popularity only because it comes with absolute transparency for both the clients and the freelancers. While registering, you look up to get better and quality result for which you are paying only. With the time-tracking app, Freelancer.com can measure output, route the approvals for all deliveries, along with automated screen captures. Thus, getting real-time feedback is also easy here.

5. Well-managed Services

The multi-lingual team of managers at different geographical location and time zone is dedicated to finding the perfect client and freelancer for you and also help you in managing your assignments.

6. Streamline Internal Adoption

At Freelancer.com, you will get workshops, 24/7 supporting system, video tutorials, etc. to know how to use this site at your benefit. There are training and technical professionals who can provide enough assistance to get started.

So, the above are some of the important features which have made Freelancer.com one of the most popular platforms to find the right project and client, anywhere around the world.

Let’s look at the benefits of using freelancer.com now.

Benefits of Freelancer.com

It is the range of benefits of Freelancer.com that has made so many people get registered with this site and get suitable projects as per their schedule.

Do you want to get registered now? Here are the benefits you should check out once you registered.

Have a look.

1. Realistic Recruitment

This is one of the major benefits of registering in Freelancer.com. In this site, there is a wide range of freelancers available for the clients. This is the platform where the clients can easily find the most suitable freelancers for their projects.

There are lots of workers who bid here, and you need to pick the ones whom you find the most applicable. This you can do by checking the portfolios of the freelancers. Employers can contact the freelancers through chat or just by contacting them directly. Thus, the site facilitates a perfect platform so they can find the best freelancers for their project.

2. Milestones and Security of Payment

Freelancer.com has set a milestone setting which helps the employers to make hourly or achievement-based contracts with the freelancers. Thus, the transparency of payment has been set up.

Besides that, Freelancer.com assures that all payments are made on the secured platforms which are protected and authentic. Usually, card payment and electronic payments methods are followed here.

3. Strong Searching for the Freelancer

Through Freelancer.com, employers can narrow down their search. There is a Preferred Freelancer program which is specifically to find the top-level workers. This feature helps the clients to find the best freelancers for their projects to be done.

These are some of the amazing benefits that you can find in Freelancer.com, and that’s why numerous people are getting registered every day at Freelancer.com.

Pricing Plans of Freelancer.com

Posting job at Freelancer.com is free.

Employers are only charged when freelancers accept the job. However, depending on the size and the type of job, the rate will vary.

There are fixed-price projects also which has a fixed levy of 3% or $3, which is a reasonable payment option.

Apart from that, the other pricing plans at Freelancer.com for freelancers are as follows:

  • Intro: $1.09 per month or $13.07 for annual subscription
  • Basic: $5.45 per month or $58.74 for an annual subscription
  • Plus: $10.95 per month or $107.40 for an annual subscription
  • Professional: You can get a 30-day trial for free, and the subscription starts from $43.95 per month or 434.94 for the year.
  • Premier: $94.95 per month or $959.40 for an annual subscription

Freelancer.com Review for Employers and Freelancers

Please note, that Freelancer.com may vary their subscription prices time to time; however, above is current as of publishing this article.

What are the basic differences among Freelancer.com plans?

These plans decide how much bidding the freelancers are allowed to do. When you begin working as a freelancer for the first time, your aim should be to grow your skills and portfolio. Once those grow, you can go for the upper-level packages. To do that, you need to set an account and payment can be easily made through AMEX, MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, and Skrill Moneybookers.

How Does Freelancer.com Work?

Freelancer.com is a platform which is beneficial for the clients (employers) as well as for the freelancers. At Freelancer.com, employers post different types of jobs, and the freelancers bid for those jobs.

Then, as per the qualification, skill and track record, the clients pick freelancers to do their particular projects. Once the work is done, the freelancers are paid. Then both employers and the freelancer review their experience of working on that particular project.

For the employers and the freelancers, Freelancer.com work differently. Let’s have some idea about that.

For the employers

While clients (employers) are looking for suitable freelancers to get their job done, they need to follow certain steps here.

a. Create a client profile at Freelancer.com

b. There is ‘post-project’ interface that the clients (employers) can use to create their project

c. Now, you have to wait for the freelancers to bid for it.

d. While posting a project, you need to specify the name of it, describe it well, and also mention the budget for that particular project

e. Use the ‘get the most out of your project’ feature for the following purposes

  • Increasing visibility of your job post
  • Marking your project as ‘urgent.’
  • Getting a quick response
  • Keeping the details of your projects private
  • Getting the expert help to find the most suitable freelancer
  • Making the freelancers sign a non-Disclosure Agreement

f. Select a freelancer for your project

g. Now, you need to credit your account with the price of your project or more than that to make your project go ‘live’. This can be done through your bank account, or you can use a credit card or PayPal.

h. 3% will be deducted by the Freelancer.com, and the rest goes to the freelancer once you confirm that the freelancer delivered the work to your satisfaction.

For the Freelancers

a. Create a profile on the website

b. To get suitable projects, you can search as per your skill, experience, and bidding ability.

c. You will surely find such suitable project and start working on it

d. As you complete each project (or project milestone), your payment will be credited as per the mode of payment you choose while bidding.

How to Create a Freelancer Profile on Freelancer.com?

To create a freelancer profile on Freelancer.com, you need to follow the following steps.

Step 1:

First, you need to create your account. To speed up the entire application process, you can use the Facebook profile, or you can also enter your email address and then move to the next page.

Step 2:

The next thing is to choose the type of profile.

While creating a profile, you need to consider whether you want to work as a basic freelancer or a professional freelancer. If you are going to work as a basic freelancer, you can create and operate your account at free of cost. If it is a professional account you want to create, you need to pay a monthly fee of $29.95, though the first-month trial is free. If you have a professional freelancer profile, you can do the following things:

  • Apply for 300 jobs per month
  • You can specify up to 100 skills on your profile
  • You can make daily withdrawals
  • Create an employer following
  • You are eligible for freelancer rewards

Step 3:

Freelancer.com will offer many speciality areas you to choose your work. Here are some popular areas of expertise you can choose.

  • Websites, software, and IT – Follow the link to learn How to Set Up A Website.
  • Sales and marketing – Follow the link to learn about Best Training Courses for Affiliate Marketing.
  • Mobile phones and computing
  • Design, media, and architecture
  • Local jobs and services
  • Content writing
  • Translation and language
  • Product sourcing and manufacturing
  • Science and engineering

Once you check out these fields, you can easily find a suitable field for you and then fill the description part of your profile.

Step 4:

Now, you need to build your public profile. Here, you need to describe yourself, and also mention the services you offer that will include your language, rate, and also the location.

Your public profile must include the following details about you or your agency.

  • The number of projects you have completed
  • Type of membership
  • Rate of completing projects
  • Country of origin
  • Average rating of yours, based on the communication, quality of work, professionalism, and expertise.

Once you are picked up by a client (employer), you can go for one-to-one discussion on the projects, rate, payment methods, etc. Sometimes, it all comes to your negotiation skills and professionalism.

Different Payment Methods of Freelancer.com for Employers

Usually, Freelancer.com uses two payment methods. Here are those. Remember, both have their strengths and limitations.

1. Milestone Payment System

As per the website, it is the most common payment method for any projects because it provides the utmost security. The basic fact of this type of payment method is that often freelancers agree to partial payments that run throughout the project’s period. Here, milestones are set, and you are paid by the client each time you cross each milestone.

The employers cannot cancel any pending milestone payment. If you find the client is keeping your payment pending, you can use the Dispute Resolution Service of the site to settle any disputes. Once you complete the entire project and submit it, your progress will be shown on the ‘Project Completion Rate’ on your profile.

2. Invoicing System

There is also an hourly payment mode in Freelancer.com, which is known as the invoicing system. In this method, you will be paid hourly, and the balance will be shown on your account. It seems a preferred method of payment for experienced freelancers.

You can choose any of these methods. Once your account start is showing balance, you can withdraw any amount of money from your account just by filling a withdrawal request with the website.

Let’s look at the range of payment options Freelancer.com offers now.

What Are the Payout Options for Freelancers?

For security, it will take two weeks to release the first payment. Once the payment is released, you can make a withdrawal request on every second week.

However, you need to make sure that you are accessible to the following payout methods-

  • Direct bank Express transfers (available in 40 countries including Australia, Canada, China, European Union, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, USA, Vietnam, and New Zealand…etc.)
  • Bank Wire transfer
  • Skrill
  • Freelancer debit card
  • PayPal

Essential Tips to Get Access to the Freelancer.com as a Freelancer

Are you new at Freelancer.com? Do you find it too much competition to find the right job for you? Here are certain essential tips that you can follow now to find the most suitable projects for you.

Read on to know more.

1. Your Native Language Plays Important Role

Usually, many of the clients prefer to work with the freelancers who know their native language. They prefer to communicate with such a person with whom they don’t find it difficult to communicate.

For example, if you are a content writer who has a stronghold in the English language can get the highest bid in English-knowing countries. If you live in such an area where English is not the native language, your profile may not get that much significance.

If you are a content writer, you may find my article on How to Create Content for a Blog and Common Mistakes Content Marketers Do, interesting.

Tip: Complete the Freelancer test to prove the world about your level of skill (for example, English test to prove your English language skills). Prepare to write sample articles or offer your first work sample for Free.

Remember, if you think you are ‘good’ but in reality, if you are ‘not that good’, you just waste your time telling potential employers that you are good at something. Soon or later they will find out and Freelancer.com will tell the world about your performance.

Not to forget to use Grammarly, ProWritingAid or Ginger to assist with your writing.

2. Know When to Bid

This is one of the most important tips that you need to follow. Usually, clients are active in the morning and night. Once you know which the best time is to hit your target audience, your chances of winning bids will increase a lot.

As Freelancer.com is a global site, knowing the time zone will help you to get noticed.

3. Know Your Rate

If you are new to freelancing, you may get confused about how much to charge. Out of this confusion, you may often charge too high or too low. Both the tactics may go against you. If you charge too low, the clients may assume you are going to compromise the quality. Also, too much expensive rating may drive away from the clients from your profile.

So, what you can do is to check the others’ bidding for the particular project and place your charge as per the rate is going.

4. Avoid Milestone Payment If You Are New

Though the milestone payment method is the most recommended one in the Freelancer.com, you should not choose it if you are new here. Clients always prefer freelancers with a good record. They may not depend on a portion of their money on you or offer a large project which involves milestones.

Hopefully, with such tips, you can soon be a pro in Freelancer.com and find the most suitable jobs for you.

Remember, there are job opportunities for all. You need to be tricky and smart to find the most appropriate one for your needs.

How Freelancer.com Got You ‘Spam’ Protected?

So far, you get to know lots of positive things about Freelancer.com. It is a global platform which is backed by money-savvy investors and also led by a team of managers and the leaders. Still, sometimes certain users come up with certain complaints that leave marks on the popularity of Freelancer.com.

What are the common complaints that Freelancer.com has faced so far? Have a look.

1. Fraud Employers

There are lots of users who have complained about facing fraudulent employers who didn’t make the payment even after the completion of the projects. Not only that, but it seems that the customer service department also makes it delayed coming up with an effective solution in such cases though you have agreed on all of their terms and conditions while signing up.

2. No BBB Reference

There are lots of companies registered in Freelancer.com, which are not listed under the Better Business Bureau (BBB) status. Freelancer.com has approved the membership for many of such companies.

3. Spam and Fake Job Invites

Many users have also complained that they get job emails from employers, and once they are done; there is no trace of such employers. You will soon understand that these are spam. Such types of complaints have lowered the reputation of Freelancer.com to some extent.

Tip: Remember, Freelancer.com is only there to connect employers and freelancers. Both employers and freelancers should use their instinct wisely to identify and stay away from spam or anything suspicious.

As a general rule, don’t take too much risk on taking larger projects from employers with no previous reviews.

4. Not Good for the New Freelancers

This is another negative thing that often comes up about Freelancer.com. It is recommended that the newbies must go for the paid profile plan. This will make your bid like a professional.

Tip: If you are ‘new’ to something, you will find it ‘very hard’. Your longevity and reputation in the freelancer business will make your life easier in the long run.

5. Low Payment

Several clients want quality works at cheap payment. Once they hire you, they will take the best of you at quite a low price. Beware of them! Your effort and dedication are not meant to be for such creep people.

Tip: focus on your career as a freelancer. You should able to charge more as you gain experience as a freelancer. Move on from any employer you expect you to work at the same rates for years.


So, here you get to know a lot about Freelancer.com. If you stay aware and know Freelancer.com quite well, you can avoid such spam and turn it as the most useful method of earning well. Today, many people prefer freelancing throughout the world than a regular desk job. Having such a website can serve the best to the clients as well as the freelancers.