Here we will be talking about Digital Finance Analytics led by Martin North. Are their services legitimate? How can they help you? Is it a scam? Are some of the questions we will be answering here. Digital Finance Analytics By Martin North Review is a must-read for you if you are considering their services.

Let’s start rolling…

As we’re moving towards a much more digital world, everything has proceeded onto becoming available virtually. Internet services have gone from usage of 40% to 100% depending on the country due to the current pandemic upon us.

On the other hand, we are also witnessing a prominent rise in the Australian real estate market, with the market’s current value being around $8.1 trillion.

Keeping all of this in mind, virtually available investment counseling is essential to enable novice investors to utilize their own potential and not back out from investing in real estate while staying safe within their homes.

What Is Digital Finance Analytics By Martin North?

Understanding the need for a change in the mode of communication to become much more digital, so Martin North launched Digital Finance Analytics. This is a platform that has experts on board who conduct primary consumer research.

Moreover, they also work upon segmentation analytics along with analyzing the economy in terms of industry modeling so that they may provide the best advice with regards to real estate investment, mortgage broking, lending and saving money along with which means of payments is the most efficient, user-friendly and thus most preferred.

Not only does Digital Finance Analytics offer advice, but they also manage to maintain several industry models by offering custom research plans to their clients through guidance on program governance and business transformation conducted using the proprietary tools.

Furthermore, Digital Finance Analytics also plays its role in writing several industry reports, SME and housing publications.

But, who is Martin North? What is his background? You may ask…

Who Is Martin North?

With the experience of over 25 years in the financial industry, Martin North is a property analyst and business consultant who guides people in terms of property investment and mortgage.

Not only has Martin North been chosen in senior roles in multiple banks, he has also worked as a senior consultant for many businesses. Advising more than a hundred businesses in terms of strategy, business transformation, IT and digitizing the business is just some of Martin North’s work.

With in-field experience all over the UK, Australia, US, Poland, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand, Martin North is one of the most sought after financial analysts in Australia, currently serving as the principal of Digital Finance Analytics.

What To Look At Before Working With Digital Finance Analytics?

One of the main aspects you should focus on before working with Digital Finance Analytics is the number of positive reviews by pre-existing customers.

At this standpoint, Digital Finance Analytics stands as one of the tops, since there are majorly positive reviews by clients who have used their services.

From customer service to providing exactly the support needed, Digital Finance Analytics is one of Australia’s most trusted real estate counseling services.

Another thing to take into consideration is the experience and years in business for the company, its founders and the employees.

With over 25 years of experience starting off in the UK and then establishing Digital Finance Analytics in Australia, Martin North (CEO of Digital Finance Analytics) is highly skilled and possesses all the essential knowledge about the real estate market in Australia.

Being a data scientist and banking analyst, Martin North understands the complexities of the Australian real estate market. He thus can guide you best to minimize the risk of any loss.

Digital Finance Analytics is one of the most legitimate real estate businesses in Australia.

Being virtual, not many people trust online websites with money. However, Digital Finance Analytics is trustworthy since they have proved to be so with their extensive list of clients and a well-built portfolio over time.

How Does Digital Finance Analytics Work?

Digital Finance Analytics, being one of Australia’s premium advising companies in terms of the finance and real estate property market, follows certain basic steps in terms of functioning.

One of the primary things they do is conduct ongoing consumer research. This includes continuous surveys sent to various household units to identify the financial footprint and consumer intentions regarding purchasing.

This helps them analyze the present financial status and pressure and thus make decisions regarding investment, mortgage stress, rental stress and investor stress.

Digital Finance Analytics then uses a Maptitude to identify key risk areas so that they can advise their clients against investing there while also guaranteeing them profits. Following this, they have a team of experts dedicated to helping you make the right financial and property decisions.

Why Should One Choose The Digital Finance Analytics Service?

Digital Finance Analytics is one of the best real estate investment advisory companies in the entirety of Australia.

Possessing experience devised strategies over the course of 25 years, the people at Digital Finance Analytics understand exactly how you need to minimize the risk you are willing to take in terms of property investment. They can also guide you best in terms of maximizing a positive rate of return on your investment.

In addition to this, the fact that Digital Finance Analytics is available virtually from the comfort of your own home makes it much more easily accessible than going out of the way to hire an agent.

All of this aside, Martin North – the founder and CEO, has also made multiple appearances in the media, having understood the need for social media presence.

This provides distinguished content from other such companies and makes Digital Finance Analytics stand out, which is why it should be chosen as a primary source for advice regarding real estate investment opportunities and fund management.

Benefits Of Hiring Digital Finance Analytics For Investment Advice

  • The ideal solution for real estate investment and mortgage advice taking into consideration their in-depth analysis and expertise in the department.
  • Prompt communication and consistent updates throughout the whole process when making an investment with them or getting a mortgage.
  • Highly professional and skilled employees and project managers that have detailed knowledge regarding the real estate marketplace.
  • Decisions are backed by facts and figures, making them much more accurate and reliable with regards to areas to invest in and finding the right tenants depending upon that.
  • Available virtually thus decisions can be made from the comfort of your own homes without the hassle of wasting time and going out somewhere.

Drawbacks of Utilizing Digital Finance Analytics As A Source Of Investment Advice

  • The virtual setting often disrupts communication and create misunderstandings which may result in havoc.
  • Certain managers on board are new and not clearly skilled in the strategies employed by Digital Finance Analytics, which can cause a few delays.
  • Customer care is often overshadowed by the completion of the set goal, which leads to lower customer satisfaction.

How Can Digital Finance Analytics Become Better?

Understanding the needs of the client is one of the most essential things to take into consideration. Digital Finance Analytics should thus recognize their fault at this point in time and focus more towards client satisfaction and thus retention.

Moreover, they should have proper training sessions for their employees, guiding them as to what the strategies are that the company takes into consideration and employs so that they can further guide the clients better with regards to all dealings involving real estate and mortgage.

Another point that Digital Finance Analytics should closely monitor is the communication gap. They should find alternatives to refrain from any communication gaps and always keep the client updated through other mediums as to whatever is going on with their property being managed or whether a new investment opportunity arises.

Their website is nothing modern, but cluttered with too much of information. It’s a good time to refresh it too so visitors can find the information they are after sooner without being lost.

Alternatives To Digital Finance Analytics

Being individuals with their own mindset, some people may not prefer to be guided by someone in a virtual setting as they may think that there is more of a chance of the company being fraudulent. Hence, one of the most common alternatives to Digital Finance Analytics going to a company that works in person.

There are various such companies all over Australia that encourage physical meetings to discuss opportunities for their clients better. However, this requires the extra effort of going to the office and creates an unsafe space keeping in mind the current pandemic situation.

On the other hand, certain individuals may resort to self-research and purchasing because they doubt the reputation and results offered by a company like Digital Finance Analytics, considering they offer virtual guidance and counseling.

However, this is an excessive hassle of going through some paperwork and yet does not get the client the best deal because they lack connections. That is why it is essential to get in touch and work with a well-reputed company that comprises individuals who know what they are doing, such as Digital Finance Analytics.


Nonetheless, keeping in consideration all that has been mentioned above and to sum it up, Digital Finance Analytics deserves a 5 out of 5 rating for their brilliant results offered to customers. Although their customer service lacks, they cover that up in terms of providing the clients with exactly what is required without any time delays or negative consequences.

The team is highly skilled to overcome any obstacle in the path to ensure that the clients get a premium experience.