Here we look at Kamins Real Estate to confirm many concerns raised about them by property investors and tenants alike. The ultimate question that this Kamins Real Estate Review will answer is– Is Kamins Real Estate A Scam?

USA real estate investment market still has a huge scope for growth. This is the sole reason why there is a consistent rise in the number of property investors, reaching up to millions of individuals and entities.

However, many of the people in this field are often clueless about the right real estate property investment choice. This is why guidance from experts is essential in every aspect, for example, when buying, selling, strategizing…etc.

When renting property, Kamins Real Estate has a role as an ‘expert’, but how good their expertise is a common question.

That’s exactly what we are going to address in this article. But, before anything, let’s find out who are Kamins Real Estate?

What is Kamins Real Estate?

Kamins Real Estate is one of America’s real estate advisory companies that offers several services.

From property management to find the best rental property for their clients, Kamins Real Estate offers all of this. They are a means of connecting those who need housing to those who want to rent it out all through simple and affordable means.

Not only this, but Kamins Real Estate is focusing on students who are looking for the most affordable accommodation properties off-campus to get exposure to real life.

At Kamins Real Estate, some well-experienced agents have the aim of providing one with what they need with simplicity and ease.

For this sole reason, they employ a method of setting parameters across the location of the client’s choice to fulfill their requirements as per the need.

Core Purpose Of Kamins Real Estate

One of the main ideologies behind Kamins Real Estate is the will to empower students and enable them towards self-finance through living independently. This is why Kamins Real Estate is determined to offer affordable rental housing for everyone who cannot afford high-end properties in the USA.

Students often come to the USA and have to undergo the hassle of finding the best-suited house for them with a minimum budget. Yet, they do not have the support and resources to do so.

This is where Kamins Real Estate comes in to help and guide them towards finding the perfect place.

On the other hand, they aim to manage the properties assigned to them in an ideal manner as well. This can be done by finding the right tenants to ensure no damage is done to the property while the owner gets the required rent every month.

The ideal property manager is also responsible for understanding the market around the property assigned and guiding the owner as to when to sell it or purchase a new property. And all of this is done at Kamins Real Estate.

Services Offered By Kamins Real Estate

There are several services offered by Kamins Real Estate all across the USA. However, one of the major services they offer is the provision of real estate property as rentals, especially for students.

  • Rental Property Management

They have a list of rentals to choose from at cheap and affordable pricing right near universities (e.g. University of Massachusetts Amherst) so that students can live off-campus hassle-free and without going through complicated procedures of finding the right rental property within budget. Instead, they can simply come to Kamins Real Estate and be sorted.

  • Paperwork Support

Another key service offered by Kamins Real Estate is that they help their clients with the necessary paperwork in the entire process of real estate investment, purchasing, selling, and even renting.

This creates ease for the client and avoids any extra stress and effort of going to various places to get the paperwork finalized.

  • Property Maintenance

Adding onto this, Kamins Real Estate also offers a maintenance team to all their clients.

They have experts in all areas related to real estate property maintenance and can assign a skilled team as per the need for whatever issue there is.

Whether it is plumbing-related or electricity-related, the team at Kamins Real Estate is simply a call away to help come to solve it.

  • Other Services

Furthering this, Kamins Real Estate also offers other property management services.

Individual managers are assigned to each property to make sure that the property remains unharmed and in pristine condition.

These managers are also responsible for finding the right tenant for the property and giving out the property on rent while paying back the rent to the owner.

This creates a trouble-free environment for the client where they can focus on other things in life while trusting Kamins Real Estate to rightly manage their property.

Why Should One Choose Kamins Real Estate?

With over 1500 properties in their database, Kamins Real Estate has been in the market for more than 70 years and thus has the skills and trade tools to provide their clients with all that they need.

They have a team of professionals with the necessary experience in the market over several years and thus are equipped to cater to their client’s needs fully as required.

Kamins Real Estate Review – Is Kamins Real Estate A Scam?

Pros Of Working With Kamins Real Estate

As all things do, Kamins Real Estate has its set of advantages, as are stated below:

  • At Kamins Real Estate, the client is offered cheap and affordable property.

Therefore, enabling those who are unable to invest in getting a property to invest in as well. It also makes it easier for more people to find a means of housing for themselves all across America with the help of experts at Kamins Real Estate.

  • Similarly, another major benefit of working with Kamins Real Estate is that their team handles the entire process of real estate property investment, purchase, and selling.

From paperwork to due diligence, Kamins Real Estate has expert employees who are skilled in handling all of this for their clients. Thus, creating lesser stress for the client at hand and giving a sense of trust.

  • Furthermore, another major benefit of using Kamins Real Estate is that the properties available with them are usually close to universities.

Hence, this saves transportation costs for students who use them to get the property of their needs.

Cons Of Working With Kamins Real Estate

There are several drawbacks when working with Kamins Real Estate, which might work as deal breakers for many.

These are stated below:

  • Excessive paperwork with gaps

When one is working with Kamins Real Estate, one of the major cons is the excessive paperwork that is a result of them keeping paper ledgers.

The documenting that can easily be done using computers in this modern-day and age is likely done manually at Kamins Real Estate, which creates excessive time delays and hassles.

  • Another major disadvantage is the unprofessionalism at Kamins Real Estate.

The team at Kamins Real Estate is not prompt with communication and lacks in this department which causes unnecessary delays in all the processes at hand.

Moreover, when the client is not kept informed, there may be mishaps that could have been well avoided.

  • Cheap and affordable properties

Furthering this, at Kamins Real Estate, considering they have cheap and affordable properties, the staff tends to assume that one has come to them since they cannot afford to pay a higher price.

This often leads to the employees acting rude and condescending towards the clients.

  • Poor quality properties with less maintenance

In addition to this, the maintenance team working with Kamins Real Estate is extremely overworked. This leads to delayed repair and replacements for household essentials and creates a troublesome environment for the tenant having to go through it.

  • Poor efficiency

Moreover, several employees at Kamins Real Estate tend to be inattentive towards the clients on board. This creates a sense of lacking in efficiency and sustainability for Kamins Real Estate to onboard new clients as they move further in the market.

  • Lack of quality housing

Lastly, another major drawback that needs to be taken into close consideration and criticism is the lack of quality housing available. The properties that are registered with Kamins Real Estate often require a lot of fixing before they are even livable enough for an individual. Hence, they may often end up being much more expensive than they are initially supposed to be.

Other Alternatives To Kamins Real Estate

Keeping the aforementioned disadvantages in mind, one should always take into consideration the alternative companies they can refer to.

1- Lincoln Real Estate

One of the main substitutes for Kamins Real Estate is Lincoln Real Estate.

They too are a company that offers a variety of services in real estate property investment and have a known reputation for having more than 80 years of experience in this market.

2- Five College Realtors

On the other hand, Five College Realtors is also a popular name that comes to mind as an alternative to Kamins Real Estate.

At Five College Realtors, the entire process of buying, selling, leasing, or renting property is made simple through the accessible and user-friendly website they have. Moreover, they also have a focus on customer relationships which leads them to cater to the needs of their customers better to ensure customer satisfaction.


To sum up, all that has been stated above, Kamins Real Estate deserves a rating of only 2 out of 5.

Even though they have cheap and affordable property, the team might often get unprofessional since they lack prompt communication with their clients about anything related to the real estate property their client is willing to invest in. Moreover, maintenance is also not immediately provided. Hence, clients may want to look elsewhere if they can manage a higher budget.