What is Harcourts Real Estate? Are they a reliable company when it’s come to selling a property? Do Harcourts Offer Value for Money? These are just a few of the many questions we will be addressing in this Harcourts Real Estate Review.

We can’t explain Harcourts without a good understanding of the Australian real estate landscape…

Seeing the constant rise in real estate property investment all across Australia, novice investors and individuals who are looking for opportunities to invest often try to find methods of getting the right guidance.

With the growing population crossing over 25 million people, there is a growing demand for real estate property as more people look for housing.

As the life expectancy increases, so does the need for housing, as shown below. This is why individuals are more inclined toward investing in real estate property for which they need expert advice and counselling.

Now, let’s turn on to Harcourts Real Estate. Who are they?

What is Harcourts Real Estate?

When one is looking for some of the finest real estate property advisory services in Australia, one of the first names that pop to mind is Harcourts Real Estate.

Harcourts Real Estate is a company that offers the full range of any sort of real estate services, whether it is locally in Australia or internationally (South Africa).

Having professionals on board, Harcourts Real Estate helps one expand their real estate property investment career. This is done by helping one get the best results in all their real estate property investment through the training and advice of trained experts possessing the right information and knowledge about the real estate market in Australia.

What To Look For Before Investing Through Harcourts Real Estate?

Before one can trust any company to avail of their services with regards to real estate property investment advice, there are certain important factors that need to be taken into consideration.

  • The credibility of Harcourts Franchisee

The first and foremost factor that makes or breaks any deal is the credibility of the company. This can be judged through positive client feedback over the years alongside the success rate.

If a company such as Harcourts Real Estate has managed to satisfy their customers over the years to a great extent, they are bound to be able to cater to the needs of any future clients as they will have more resources as we move forward.

  • Reliability and Dependability

Other than this, another key aspect to take into immediate consideration is reliability and dependability. Finding a real estate property investment counselling company that one can trust in terms of making sure they are getting what they need is essential before one makes any sort of financial decision, such as a massive investment in real estate property.

Trust is an essential factor considering one needs to ensure they are not working with a fraudulent company that will only result in long-term financial loss.

One should be able to fully rely on, depend on and commit to their real estate property investment advisory company (i.e. Agents) such as Harcourts Real Estate.

  • Reasonable Charges

Lastly, affordability also plays a key role in determining which company one should choose to work with.

Every company charges a certain commission rate for the services they provide after having self-experience in the industry for many years. This experience takes time that has been devoted by the experts, which is why they charge a fee.

One needs to make sure that the real estate property investment guidance company they choose, such as Harcourts Real Estate, fits well within budget before making any further decisions and choices in terms of investment in real estate property anywhere in Australia.

Who Was John Bateman Harcourt?

Before you work with a company, you should know the foundation the company is laid upon. Harcourts Real Estate was established by John Bateman Harcourt.

He was a visionary real estate property investment expert who understood the market in-depth to provide accurate analysis and information.

John Bateman Harcourt was also a writer. Therefore, considering his experience and expertise in the real estate market, he wrote The Register and Property Investors Guide. For this book, he managed to sell 4,000 copies successfully.

Not only this, but John Bateman Harcourt was an entrepreneur who established Harcourts Real Estate at the age of 43. Hence, being responsible for the evolution of the real estate property industry in wellington.

With top-notch guidance and advice from the best in the field, he managed to get satisfied clients from all around. Therefore, making Harcourts Real Estate one of the best all across Australia.

Services Offered By Harcourts Real Estate

At Harcourts Real Estate, there are several services offered, all related in some way or the other to real estate property. Starting from the basics, Harcourts Real Estate helps an individual in buying, selling, renting, and even investing in a property.

1– A Premium Service

They have the necessary database and outreach to find the ideal real estate property for their clients that fulfils their exact needs. Therefore, ensuring a satisfied clientele community and the premium advice from industry experts along with the finest guidance in Australia by using their e-books.

2– Mortgage and Finance Guidance

In addition to this, Harcourts Real Estate also offers financial services and support.

Having been in the real estate property industry for several years, Harcourts Real Estate has connections to prime investors who would be willing to give out loans to individuals at a minimal interest rate. They also provide you with the means to get home loans.

Therefore, reducing any sort of difficulties in terms of financing the real estate property one wants to purchase.

3– Good Communication

Furthering this, at Harcourts Real Estate, there is a well-developed virtual connection between the clients, customers, and potential investors.

Considering the ever-growing technological advancement, Harcourts Real Estate has moved towards creating a presence virtually as well to make it easy for their customers to avail of the services.

Hence, they offer free appraisals, one-on-one sessions as well as digital forms of paperwork for their clients so that they do not have to go through the hassle of being physically present.

The clients at Harcourts Real Estate can simply process their entire procedure from the comfort of their own homes.

4– Property Management

Moreover, Harcourts Real Estate also has a team specially dedicated to property management.

Whether it is shifting or moving from one property to another, or simply getting a property managed by a manager who can deeply study the ups and downs, Harcourts Real Estate is there to provide property management services to create a stress-free environment for their client.

This is to make sure that the client has to worry no more about looking after the property.

Harcourts Real Estate can be there to perform regular checkups, understand the rise and fall of property value and hence guide the owner to make the right decision as per these statistics.

Why Should One Choose Harcourts Real Estate?

With other 100 years in the real estate property investment business, Harcourts Real Estate has managed to establish itself with the top industry experts on board.

At Harcourts Real Estate, one finds only the best property managers and counselors to help one make the ideal decision with regard to any sort of real estate property investment.

Considering they have served many customers over the years successfully and have managed to revolutionize the Australian real estate property investment market massively, they are one of the top choices there has to be all across Australia.

In addition to this, with a consistent focus on customer retention and satisfaction, Harcourts Real Estate guarantees that no client of theirs would go unsatisfied.

They have the essential contacts, database, and networking throughout the real estate property investment industry that has helped them establish themselves greatly and become well-recognized all over Australia.

This also ensures that their clients get the best rates and are catered to for everything they ask for as per their needs. Hence, making them the best real estate property investment company in Australia.

Harcourts Real Estate Review

Pros Of Working With Harcourts Real Estate

  • The team at Harcourts Real Estate is friendly and helpful to work with, which creates a sense of ease throughout the process of making a real estate property investment.
  • At Harcourts Real Estate, they accurately depict what is being offered.

With realistic pictures and every nitty-gritty detail mentioned, Harcourts Real Estate makes sure that one does not face any false hope or fraud when purchasing any real estate property.

  • Another major advantage of Harcourts Real Estate is that they are punctual in all they promise.

Everything they promise is sorted on the dates as ‘guaranteed’ to avoid any further mishaps and delays in the dealing between the client and customer.

  • Harcourts Real Estate provides seamless transitioning from one property to another without the individual having to go through the intense work of individually shifting or moving into a new house that the client may have just recently bought.
  • Keeping in mind the effective communication that is practiced at Harcourts Real Estate, they deliver what they promise.

Throughout the process of real estate property investment, the skilled experts and managers at Harcourts Real Estate keep one well-informed as to whatever is happening at every step of the way. Moreover, if any individual has any questions or queries, they will reply to them almost immediately. Therefore, maximizing the customer experience entirely.

Cons Of Working With Harcourts Real Estate

  • High Charges

One of the core drawbacks of working with Harcourts Real Estate is the extra fees they charge on the different payment gateways they have on board.

For example, no individual is willing enough to pay for shipping in itself, an added cost of the payment gateways charging money is even more of a turnoff.

  • Gaps in Rental Property Management and Maintenance

Another aspect of why Harcourts Real Estate should be taken into immediate negative consideration is the fact they are not that good at maintenance. When one hires Harcourts Real Estate to manage their property and household, make sure that they are constantly updated and keep regularly checking up on it.

  • Hidden Costs and Tactics To Charge You Extra

Lastly, when trusting and working with Harcourts Real Estate, keep in mind that they may have certain hidden costs.

This can include the extra fees on the payment gateways along with helping charges for any paperwork completed, etc. Errors in Invoices are not uncommon too. These may lead to financial conflicts.

Other Alternatives To Harcourts Real Estate

Like all businesses, there is tough competition in the real estate property agent’s market as well, considering the fierce alternative companies and brands that offer similar services.

When an individual is not satisfied with the services of Harcourts Real Estate or when they are looking for a company that does not cost them more than what is initially mentioned, they are bound to look for substitutes.

1- LJ Hokker

Coming onto alternatives to Harcourts Real Estate, one of the first ones that come to mind is LJ Hooker Real Estate.

LJ Hooker Real Estate is another one of Australia’s prime real estate property investment companies that have been in the market for 93 years. Thus, they too have the connections such as Harcourts Real Estate.

However, when one looks deeply into the company, it is noticeable that Harcourts Real Estate offers many more services with value for money than LJ Hooker Real Estate in total. Therefore, making Harcourts Real Estate a better alternative means of return on investment.

2- Ray White Real Estate

On the other hand, comes Ray White Group.

The Ray White Group is one of Australia’s well-recognized and renowned brands in terms of real estate property investment services.

They offer a large variety of services in the real estate property investment market and are the finest in all of them. Hence, serving as the fiercest competition for Harcourts Real Estate in Australia in terms of being established in the Australian real estate property market as the primary choice for potential clients.

3- Harris Real Estate

If you are from South Australia, you may consider Harris Real Estate.

Follow the link to read a complete review on Harris Real Estate.

4- Realmark Real Estate

If you are from Western Australia, you may consider Realmark Real Estate.

Follow the link to read the complete review on Realmark Real Estate.


To sum up, all that is mentioned above, Harcourts Real Estate is one of the finest real estate property investment companies in Australia that deserves a rating of 5 out of 5.

Not only do they efficiently focus on their customer satisfaction greatly, but they also have been established in the market for more than 100 years, which has granted them all the needed experience and expertise they needed in the real estate property investment market. This is the core reason they are able to facilitate their customers to such an extent and thus manage to continue flourishing every single day.