Here we explore the Property Club of Kevin Young. If you are considering using services of the Property Club or Kevin Young, you should read this Property Club of Kevin Young Review.

There are several well-experienced professionals in the field of real estate property investment spread throughout Australia, ranging a total over 2 million. Technically, anyone with just one investment property is a ‘property investor’; however, to gain over 5 properties is what we all aim for.

Most investors fail to reach over 5 property target (i.e. approx. 2Mil value of properties for each owner), due to lack of expertise.

On the other hand, investors with multiple properties fail to utilize their expertise in helping the new investors who have just recently entered this huge marketplace, considering there is no platform to do so.

Given this is a consistently growing market, there are multiple individuals entering this dynamic marketplace every year lacking the experience and knowledge of understanding the right property to invest in to maximize their positive rate of return on investment.

Dwelling Sales in Australia

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To help out with the consistent demand, Kevin Young come to the picture with his Property Club.

But, what are the services that the Property Club and Kevin Young provide?

Let’s find out…

The Property Club Service – What Is It?

Varying from the generic real estate property investment companies, Property Club by Kevin Young is an initiative that comprises a group of property investors brought together to help other investors.

Offering a range of services that are comprehensive and accurately based on in-depth research, Property Club now stands as the top wealth creator all over Australia.

With a focus on guiding those looking for real estate property investment counseling, through support, research and the required knowledge in the field, Property Club is reliable and trustworthy to depend upon with your investment needs.

What To Look At Before Investing With A Company Like Property Club?

When an individual looks at investment opportunities, various aspects need to be taken under close scrutiny to make sure that the company you are investing with does not turn out to be a fraud and lead to long-term financial loss.

One of these core aspects includes the clientele and customer feedback of the people who have already worked with the company, such as Property Club. Having a huge customer base since when the company started out is a key indicator that the company has been trusted by clients over the years and is thus capable enough to be worked with without causing you any further hassles.

Another major role is the company’s credibility and legitimacy. Although the client feedback is significant of their reliability and legitimacy, another thing that any individual should look for is that the company is licensed to offer their services. This is a compulsion in Australia in order to work in the real estate property investment industry.

Furthermore, another important feature to take into close consideration is the experience of the people on board with the company. In the case of Property Club, there are a number of well-experienced property investors who have been in the market for very long and are responsible for guiding you in terms of the investment opportunity available.

They have proper property portfolios made worth a lot and thus are recognized as being capable enough to offer premium advice based on their personal experiences, research analytics and knowledge about the real estate property investment market.

What Are The Services Offered By A Property Club Specialist?

  • Property Research

At Property Club, the team is highly dedicated to providing you with the best investment opportunity to ensure that you get the maximum positive return on investment.

For these purposes, the team does intensive research on property locations and developments to find the best areas for your investment.

They also have a software that keeps a record in order to manage your portfolio.

Alongside, due to the huge social reach and networking, they also offer the best-negotiated rates for the real estate investment you wish to make.

  • Education and Events

To guide the new investors, seasonal investors and long term investors throughout, Property Club hosts regular events, workshops, conferences and seminars as a guiding tool.

At these events, they provide accurate investment education through property research along with an entire support system of experts who guide their clients through all investment opportunities for free.

  • Member Support

When you work with the Property Club, you do not need to go elsewhere and do various expensive property investment courses to make the right decisions. You have a go-to team with real property investment experience as a part of the Property Club community who can guide you and offer their support during all the major decisions with regard to any investment opportunity in the real estate market.

With Property Club’s member support, you can avoid property traps as you have a dedicated property mentor just a call away.

  • Property Finance

When an individual thinks about investing in property, they are often skeptical as to how they will get the required initial loan to invest in a property of choice that will guarantee those benefits in the long run. It has become far more difficult to get loans in Australia, considering the requirement of bigger deposits and paperwork requirements.

This is where Property Club comes in, helping you get a loan as well as financial assistance through their registered and verified network of brokers and investors.

They also provide you with specific software and tools to maintain and keep your cash flow in check.

Knowing a lot about the Property Club, now let’s turn on to Kevin Young. Who is he?

Who is Kevin Young?

With more than 50 years of experience in the real estate property market, Kevin Young is one of Australia’s most successful property investors.

He founded Property Club in 1994 and has been successfully running it till date, having served thousands of clients. He has personally bought and sold over 644 properties by far.

Moreover, Kevin Young has also published a well-known book that he has sold over 20,000 copies of worldwide.

Why Should One Choose Property Club Service?

Having been in the market for over 25 years, Property Club has established itself as one of Australia’s best real estate investment advisors. They have served thousands of members in the entirety of the 26 years they have been in the market for and are credible enough to be trusted in catering to their client’s needs.

Not only this, but Property Club also contains around 5,000 members in their property millionaire club and has enabled them to purchase over 21,000 properties all over Australia that have only resulted in profits and capital gains.

Knowing these successes, it is evident as to why Property Club should be the first choice as the best guiding team for real estate property investment advice.

Here are real peoples reviews…

Advantages Of Hiring The Property Club Service

  • All clients at Property Club are offered free of cost advice with regard to their real estate property investment plans and are guided as to the best opportunity to invest.
  • The team at Property Club ensures that they stay professional throughout the entire process of guiding and counseling regarding the property investment opportunity you may have to make sure you feel comfortable enough to trust them.
  • Property Club hosts several workshops, seminars, and conferences for their clients to benefit them by giving them insight into Australia’s real estate property investment market to decide the next best investment opportunity that guarantees capital gains.
  • They are greatly focused on customer satisfaction, and so the skilled professionals at Property Club remain highly accommodating to all your needs to make your investment procedure as seamless as possible.

Drawbacks of Utilizing The Property Club Services

  • There is an ongoing discussion that once someone is a part of Property Club, they are only allowed to own two properties which is outrageous considering that those who can afford more are losing their opportunity to invest.
  • When talking about Property Club, there are accusations that the managers and mentors at Property Club deceive their customers to maximize self-gain and profits without caring about the negative consequences that clients may face in the long run.
  • Property Club fails to empower their investors since their business model involves earning revenue and profits through client referrals by charging them a sort of fee for every property sold. This discourages more people from investing and working hard because they have more to lose.

Alternatives To Property Club By Kevin Young

One of the main alternatives to investing with a company such as Property Club by Kevin Young is performing self-research. This will help you avoid all the different costs associated with market research and the webinars that Property Club hosts.

Another alternative is going to a much different company as compared to Property Club who have a greater number of managers on board and provide adequate information without any referral fees as charged by Property Club from their group of investors.

However, both of these alone do not guarantee as good services as do Property Club provide.


Concluding what has been stated above, Property Club deserves a rating of only 3 out of 5.

They have their set of cons which may be considered miscommunications. However, Property Club excels in having the most well-reputed team of investors as the counselors for the newly entering novice investors and providing top of the line investment education services. This makes them a choice to consider for all.