Ever tried to search for foreclosed real estate education in Australia? If you did, I`m sure the name of this lady was on the first page of search results. Dominique Grubisa is a well-known property investor in Australia (and not just that).

In this Dominique Grubisa Review, we will cover everything you need to know about Dominique Grubisa, her DG Institute and all property courses and training the team runs.

Before anything, let’s identify who Dominique Grubisa really is.

Who is Dominique Grubisa?

Dominique started off with being a lawyer, and now we see her also in the role of a property investor, coach, speaker, and writer and published author. Today, she has her own institute (DG Institute), where she is teaching people how to get into real estate and take control of their future.

She is passionate and knowledgeable of property law (mainly litigation law), and the hints that she gives through webinars and training are very useful. Her open personality gives people wind in the back, as they are getting encouraged by her talking about business and professional life in real-time, making her ideas closer and more possible for a regular person to perceive and turn into reality.

What is DG Institute?

Now, let’s move on the thing you have probably been searching for. In case you have wondered (as I did) about what exactly is the mission and vision of the company, we are moving on to that topic.

DG Institute is a company that helps people grow and protect their wealth with Dominique as a leader and head coach. Going from “having less than nothing” to the “sky is the limit”, Dominique decided to help people evolve in real estate business avoiding mistakes that she once did. This is how the DG Institute is created.

Primarily, DG Institute is focused on increasing the profit and making the secure way to early retirement, which most of us want to do in this fast-phased environment.

I`m sure you will wonder how they will manage to do that. You can get a clear picture after seeing the courses that the DG Institute is offering. They all go hand by hand with each other and help people to make a unity of knowledge before they swim further in the real estate business.  I will tell you more about what I found out about the programs in one of the next topics.

After this basic review of the DG Institute, now let`s move on to some legal stuff and try to make the picture of this institution clearer.

What is DGI Lawyers?

With annual revenue of 2.8 million dollars, DGI Lawyers is a division of DG Institute. This division is here to make legal services accessible to every Australian. With a “hand-picked” team of experienced and passionate lawyers full of practical knowledge, they make life easier by translating the frustrating legal language to us, regular people. Basically, the DG Institute is really eager to make this real estate business and early retirement a “piece of cake”!

I don`t want to sound like a marketing trick, but of course, it`s much easier to have a helping hand wherever you might need it, especially when it`s already predicted (in between other things) where you might need it.

Let`s move on to what we can get from this fabulous institution and can it OR how it can make our life’s better and easier.

Property Training Programs of Dominique Grubisa

You can`t really neglect the fact that Dominique has managed to build an empire with her knowledge and abilities. There is also a fact that she is well-shod with licenses and life experience, as well as feedback from people that are satisfied with what she is giving as an exchange for an amount of money (we`ll go through this topic a bit more later, too) that provides secure future and well-guided way to making a profit.

So, what we see is what we, actually, like. Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) certified, international investor and developer, speaker and motivator and an amazing woman, that has managed to turn her story into a “Real estate Phoenix”. Also, the “Phoenix” is improving. Almost a decade of teaching has resulted in various programs that her strong team has developed to make our life as real estate investors easier.

What I liked the most is the fact that all these programs are giving us a good base for further money-making. As they all go hand in hand with each other, let`s go through each one to see what it`s really all about.

Five (money-making) programs you can participate in are:

1. Master Wealth Control by Dominique Grubisa

Preparing the legal documents that will make an “invisible force field” to protect your wealth throughout your lifetime and not just that! Like this, you can be sure that you are leaving a legacy for future generations and your bloodline, without the risk of compromising or losing it through divorce, remarriage, bankruptcy or other unforeseen events.

Since we live so fast and we`ve seen a lot of things (such as GFC), we might as well say that this is a great idea, right?  During this process, the support of Dominique’s legal team, advice, and free amendments and updates will be available for you for legal documents draft by them at any given point of time.

This comes in a package with a personalized asset protection plan and access to Dominique`s online portal and monthly live webinars.

2. Real Estate Rescue by Dominique Grubisa

This one sounds quite interesting. The final goal is to build your knowledge, meet all the contacts you need in an interactive, networking and live learning event. It includes a clear and massive amount of knowledge from workbooks, exercises and keynote talks from experts. It includes a legal kit (pre-foreclosure, short sales, takeovers…etc.), access to her online platform for sourcing pre-foreclosed properties, e-mail support (six months), as well as access to exclusive funding for developing deals and so on…

3. Property Uplift Program by Dominique Grubisa

In this course, Dominique is enabling your function of downloading her knowledge into your system and making it work. Her intellectual knowledge, membership sites, infield reports, legal support, videos, manuals, templates, monthly webinars and many other things are going to be on a tablet in front of you.

If you choose this Property Uplift Program, you will basically get her life’s work (25 years – wow! ) and all her secrets, experts, finances in one place. All this with a goal to give you every possible reason for success.

4. Wealth Creation Mastery by Dominique Grubisa

Okay, until now we have made our way through the real estate business, and we are just missing one more spark. The very smart thing that Dominique did is taking in consideration the fact that people might get demotivated, cluttered or just pulled back with the amount of information that she is offering and might consider giving up. As it`s very possible to see this happening, this is the best way to prevent it.

Modern psychology has made an impact on business life (especially on business life), so I guess that the question of her team was: “Why we don`t give them a little bit of wind in the back?”. This is something that is very useful in everyday life, too. All we need, we can find inside of us.

Dominique and her team are doing this type of encouraging, which is amazing!

Now, what is included in the Wealth Creation Mastery Program? Video lessons, audios, worksheets, quizzes, webinars with Paul (I`ll tell you more about Paul later, too), his signed book, and so on…

What we learn here is how to create a wealth mindset adjoin the principles of high achievements together with many other things. Sound like an Australian version of “The Secret”, right? Well, we all loved it!

5. Elite Mentoring System by Dominique Grubisa

Now, since Dominique educated us enough to be rich and to take care of our properties and even make them better, you will agree that it would all be easier if we had someone to facilitate and help us finish the process of learning about distressed properties and purchasing them. This is exactly what we get from this program.

This is a “one on one”, intensive, personal mentoring program that runs over a twelve-month period, where a team of Dominique’s most successful property investors take you under their wing for a whole year. All this, under Dominique’s direct supervision. In this way, you feel more secure and protected, with a helping hand and smart, profitable advice everywhere around.

All of these will, as Dominique says, “will help empower you and kick start you in your journey”.

We can see and hear from her videos how enthusiastic she is about making our way to a secure future, together with her team of professional, elite mentoring coaches that can give us a lot of useful information and guidelines through the courses.

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Resolving the Money Riddle

Let`s just mention here one of Dominique’s associates, Paul Blackburn (as I promised).

Paul is a life coach, and he is teaching people what the mindset that we need to succeed is. He is helping the world with workshops where he shares information, tips, strategies and anecdotes in order to change their finances and futures. Sounds good!?

As a supporter of modern-day psychology education, I believe that this is really important, so people can start discovering and using their greatest potential, the one that can be found only inside of us.

Finding Distressed Properties in Australia

There are a few strategies that you can use in finding distressed properties.

Let`s say that the most important strategy is looking for real estate in Australia through the internet. We can find various sites that have listings of this kind of properties where you can look and choose one of them. You have to be very careful, though.

Some of the websites are asking you to pay the membership first, and what you have to do before that is to make sure that the information will come to you before the money “leaves” your credit card.

Google first, as I did, and see the reviews and experiences of other people. There is nothing wrong with that, it`s just an advantage that we can afford in the “internet era” that we live in.

We can now get back to the point. There are many sites that can help us through our process of “Real Estate Mastery”, but we want something reliable and 100% profitable.

I believe that you could imagine that the DG Institute also offers this service. It`s in a shape of a seminar, and it`s also a way to get the information about how to get instant access to a national list of distressed properties that you can secure at potentially 40% below market value. They are really making it easier, are they?


How to Buy a Distressed Property in Australia

Okay, we decided to buy a property. We found out on our way of “real estate cognition” what is that. Let`s just go quickly through.

Many reasons can cause a property to be distressed, from financial breakdown, divorce, property damage, falling value, to environmental damage and death of a property owner.

As Dominique says, the most important thing is to realize what is the right way of buying such property without feeling bad or feeling like you are taking advantage of people’s bad situations.

DG Institute is providing support to people in financial distress, helping them to get straight and logical again by empowering others to help, assisting them and putting money in their pocket. The most important thing is to understand the law and act ethically at all times. Like this, you are providing a “win-win” situation for both sides.

The support appears in the shape of a webinar, where you can grab a handful of Dominique’s experience and knowledge. The strategy is actually a fit in the economy that we were all looking for. Thumbs up for this one, too!

Flipping houses by Dominique Grubisa

One more thing that we learn through Dominique’s “Real Estate Rescue” program is how to make a profit by helping the property owner by saving their ‘credit score’ in the credit file and solve their financial problems.

So, here we are, freed from all the barriers that we had in our heads, trying to purchase an asset and add some value to it. We buy it below the market and then make money out of it. Can it be better?

Mortgage Foreclosed properties and Bank repossessed houses

What we need to know is that banks have been greedy and have lent too much with little or no lending criteria or responsible lending practices in place. People are buying homes, and than for this or that reason, they stop making payments and the lender has to sell the property.

DG Institute has a blog which explains a lot from a crash course on the repossession process to starting to identify where the real opportunities lie within the above scenario. This is how the process of repossessing properties is explained on Dominique’s blog, in three basic phases, with phrases borrowed from the American market.

What we find out after DG courses are things like: the best stages to invest, foreclosures and short sales, pre-foreclosure sale risks and others.

Mortgage Foreclosed properties

Assets protection by Dominique Grubisa

Many things can affect our investments. With an economy crisis and annual economic growth at the lowest point in a decade also comes our responsibility to protect and keep our assets safe. There are external and internal factors that are causing troubles are the ones we have to predict and overcome.

One more thing we can hear from Dominique and learn how to “stand your best possible chance of withstanding any financial storm”.

Property Development by Dominique Grubisa

Real estate developing is a rare area where a person can enter with very little or no expertise and become rich in a short period of time (if you are lucky!).

With Dominique, you can actually go through all the areas of property development. From real-life development case stories to theoretical knowledge about the process from beginning to end.

Tip: If you are an intermediate to advanced property developer then Bob Anderson’s Property Development course would be ideal.

Books by Dominique Grubisa

Now, let`s go back to the start.

As I told you, in my opinion, people love this lady and what she does, because she is real. She`s been where we are now, and she knows. She is experienced, motivating individual who is willing to help others in exchange for a certain amount of money.

Off course, this amount of money is not small, and we can add it to the disadvantages of the whole “DG Institute stories”, because, let`s be real, not everyone can afford to read them.

Despite that, I can`t deny the charm of the lady and how the books can really be something like a trigger to find ourselves and make our own path (in this case in the real estate business). As she says: “Own your case!” It`s a collection of legal advices from beginning to the end (of a divorce, of a debt, of management of investments and properties…).

Worth reading.

This lady has some things to share with us, some quite exciting and intriguing, just like the whole idea of the DG Institute, somehow it gives wind in the back. After all, this is the era of the women, too. Why not go ahead and use it?

Is Dominique Grubisa a Fraud or a Scammer?

The answer is: “Most definitely NOT.”

Dominique Grubisa is a real person, an expert in this area that is actually trying to help people while making a profit for herself, too.

You can`t even find a bad review addressed to her and her team of professionals. The only problem that can actually be a problem is that the whole program is quite expensive and before you dive into it, you might ask yourself why is it so?

Well, someone has extracted the essence of the whole science that goes around the real estates and made it understandable and available to anyone who has the will to become a real-estate profiteer. That makes it a lot easier, therefore expensive. Anyway, one of the things that we can criticize her for – the price of the courses (which goes up to the sky), together with the fact that we can criticize ourselves and do it all alone, searching through the internet, where we have all the information, just not in one place.

Alternatives to Dominique Grubisa

After researching about real estate, and then concentrating on DG Institute and Dominique Grubisa, I can say that there is no alternative to her. You can find many real estate agents, agencies, counsellors, but what Dominique is offering is tempting because of the fact that you can`t find anything like the empire that she made, the empire that is helping others to build one for themselves, if only they want to do it.

In the end, I will say that the story of DG Institute and the reviews really moved me to do something about my interest in real estate. Unfortunately, even though it might be easier to just grab my place in one of her programs, seminars or webinars, I will consider saving my money and doing the research by myself.

There are a few reasons for that, but let`s just mention one. If I was in my early thirties, going after a career or just a simple worker in a factory, I might just not have the amount of money needed for educating myself under her supervision. I know a few people that share my opinion. And that`s the one defect of the institute. Or maybe not?!

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