Dymphna Boholt, for those of you who recognize her name, can be quite a controversial figure. One thing is certain, though – she is a successful real estate investor and mother of three.

It’s common knowledge you can make a lot of money out of the real estate, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. People enter this business, hoping to get richer, but often only a few succeed. Because strategy and tactics are not the only requirements for success in this money-driven field – to make it, you need to possess the right skills and qualities, as well as understand what’s going on in the mind of real estate investors.

In this review, I will be commenting on Dymphna Boholt’s Courses in Real Estate based on firsthand experience and will also be covering the companies “iLoveRealEstate” and “Knowledge Source” and their role in the coaching program. Most importantly, I will be answering if the Real Estate Training by Dymphna Boholt worth its price, and can it teach you what it takes to be a successful real estate investor?

If you want to find out the secrets behind Dymphna Boholt’s success and how she built a multi-million-dollar property portfolio basically starting from zero, then keep reading!

Who is Dymphna Boholt?

Dymphna Boholt is a renowned Australian real estate investment teacher and author of several books on the topic.

She was born in a small country town in central Queensland, where, at the age of four, she already had her first investment – a cow she used for breeding cattle to grow a herd. Later, she graduated from the Australian National University in Canberra with a degree in Accounting and Economics, and her very first cash-producing asset is what she used to pay for her tuition costs.

After graduation, she had several accounting job offers but decided to move to Sydney to work for Coopers & Lybrand, which is one of the biggest accountancy firm networks in the world. She held different positions throughout the years and was also a financial controller in several industries.

In 1994, after a divorce, she began from scratch, opening her own accountancy firm “Active Financial Answers” in the Sunshine Coast, all while raising and supporting a child and having another one on the go.

Her interest in property market began in the year 2000 when Dymphna met America’s popular property gurus and real estate advisers – Robert Kiyosaki and Dr Dolf de Roos. After listening to him speak on stage about his stories and strategies, she realized that just like most of the average people out there, she was involved in a ‘job’ where she is “trading her time for money”. So, to change this, she decided to invest in real estate.

Dymphna’s focused on investing in properties with ‘value creation potential’ and buying them under market value. Through this strategy she had accumulated a property portfolio worth $3.5 million, thus creating a passive income through her assets (positive cash flow).

Since that time, she has become good friends with Dr de Roos, and her property portfolio has expanded into a multi-million dollar international one.

Today, Dymphna hosts seminars and conferences nationally and internationally on various topics including property investment, asset protection, taxation, personal finance, business and motivation, helping others interested in entering real estate make money through it and achieve financial freedom.

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What is I Love Real Estate (iLoveRealEstate) and Knowledge Source

I Love Real Estate is a company founded by Dymphna Boholt and Jon Giaan, which offers real estate investment mentoring and coaching programs by a team of experts in the field.

On their website, they offer a variety of courses for both beginners and experienced people in the field, including

Growth and Cashflow
Secrets of Real Estate Millionaires,

The Ultimate Real Estate Coaching Program,

Quantum Shift Coaching and Training,

Commercial Property Secrets,

Big Profits from Small Developments and

the mastermind coaching program,

The Platinum Accelerator.

You could sign up for everything ranging from online self-study courses and webinars to live events like seminars and classes through Knowledge Source.

Of course, we cannot judge the coaching programs’ effectiveness only by the success of the teachers – what we need to look at are the stories of the students. Are 47 students’ success stories enough to convince you that these courses have the goods to teach you what it takes to be on top of the game in real estate investments? I thought so. There is just one problem though – there appear to be some allegations as to whether or not these success stories are real, which I will discuss shortly.

The role of Knowledge Source here is that it hosts a range of seminars across Australia and markets Dymphna Boholt’s education programs. It was founded by Jon Giann, the co-founder of iLoveRealEstate, who runs most of Dymphna Boholt’s marketing.

The seminars and conferences focus on self-empowerment and do not sell investment properties contrary to popular belief.


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Is Dymphna Boholt a Fraud or a Scammer?

Based on Jenman . com .au “In 2013 Dymphna Boholt got a $15,000 penalty and an enforceable undertaking “not to engage in conduct that is liable to mislead the public or any individual within Australian in contravention of Australian Consumer Law (Queensland).” – (Source: https://jenman.com.au)

The reasons for this were Boholt’s numerous claims in newspaper advertisements and seminars about her students’ “passive income” which proved to be greatly exaggerated. It’s not that her students didn’t truly have success, just they were earning less money than she was actually making them out to be.

If you’re looking for further information, her claims can be found on several different websites. The most accurate information can be found on the Queensland Government website.

This was in 2012 and since then she has uploaded a video addressing this with a heartfelt apology. Now, this is truly wonderful because owning up to her mistakes has only established her even more as a property mentor and stage presenter.

Not everyone is perfect, and we’re all bound to make mistakes along the way – it’s important we don’t brush them under the carpet though.

Dymphna Boholt’s Books

Now let’s take a look at Dymphna’s books. Not everyone can afford the more expensive coaching programs, but $30 is always a good investment in a book, especially if it’s one that seeks to help you.

Dymphna Boholt’s Books

Confessions of a Real Estate Millionaire

In this book, you can learn about the skills you need to acquire in order to be a wealthy and successful real estate investor. Here Dymphna provides helpful advice and tips, as well as techniques that could help you work out an effective real estate investment strategy, based on sound economic theory, for acquiring properties and equity in the industry and how to overcome any barriers or obstacles on your path to success.

Highly recommended for anyone who’s interested in real estate investing and is just starting out.

Protect Your Assets!

In this book, Dymphna focuses on vital information about asset protection in Australia. There are tips on how to legally pay less tax. Readers can discover how to protect their assets and finances against lawsuits, inflation and economic problems not only for themselves but for generations to come.

Given that Australia is the second most litigious country in the world, you wouldn’t want to be building a million-dollar real estate portfolio for decades, only to lose it to an unfortunate series of events. That’s where this book pulls through – it will teach you how to protect your assets!

Tip: Although managing your properties through rental manager is advisable, this can attract additional fees and costs for property management.

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Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed!

This book was put together by Dale Beaumont, and it contains materials authored by Dymphna Boholt, Craig Turnbull, Hans Jakobi, John Fitzgerald, and many others.

They collectively share their inspirational and unique stories about their path to success in the industry, highlighting the lessons they have learned along the way noting all the difficulties they encountered.

This book shows us that anyone willing to work hard can earn money from real estate.

Let’s visit the most important section of this article. The review of Dymphna Boholt’s Real Estate Training.

Dymphna Boholt’s Real Estate Training Review

Now that you know who Dymphna Boholt is and what she has to offer other people interested in the real estate business, let’s discuss her property education program. I found out about it when I decided to go to a free seminar hosted by Knowledge Source and was immediately interested and purchased the course.

This is her ultimate beginner’s guide to investing in real estate. The course lasts 12 months and includes everything from recognizing your current situation, getting out of debt, taxation, setting budgets through to asset protection, types of properties to purchase, cash cows (Dymphna refers to many of her properties as such, remember she started out as a jillaroo), manufacturing growth, subdividing and property development.

As someone who had a new-found interest in property investment and was still feeling like a toddler just learning how to walk in this field, I can say I found this program extremely useful as the content was condensed for easy consumption.

When you become a member, you immediately get several exclusive bonus offers.

Once you start out, you get 36 CDs and manuals for the self-study course, as well as access to the members’ website, forum and Facebook group. On these platforms, I met many like-minded driven people and the best thing about all of this is the regular networking and communication. You can discuss issues and celebrate achievements, hopefully creating a long-lasting friendship and possible business-partnership (or joint venture partnerships).

There are also monthly meet-ups where you always state your goals and stay accountable, share knowledge and learn even more. The contacts you can make here are so, so valuable!

Every week there are 4 coaching webinars that focus on different skills and training – identifying hot property deals, legal advice (asset protection and business / Trust structures), finance strategies and tax, etc.

Of course, not every one of them will be in a convenient time for you (they weren’t for me), but don’t worry because all of them are recorded and later uploaded to the members’ website where you can check them out. The program also offers phone support throughout the week, where you can get live advice from a few dedicated coaches (Of course, that’s not Dymphna). The FAQ section is very helpful too, as it answered all of the questions you could possibly have.

The access to the proprietary software they give you is a real advantage – it walks you through every aspect of a potential real estate deal and determines whether it would be beneficial or not.

The only cons, in my opinion, are the high prices and the webcast they use for online webinars, due to its lack of transparency. Also, I heard from others that refunds and cooling-off periods are not ‘easy’ as it sounds, so you have to be 100% sure before signing up.

If you are willing to work and study hard to understand the fundamentals of the property business, this course will be extremely helpful to you to start rolling with a life-long property investment journey.

Considering all of this, my final thoughts on this coaching program is that it deserves a 4 out of 5 rating. The advantages of this program are so many, and especially if you are a beginner – the amount of information that’s easy to break down and the network you could create for yourself definitely make the price worth it. However, note, I would not recommend this course for intermediate- advance level property developers. You are well off with Bob Anderson’s course.

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Dymphna Boholt’s Seminars and Pushy Sales Tactics

Most of the information provided on the seminars can be learned from self-study books, but I definitely recommend going and if you can effort ‘success’ to invest here.

After all, Dymphna Boholt runs free events across Australia, and you should take advantage of that. Make sure you bring a pen and notebook though, as you’ll be taking lots of notes unless you are planning to purchase them through the seminar organizer for a ‘VIP fee’.

Her introductory seminar is very good, but you might be hit with some sale pitches. Purchasing is optional, though. The thing is Dymphna Boholt, and her team are very persuasive speakers.

The videos of students’ successful “rags to riches” stories, as well as the music that accompanies them, can be very moving as they pull on a lot of emotional triggers.

A lot of people find themselves pressured to buy her courses and programs due to this reason, so my advice here would be to have your guard up from the beginning and to be aware of these tactics. No one can make you purchase anything if you aren’t really interested in it. Keep that in mind.

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Alternatives to I Love Real Estate

As a conclusion, here are some good alternatives to the property education programs of I Love Real Estate and Dymphna Boholt. With that being said, I really hope you found this article useful.

Michael Yardney’s Mentorship Program

Since 2012, Michael Yardney has been voted Australia’s leading property educator and mentor 5 times total. He also writes regular columns for Yahoo Finance, Smart Company, Your Investment Property Magazine, New Zealand Property Investor Magazine and Your Mortgage. He has hosted seminars since 2001 and runs a property investment update blog, which has been voted the #1 property blog in the world by FeedSpot.com for the last 2 years in a row. He also has several books on the topic, which offer a great introduction for beginners.

Integrity Property Investment by Daimien Patterson

This company is recognized as an Australian Veteran Owned Business by the official association, as most of their property investment coaches are ex-Australian Defense Force Officers. The company was founded in 2010 by Daimien Patterson and is a major supporter of the non-profit organization Military Cadets, which teaches young people leadership, discipline, and personal development.

Daimien had the rug pulled underneath his feet and realized that there is no company that represents the clients’ interests only, so he decided to create one himself.

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