Here we look at services provided by Sam Saggers and Jason Whitton, and their company Positive Real Estate. This Positive Real Estate Review will also clarify many questions about them, such as – Is Sam Saggers and Jason Whitton Team Useful for Property Investors?

Let’s find out…

Australia and New Zealand both have ever-growing real estate markets. It is a well-known fact that people from all around the world are interested in these markets also there are many restrictions limiting foreigners buying real estate.

However, research shows that around 95% of real estate investors fail within their first try and so they give up on this highly profitable opportunity. For these purposes, the recently entered novice investors need guidance and mentorship as to choosing the right property to invest in so that they may build up a profitable, efficient, productive and boast-worthy portfolio with a consistent positive rate of return on their investment.

The Australian real estate market has constantly been growing. Comparing it to the past years, the values have risen consistently. Knowing this, it is prime time to find the right property and invest in real estate to create multitudes of wealth.

If you were watching the real estate investment space closely, you should be familiar with names, Sam Saggers And Jason Whitton, and their company Positive Real Estate.

But, who are they really? What do they do?

What is Positive Real Estate By Sam Saggers And Jason Whitton?

Positive Real Estate is one of the top wealth creation companies in Australia and New Zealand that not only offers professional services but also provides their clients with the finest advice and strategies to help investors build wealth through property and real estate investment.

They enable their clients towards a long-term strategic approach that works upon nurturing success.

With a belief in avoiding “fast money” through the short-term approach, Positive Real Estate helps their clients focus more upon building wealth for the future by catering to their needs and connecting the clients to top field experts who can offer the best solutions and suggestions based upon any individual’s needs.

Who Is Sam Saggers?

Sam Saggers is one of Australia’s most sought after key-note speakers who have been in the real estate investment industry for over 26 years.

He is a futurist along with a business master. His experience as an investor speaks wonders in the real estate investment market, having invested in above 10,000 properties, which round up to a total of $5.6 billion.

Moreover, he has also helped over 7,500 investors get their leg up through his platform: Positive Real Estate.

Not only is he an influential speaker and personality, but he is also an author who wrote several books, with the most recent being The Future of Property Investment which is his fourth book.

With a mission to inspire change in people, he wants to help businesses and individuals who have a passion for real estate investment to move towards success in this dynamic and disruptive world.

Who Is Jason Whitton?

On the other hand, Jason Whitton is one of the best coaches and mentors to help one raise up their investment game. He is a wealth strategist with over 20 years of experience in the real estate investment industry.

Jason is an investor himself for many years and has the right skills with closing deals worth $5.1 billion. He is an ideal mentor for the up-and-coming real estate investors finding opportunities to invest in.

Jason Whitton was a teacher who stumbled upon real estate by luck and became highly successful in analyzing, strategizing, and thus getting the maximum return on his investment projects.

Combining two things that Jason Whitton loves: real estate investment and teaching, he spends time mentoring the team at Positive Real Estate to the best of his capabilities and teaches real estate to individuals who are new in this market and are looking for some expert guidance to maximize their capital gains.

What To Look For Before Investing With A Company Like Positive Real Estate?

When it comes to finances, one finds it difficult to trust anyone in the market. Especially when the individual needs to invest large sums of money as a means of ‘investing’ in real estate and property.

Keeping this point in mind, the company’s legitimacy is a prime concern for all novice investors since they do not have any assets or wealth backing them up.

To find out any company’s legitimacy, one should take into consideration their license and certifications. This proves that they are verified by the government and will be legally responsible for their client’s finances. Hence, ensuring that they do not prove to be fraudulent.

Similarly, reliability and trustworthiness play an important role in being able to work with any company.

This trust can only be developed through past customer feedback and the services offered. If a company has a positive feedback rate and higher review ratings, it ensures that they have managed to satisfy past clients.

This also proves that they will be able to cater to the individual’s needs since they have done so in the past and have gotten a positive outcome. Therefore, making them much more dependable and trustworthy to work with.

Furthermore, another core aspect that one should take into key consideration is the success rate of any company. Positive feedback guarantees good customer service for satisfied customers.

However, the success rate depicts a clear and concise picture of how well the company has established itself.

If the company has a high success rate, they are much more likely to be successful in fulfilling their client’s future requirements and thus benefit the majority of clients.

If a company has satisfied customers but a low success rate, it clearly depicts how the company has yet to create a corporate footprint for itself and may thus lack in terms of a social network, which is an essential need in terms of real estate investment.

One should always work with a company with a higher success rate.

Services Offered By Positive Real Estate

Positive Real Estate is an all-in-one advisory company that offers multiple services, all of which are connected to real estate property investment.

The primary service they offer is wealth creation through effective and productive guidance and mentorship by industry experts.

Having on-boarded more than 70 experts from all over Australia and New Zealand, the team at Positive Real Estate is equipped with the necessary tools and information to provide one with the best information based on facts and figures to make sure that they can easily maximize their long-term positive rate of return on their investment in the real estate property market.

Similarly, Positive Real Estate also works upon giving all the new and upcoming novice real estate property investors the right property education through seminars and workshops hosted by the co-founder: Jason Whitton.

Considering Jason Whitton himself has multiple years of experience in the real estate property investment industry, he is the right person to deliver accurate information and education as to choosing the right property at the right time.

Jason teaches his clients what kind of property one should invest in and at what time to make sure they get the best capital gains through this investment.

In addition to this, Positive Real Estate also enables their customers in terms of connecting them with potential people who will lend them money.

In simple terms, Positive Real Estate also helps their clients get investment in order to buy the property they have had their eyes on.

Positive Real Estate has managed to establish itself in the market to a great deal and has made several connections to grow its social network. This enables them to know people willing enough to give out loans at a better interest rate than the general market.

Why Should One Choose Positive Real Estate?

With over 17 years of experience in the real estate property investment industry, Positive Real Estate stands out to be one of the best throughout Australia and New Zealand. They are spread out in these 2 countries and have over 70 experts employed who are highly skilled in their field and can provide one with premium advice in terms of real estate property investment.

Not only has Positive Real Estate helped more than 6,000 clients, but they have also won several awards of excellence while doing so. This proves how they are one of the finest real estate investment advisory companies who understands the market in depth along with what they need to do. Therefore, they try their best to fulfill these goals and missions set by the company as a whole, making them one of the best all-around.

What Does Positive Real Estate Promise To Deliver?

  • Positive Real Estate promises open and honest communication of whatever is going on at the backhand throughout the entire process so that the clients remain reassured.
  • They offer services to value the financial success of their client and thus help them expand it further to unimaginable limits.
  • Positive Real Estate visions to lead with integrity and truth.

In this regard, they first lead their own self towards success and then use similar strategies and policies for their clients to make sure that the client does not undergo any sort of financial loss.

  • The company promises to work together in harmony similar to the workings of a family and so solve issues together like a family without creating any excess troubles or discrepancies.
  • Considering they have promised to work like a family, Positive Real Estate has employees who will go the extra mile to see things through and make sure that the job at hand gets done and completed on time with perfection and top quality.
  • At Positive Real Estate, the team has an ideology to consistently innovate and bring about new things in the business so as to constantly improve their services and statistics as a means of helping individuals invest in real estate.
  • Positive Real Estate also promises to have their tribe’s best interest in mind which is why they have an aim to always hold each other up during bad times and act as a support system throughout the investment procedure.

Pros Of Working With Positive Real Estate

  • Positive Real Estate has employed under them a highly knowledgeable team who is aware of the market conditions and can help one strategize accordingly with regards to maximizing their rate of return on investment.
  • Professional mentors who will patiently guide their client throughout the process without getting restless even if one asks them several questions in consideration of their investment.
  • Clients are provided with great learning material that has been developed over the years through experience and knowledge regarding the market that can help them strategize their investment plans.
  • The team understands the individual’s requirements and provides guidance to them accordingly as to fulfill their need as best as Positive Real Estate can.
  • On-boarded dedicated counselors who will offer support throughout the entire process of real estate property investment including paperwork, due diligence and much more.
  • The employees are passionate and committed to their clients in terms of providing top-of-the line services that meet the necessities put forth by the client.
  • Positive Real Estate ensures that they create a personalized approach for their client. This tailor-made approach is to avoid any troubles that the client may face while Positive Real Estate manages to provide them with all their essential requirements.

Cons Of Working With Positive Real Estate – What’s Bad?

  • Positive Real Estate focuses on long-term investments. Therefore, for those looking for ways to make immediate to short-term profits, they are not the ideal choice and will not guarantee short-term profits right from the start.
  • The properties available at Positive Real Estate serve as a means of overcapitalization for those who do not have enough funds considering the majority of properties are in elite areas and are thus much more expensive than other real estate property investment options available.
  • There may be some inaccurate judgments as per what certain clients have exclaimed.

Real estate property investment is a risk to be taken. Similarly, suppose one is investing with Positive Real Estate for short-term profits. In that case, they need to understand the risks associated with their investments and that there may even be a loss of financial means.

Other Alternatives To Positive Real Estate

If one is even slightly skeptical about working with Positive Real Estate, there are several alternatives in the market.

One of the main competitors which has been excelling is OpenCorp Property Investment by Allister Lewison and Cam McLellan.

OpenCorp company differs from Positive Real Estate in such a way that it has a team of experts who have all worked to make their own property portfolio and give advice to the new novice investors. They guarantee the best negotiations considering they have established several connections in the market and can provide rates far lower than that in the market for the same property.

On the other hand, there is Digital Finance Analytics by Martin North.

Martin’s team work upon giving investment advice using facts and figures rather than experiences; hence they may prove to be much more successful in terms of ensuring a return on investment.

However, Digital Finance Analytics is completely virtual, which acts as a drawback considering there may be several miscommunications that cannot be cleared in a virtual setting.

Mark Rolton, Bob Anderson and Dymphna Boholt could be an option if you into more active real instate investment and development strategies.


In conclusion, when one talks about Positive Real Estate, it is obvious that the company deserves a rating of 5 out of 5 considering their professional services, a comfortable customer service environment and the successful results over the past years.

When one needs to make a long-term investment, Positive Real Estate is a prime choice of companies all over Australia and New Zealand.