Here we dive into Joseph Chou’s Ironfish Real Estate. This Ironfish Real Estate Review will address many questions anyone considering services of Ironfish would like to ask. For example, Does Joseph Chou’s Portfolio Approach Work? Is Ironfish Real Estate Practices Legit or Scammy? And many more…

Australia has a real estate investment market constantly rising with an annual rise of 42% when compared to sales of real estate properties with those of past years. With this consistent rise in the number of investors willing to purchase real estate property, there comes the need for the right guidance, so that novice investors do not give up in this dynamic market easily.

Property investment is a real profit maker once one knows the right strategies to employ. Hence, working with a real estate advisory company such as Ironfish Real Estate comes into play here.

But, what is IronFish Real Estate? Who is Joseph Chou?

That’s exactly what we are going to find out first…

What is IronFish Real Estate?

When one enters the real estate property investment market, they look for ways to simplify the process of building wealth. This is where Ironfish Real Estate comes in.

With a team of experts who have had several years of experience in the real estate property investment industry, Ironfish Real Estate provides ongoing support to investors to help them decide which property is the right investment.

Not only this, but Ironfish Real Estate also helps one manage their properties
to the best of their abilities. They have highly trained experts who understand the client’s needs and thus help them manage properties accordingly.

Moreover, Ironfish Real Estate provides and offers their clients with seminars and workshops to give them the essential guidance and counseling as to where they should invest in terms of real estate property investment.

Knowing the right strategies is necessary to ensure that one gets the maximum return on investment made.

The one-on-one mentorship sessions with Ironfish Real Estate are also of great benefit in discussing how to proceed with a real estate property investment process.

Well, then, what’s the role of Joseph Chou, you may ask…

Who Is Joseph Chou?

Having founded Ironfish Real Estate more than 15 years ago, Joseph Chou is one of Australia and China’s most renowned speakers who perfectly understands the real estate investment market.

With a belief in long term financial security, Joseph Chou has assisted several investors initially in China and then all over Australia to manage and maintain successful real estate investment portfolios.

Along with this, he has guided them into understanding the real estate property investment market better so that his clients can better analyze each situation and continue to invest in the long run.

Joseph Chou has also served as a business mentor and founding investor for many startups considering he has successfully built his own portfolio to an extent where he can finance others to create startups and achieve what they have set their goals to become.

Having understood real estate property investment, Joseph Chou is also an author of From Bicycles To Bentleys: A journey of success Beijing to Sydney.

What Is Joseph Chou’s Portfolio Approach?

With a multitude of experience in the real estate property investment industry, Joseph Chou discovered the Portfolio Approach. At Ironfish Real Estate, he enables his clients to understand and employ this strategy in terms of all their real estate property investment choices.

What the portfolio approach stands for is simply targeting a mix of several affordable properties at multiple different locations all over Australia to invest into.

Through this, Joseph Chou’s clients at Ironfish Real Estate can divide the long-term risk in terms of real estate property investment and hence, manage to create a successful and sustainable portfolio with reduced danger of financial loss.

Another key aspect of the portfolio approach is investing in at least 4 different properties at various locations so that even if one property loses value, another one covers up the loss and thus, resorts into an overall profitable return on the investment made.

Joseph Chou has successfully utilized this approach and helped several clients create a profitable portfolio which is why his approach is widely recognized all over Australia as one of the top methods of real estate property investment.

Services Offered By IronFish Real Estate

  • Portfolio Building

Having several years of self-experience, Joseph Chou has built a team specially experienced in helping clients build their portfolios in a profitable manner so that one does not lose interest in real estate property investment.

  • Personalized Strategies

They host one-on-one sessions with potential and current clientele so that tailor-made strategies can be discussed and implemented as per the need of the client at hand.

  • Customer Care

Focusing on conducting seamless transitions throughout the entire process of real estate property investment, Ironfish Real Estate is always available and provides settlement support so that their clients can simply focus on creating wealth hassle-free.

  • Preferred Partner Network

Considering the huge social network that Ironfish Real Estate has, they offer several discounts on many services to their clients through top corporate entities who are professionally experienced and certified to provide those services.

This includes market research with RP Data Company, Tax depreciation calculation services with BMT, getting your landlord insurance at a discounted rate through TerrisCheer and much more.

Clients do not have to go elsewhere to look for services. Ironfish Real Estate acts as a one-stop that caters to all their real estate needs.

  • Property Management

With a highly skilled and trained team, Ironfish Real Estate enables their clients to hire a property manager to look over their assets in the long term and help them understand the right time to invest or sell these assets after analyzing the market completely.

  • Financial Well-being

Ironfish Real Estate worries about the well-being of their clientele community. This includes financial well-being as well, and so they have a highly specialized team to look after their client’s finances so that the client can simply avoid any financial stress.

  • Events and seminars

Hosting events and seminars is a regular activity at Ironfish Real Estate, which helps their clientele community better understand the market and make the necessary connections that might help them in the future with regards to real estate property investment.

Why Should One Choose IronFish Real Estate?

Having been in the market for more than 15 years, Ironfish Real Estate has highly experienced professionals and is skilled in providing the best real estate property investment advice all over Australia.

With more than 10,000 customers over these years, they understand the real estate property investment industry in-depth and can thus guide one exactly as per their need.

Not only this, but around 86% of the counselors at Ironfish Real Estate are expert investors who have managed to build their own portfolio extensively and can thus help one build their portfolio as well.

Hosting workshops and seminars is a great service offered by Ironfish Real Estate, which helps an individual get used to the working and insight of the real estate property investment market.

Furthering this, the team at Ironfish Real Estate is spread-out all-over Australia in major cities, which not only works to their client’s benefit by providing a larger number of properties but also helps diversify one’s portfolio with properties all around Australia.

Moreover, the highly involved team understands each community and works towards serving their needs as per the requirement to maximize clientele satisfaction. This involvement also ensures that one gets the best service through them in the entirety of Australia.

Using data-driven information conducted through extensive research, Ironfish Real Estate has experts who are qualified to serve all your needs to the best of their capabilities. Focusing on their corporate social responsibility, Ironfish Real Estate maintains their reputation as a company that looks out for society in all aspects. Therefore, making them the best all over Australia in terms of real estate property investment guidance.

Pros Of Working With IronFish Real Estate

  • With a highly-skilled team, Ironfish Real Estate practices high integrity and professionalism that ensures their customers are treated the right way, and so their main focus on customer satisfaction remains intact.
  • Ironfish Real Estate has a team of expert strategists who understand the real estate property investment market in-depth and thus can help one come up with the necessary strategies that maximize their return on investment.
  • At Ironfish Real Estate, the team understands their client’s needs and thus helps them make decisions accordingly that benefit them to the maximum extent without any financial losses or extra troubles.
  • The employees, mentors and counselors at Ironfish Real Estate have extensive knowledge of the real estate property investment market considering they have all been a part of it for several years and can thus make calculated decisions on their client’s behalf as well to make sure the client gets the maximum return on investment.
  • The team at Ironfish Real Estate is extremely reliable since they make sure they are communicative throughout the process of real estate property investment.

Not only do they ensure fast responses, but they are also patient with the clients, which guarantee that they are not fraudulent, and so they are immediately more reliable and dependable in terms of trusting them with one’s finances and investment.

Cons Of Working With IronFish Real Estate

  • The team at Ironfish Real Estate aims to get their clients the best price. However, often at times, this means too much unnecessary negotiation, which leads to the entire process being delayed and may even result in the client losing the deal completely.
  • Ironfish Real Estate has a key drawback of making sure everything is perfect in the initial phases only so that there are no disruptions later on throughout the process. But this usually leads to delays as it takes too long to process everything, setting the client back on their timeline.
  • Another disadvantage of Ironfish Real Estate is that the team is too nitpicky about everything. They will ensure that perfection is delivered to clients (to a level where clients are not even expecting that), which may lead to the client losing good potential deals.

How Can IronFish Real Estate Improve?

Considering the above-stated cons, Ironfish Real Estate has certain things they can efficiently work upon to overall improve their clientele experience when someone works with them.

One of the first things that come under this is the fact that the team of experts at Ironfish Real Estate needs to stop excessive criticism on each and everything. It just enables the client to get frustrated and flustered since even they understand that not everything can be completely perfect.

Understanding this, it is also essential to not be this nitpicky in everything so that they can work on reducing their processing time.

Clients often immediately want the property on their name that they have purchased, and so this delayed process further reduces client satisfaction and may even resort to the client going elsewhere for real estate property investment guidance.

Other Alternatives To IronFish Real Estate

In any industry, every firm has its competitors. Similarly, Ironfish Real Estate has some key competitors who an individual may go to if Ironfish Real Estate fails to satisfy or fulfill their needs.

One of the main names that come to mind when thinking about their competitor is Investors Prime Real Estate by Konrad Bobilak.

Investors Prime Real Estate focuses on results based upon facts rather than opinions, and so they have a high success rate all throughout the years they have been in the business, making them a top choice for all new investors and seasonal investors in terms of getting guidance for real estate property investment.

Similarly, another one of Ironfish Real Estate’s main competitors is Hotspotting by Terry Ryder.

Hotspotting primarily focuses on customer satisfaction and retention and hence offers real estate advice exactly as per the client’s needs to make sure the client goes back satisfied.

Furthering this, they maintain constant communications and keep the client well-informed about whatever is going on with the deal at hand. Therefore, making them a good enough alternative to Ironfish Real Estate.

Mark Rolton, Bob Anderson and Dymphna Boholt could be an option if you are into more active real estate investment and development strategies.


To sum up, all that has been portrayed above, it is quite certain that Ironfish Real Estate has managed to establish itself as one of Australia’s premium real estate advisory companies and thus deserves a rating of 4 out of 5.

Although they take relatively longer to process things, they are highly professional and have expert strategists on board that make sure everything goes perfectly in one go rather than doing everything in a hurry and causing trouble further down the road.