Here we look at Haris Real Estate of Phil Haris in South Australia. This purple color real estate agent mostly targets the high end of the market and has raised its reputation within a short history. This Harris Real Estate Review will confirm if Harris Real Estate’s High Charges are Justifiable and really convert into an inflated sales price. Not only that if their property rental management division even worth considering?

Let’s start the journey…

The constantly rising demand of the real estate investment market in Australia is easily recognizable. Similarly, there is also a rise in the need for top-of-the-line property investment agents. The constantly inflated prices, having risen, is proof that this market is growing at high rates.

Looking at the facts and figures, it is obvious that good guidance is needed to decide where to invest in terms of real estate property in Australia. This is where Harris Real Estate comes in as an agency

What is Harris Real Estate?

Harris Real Estate can simply be known as the premium real estate property dealing service all around South Australia. They have a team of top industry experts who have had several years of experience in order to guide and advise the clients on board as to which property is the right one to invest in.

Harris Real Estate can help you find the exact property you need. Not only are they a means of wealth creation, but they also advise and bring into recognition various investment opportunities that are guaranteed towards success. Having had a lot of experience, Harris Real Estate helps its clients choose the right real estate property investment.

Not only this, but they also have the finest property managers and sales managers that can simplify the process of selling or managing any individual’s house to the best of their capabilities as per the need. This not only creates less hassle for one to focus on but also makes the entire process of selling or management seamless.

Keeping this in mind, one should understand that Harris Real Estate is a company consisting of the best marketeers for any property and will get the best rates available in the market through their extensive reach and networking.

Who is Phil Harris?

The founder and managing director of Harris Real Estate: Phil Harris not only has more than 15 years of experience in the real estate property investment market, but he is also a well-recognized auctioneer all around the globe.

Phil Harris has also been recognized as the REISA salesperson of the year and has received awards for being the Golden Gavel Auctioneering Champion. This has made him create an impact in society and establish a reputation in the real estate property investment market.

With this multitude of experience and the right mindset, Phil Harris is capable of assisting you in regard to all things real estate. He has an ideology that follows goal setting, self-improvement while encouraging others to do better.

Keeping this in mind, Phil Harris has been a part of many interviews where he speaks about progressively getting better at what one does overtime when the right dedication and effort are put in.

One of his interviews are here

Other award-winning key players at Harris Real Estate include:

  • Tom Hector
  • Taylor Bishop
  • Allison Bond
  • Kris Casey
  • Peter Alexandrou
  • Nathan Moore
  • Lee Gimbrere
  • Peter Treacy
  • Melanie Williams
  • Rachel Hawkins

What To Look For Before Investing With A Company Like Harris Real Estate?

When one invests or works with any company, there are several things to take into consideration before doing so. These things also stay true for Harris Real Estate and should be taken into notice before anyone trusts them with their real estate property investment or real estate property management.

Knowing this, one of the key considerations should be the hassle-free service. If any company requires one to put in extra effort to simplify the process, later on, the company may not be reliable enough. If they simply cannot create an easy process initially, how can one expect them to create a seamless experience in the future? Hence, the services offered by a company such as Harris Real Estate should be of utmost priority.

Another thing to recognize before working with a company such as Harris Real Estate should be the number and variety of services they offer. If they offer various services all linked to real estate property, they should be a top choice. This will ensure that one does not have to go to different companies for different things they need. They can simply trust one company to cater to all their needs collectively.

Adding on to this, dependability plays a vital role as well in order to trust a company with any individual’s real estate property management and investment.

Looking at certifications, awards and recognitions are what creates a sense of trust and reliability. This should be carefully considered ensuring that one does not end up working with a fraudulent company. Especially in terms of their real estate property investment opportunity since it caters to huge sums of money.

Another deciding factor that helps one choose a company to work with in terms of real estate property investment is the success of that company over the years. Looking at growth since establishment and the number of success stories by previous clients helps one ensure that they can trust the company to provide them with what they need.

Similarly, Harris Real Estate has been in the market for around 10 years. Knowing this and the successes that they have managed to achieve in such a short period is what makes them such a top choice all over South Australia.

Services Offered By Harris Real Estate

Aiming to be the single go-to company for all real estate property needs, Harris Real Estate offers a multitude of services in the real estate property sector to their clients and customers.

Initially starting with real estate property investment advice, Harris Real Estate has now acquired a team of top industry professionals who have several years of experience in what they do.

These individuals also possess the right skill set and knowledge to understand the real estate property investment market and enable the client to get the best, most profitable deal there is.

Moreover, not only this but Harris Real Estate also manages properties. They have managers who understand the market, the needs of the tenant, and the landlord’s needs for any property. They thus efficiently cater to those needs with their experience and skills.

These property managers also study the market around and suggest the best times to the landlord when to sell off the property and invest elsewhere.

Coming onto selling, Harris Real Estate also offers a platform to their clients where they can purchase or sell their property. With a larger database, they have a larger number of properties available and increase the options that individuals get regarding property purchasing and selling.

This database also enables Harris Real Estate to work upon property marketing. They have some of the top sales experts who can easily market your property according to the market’s need and requirements to ensure you get the best rates.

Lastly, Harris Real Estate also offers top-of-the-line training to not only their employees but also their clients. This enhances the grasp on real estate property investment and enables clients to make decisions for their selves in the future.

Why Should One Choose Harris Real Estate?

Being in the market for around 10 years, Harris Real Estate has managed to establish itself as one of the most renowned real estate advisory agencies. Having achieved such dynamic results in such a short period is why one should resort to choosing Harris Real Estate for all their real estate property needs.

With guaranteed results through their team of 170+ experts in many fields, Harris Real Estate is capable enough to cater to all the needs of their clientele community. This is why they have managed to be successful in the past years.

Keeping this in mind, the results that Harris Real Estate puts forth are astonishing. In just 10 years, they have managed to help individuals invest and earn up to $1.3 billion.

Having sold 2411 properties just in the last 12 months, Harris Real Estate works efficiently and productively to provide their clients with what they need. This is the reason they have onboarded more than 22,000 buyers and tenants, all of whose data is in their integrated database.

In these modern times, social media presence plays a vital role in showcasing any company’s success. Knowing this, Harris Real Estate has been successful in getting around 75000 engagements on a per week basis.

With 5 locations spread out all over South Australia, Harris Real Estate is one of the largest, non-franchised, and independent real estate agencies in South Australia. They have a huge and powerful buyer database that puts them out on the lead in the market in deciding which company is reliable in offering the best services.

With a reputation of success over time, Harris Real Estate is the best real estate property investment advisory company in the entirety of Australia and, therefore, should be a top choice for every individual looking for anything related to real estate.

Pros Of Working With Harris Real Estate

  • Harris Real Estate works on simple mechanisms and thus has an easy-to-use and accessible website.

This is where clients can simply connect with any manager and discuss their needs which then leads to further discussions as to how these can be fulfilled.

  • Having been spread out all over Australia, they deal in various properties and can help you diversify your real estate investment portfolio.
  • Despite several offices, they have a fully integrated database for prospective buyers and tenants that is managed across all offices so that there can collectively be a team across all regions working in favor of their client.
  • Harris Real Estate believes in continuous innovation, development, and advancement. Therefore, they have managed to also create a digital presence. Thus, meetings with managers can be conducted both physically and virtually creating ease for the client as well.
  • They have an expert in-house team for all things related to real estate property investment. Having said this, their team is not only efficient but also professional and works towards optimal performance at all times.
  • Another reason why Harris Real Estate comes out as prominent and on top is due to the impactful training they provide.

Not only to their employees but also their clients to enable them to better understand the real estate property investment market and make decisions accordingly by themselves.

Cons Of Working With Harris Real Estate

  • Considering Harris Real Estate aims towards perfection, this often leads to delayed responses by the team in terms of updating the client as to what is currently going on.
  • Harris Real Estate is selective in terms of clients with only targeting the high-profile clients and paying less attention to the novice investors who are not highly paid at the moment. This bias it although guarantees profits also reduce the number of clients and the care they offer to their customers.
  • When one looks at Harris Real Estate, the main point in the notice that is the biggest drawback is the high rates they charge. Whether it is property management or their commission on getting you a good property to invest in, they are very expensive in the services that they offer.
  • Not only this, but Harris Real Estate is particular about their payment and needs it on time, or else they will consistently pester their client to remind them of pending payments.

Other Alternatives To Harris Real Estate

Alternatives depend on where you live; however, if you live in South Australia, you are worth taking a quote for Harris Real Estate and comparing that with other sales agents in your locality. For example, in our opinion, Harcourts definitely provide a better value for money Again, that can depend on your negotiation skills.

Keeping the aforementioned drawbacks of Haris Real Estate in mind, individuals may often look for alternative companies to go to which fulfills their requirements similar to what Harris Real Estate promises. Keeping this in mind, one of the main alternatives that immediately comes to mind is Propper if you live in the eastern states and after property management.

Propper is a great alternative when one is simply only looking for property management. They offer premium property management services at a relatively lower rate than Harris Real Estate. This can save individuals the time, effort, and finances to put into use elsewhere.

On the other hand, another top substitute for Harris Real Estate is McGrath Real Estate.

Having managed to get a high rating as being one of the top in Australia, McGrath Real Estate provides all the services that Harris Real Estate provides. Hence, it simply does not matter which company one chooses, considering the quality of services, customer feedback, success rate, and support both Harris Real Estate and McGrath Real Estate provide. However, at Harris Real Estate, one can also take advantage of the digitalization and, therefore, get advice virtually as well.


To sum all that has been stated above, in conclusion, Harris Real Estate is a property advisory company that deserves a rating of 5 out of 5 if you are from a high-end market and want to sell your property.

Their expert and professional team and the aim to constantly work towards innovation is what makes the company stand out amongst others. Although there may be delays in the entire process of real estate property investment of property management, Harris Real Estate still looks towards perfection in what they provide. Hence, making them a top priority and choice in the entirety of South Australia.