Here we look at Realmark Real Estate based in Perth, Western Australia. This Realmark Real Estate Review will guide you to decide if Realmark Real Estate is good or bad, and whether you should use their services.

Australia is a rapidly developing economy, has a consistently rising population. This massive rise in population has resulted in the demand for housing becoming overwhelming as you can ever imagine.

Individuals lack the knowledge of the right real estate property to invest in. Hence, they lose the funds they initially invested and get discouraged from further investments. This is why working with professionals is necessary.

If you are in search for an investment property in WA, you may come across Realmark Real Estate, which is a well established real estate agency.

But, whey Realmark Real Estate really are?

Let’s find out…

What is Realmark Real Estate?

Realmark Real Estate is a top real estate guidance firm in Western Australia that is committed to bringing maximum returns for its clients with the minimum possible fuss created.

With expertise in buying, selling, renting, and investing in Australia, Realmark Real Estate has a team that specifically devises a solution that aligns with their client’s ambitions and objectives to ensure that the client gets the maximum capital gains. Therefore, Realmark Real Estate is a top real estate property investment counseling company that is experienced not only in residential properties but also commercial and rural properties all around Australia, but mainly in WA.

What To Look For Before Investing With A Company Like Realmark Real Estate?

When one looks for the ideal real estate property investment advisor, one of the key things to keep in notice is their passion for this field.

Honesty and passion play a vital role in deciding who to choose because when someone is interested in an industry, they tend to outperform others in fulfilling what one asks them for.

Another key aspect to focus on is the positive results over the years. This showcases how much the company has managed to prove its success. Therefore, making them dependable for the client to trust with the financial amount in hand.

Furthering this, experience plays a vital role in deciding which of the top professionals should be worked with all around Australia, keeping in mind that they are affordable and fit the budget. To make sure this happens, one also needs to take into consideration the fact that there are no extra hidden costs associated so that there may be no financial loss in the long run for the client.

Services Offered By Realmark Real Estate

There are many services that Realmark Real Estate offers to their clients to ensure that all their real estate property needs are catered for.

Realmark Real Estate has top industry experts working with them all over Australia who are responsible for helping the clients get exactly what they need. In these services, there are many different aspects included.

These are:

  • Commercial Real Estate Sales

The expert at Realmark Real Estate helps one finalize the sales dealing in terms of all property sales at commercial locations, including retail shops, restaurants, etc. by closely analyzing and understanding the industry and applying the best strategies catering to all needs.

  • Residential Sales

Realmark Real Estate has employed efficient and knowledgeable employees who are assigned to assess the value of any residential property, analyse the market it is located in, and thus recommend the right time for the client and property owner to sell the property to ensure maximum returns on profit.

  • Projects and Developments

At Realmark Real Estate, the team is determined to fulfill all your needs concerning real estate property. This category also includes development projects.

Realmark Real Estate consistently launches new projects that help increase the values of the property at hand and thus greatly benefit their clientele community.

  • Commercial property management

When an individual works with Realmark Real Estate, they can give away any sort of worry and stress. The team of experts at Realmark Real Estate is highly skilled in whatever they do.

Therefore, if hired for commercial property management, they will provide premium services in these regards so that your property lasts a long time while maintaining its value.

  • Residential property management

If one ever finds it stressful to look after their property that has been unoccupied for months, Realmark Real Estate is the company to go to.

They have the perfect property managers who understand the real estate property market in-depth and can imply strategies that will raise the value of the property.

Not only do they successfully maintain and manage the property, but they also study the industry around them and therefore recognize the right opportunity to buy, sell, or invest in the market so that the client can maximize their capital gains on the property in consideration.

  • Strata management

If any individual simply doubts the capabilities of Realmark Real Estate based on what they manage, they still surpass expectations. Not only does Realmark Real Estate offer property management services for commercial buildings and residential houses, but they also offer strata management

This means that they ensure the building complex in question is kept pristine and prime in quality and the entire management system.

  • Financial planning

If one ever worries about financial troubles when finding a property, Realmark Real Estate has solutions to cater to these people as well.

With more than 130 years of experience, Realmark Real Estate has managed to become accomplished enough to establish a strong network through which they can work towards getting their clients the essential loans with the lowest interest rates as a means of financial planning while guaranteeing long-term profits.

  • Home loans

When one needs to buy their ideal home and still does not have a source of money, they should simply get in touch with Realmark Real Estate. They will help them get the needed home loans without any hassles or troubles. Thus, enabling the purchase of the dream home stress-free.

Why Should One Choose Realmark Real Estate?

Realmark Real Estate has been in the market for more than 130 years. All the while, it has been providing efficient, professional, and top-quality services throughout Australia.

Having been spread out all across Australia and serving in around 250 suburbs across Western Australia, Realmark Real Estate has managed to make its mark in the real estate property investment industry. With more than tens of thousands of clients by far, Realmark Real Estate promises to fulfill all the needs of its customers and clients. This can also be ensured considering the team at Realmark Real Estate has won several awards over the years being in the real estate property investment industry.

Pros Of Working With Realmark Real Estate

  • The team at Realmark Real Estate understands your needs and gives you tailor-made strategies for all your real estate property investment needs
  • Realmark Real Estate is determined to find the best innovative solutions to lifting your property value by multitudes
  • They are committed to providing the best, most professional services to their clients by developing a sense of understanding and comfort through consistent communication.
  • At Realmark Real Estate, customer satisfaction and customer retention are some of the most focused on values which leads to them making sure that all the needs of their customers are fulfilled.
  • Further on, Realmark Real Estate comprises a team of highly skilled brilliant marketers for any property. Hence, providing the best quality as promised beforehand.

Cons Of Working With Realmark Real Estate

  • For someone who despises time delays, Realmark Real Estate lacks in this area considering the paperwork they have that needs to be completed is a long process when compared with other alternatives.
  • In addition, at Realmark Real Estate, there are often just high-end properties.

This leads to them serving a lower customer niche market and may even result in lower commissions for Realmark Real Estate in general.

Other Alternatives To Realmark Real Estate

Like all things, there are drawbacks to working with Realmark Real Estate. However, suppose these drawbacks play an efficient role in the decision-making for any individual. In that case, they should look towards other alternatives to Realmark Real Estate for getting their real estate property investment services completed.

One of the first companies that come to mind when one thinks about real estate property investment is Positive Real Estate.

Positive Real Estate offers all the services that Realmark Real Estate but without any excessive paperwork. However, at Realmark Real Estate, one works with experts who are far more experienced than those at Positive Real Estate, enabling better future results in real estate property investment.

Another prime example of a top alternative to Realmark Real Estate is Harcourts Real Estate.

This company has managed to create a name in Australia in the minimum amount of time and focuses on a diverse portfolio.

This is why they cater to a larger property investment market and offer a more dynamic range of properties available.

Despite this, at Realmark Real Estate, the customer service offered surpasses all. Hence, a calculated decision should be made prioritizing whatever is important to the client.


To sum up what has been stated above, in conclusion, Realmark Real Estate deserves a rating of 5 out of 5.

They offer a huge variety of services by top industry experts while making sure their clients are dealt with appropriately to the best of the manager’s abilities.

This ensures client satisfaction which is the core success for Realmark Real Estate.

Despite lengthy procedures throughout making the purchase, Realmark Real Estate manages to constantly keep the client up to date and always deliver what they promise to at the time they promise to do so, making them one of the finest all across Western Australia.