In this Buyer’s Agent Institute Review, we will discuss the program offered by the Buyer’s Agent Institute. The institute offers a thorough program that will help you choose this path without any hassle. If you happen to be facing doubts regarding deciding to go for it or not, then read on to know about the specifications of the course.

First, we will understand the need to enrol in Buyer’s Agent Institute; then we’ll look at how the program works, and then at the advantages of the program. Lastly, we’ll see if this program is worth it or not for real estate investors and developers to gain extra knowledge, see through opportunities and ultimately to gain more wealth.

Being a buyer’s agent is a job with a huge responsibility. Not only does a buyer’s agent give the buyer an idea of the real estate market, but they also help the property investor figure out their exact requirements.

Often, a buyer may think they need a certain kind of space, but with the help of a buyer’s agent, they may ultimately realize what they exactly have in mind. This clarity is important in the real estate market.

Moreover, if the buyer’s agent also works as a real estate agent, he/she is also supposed to host open houses, plan showings, present the best purchase offers, as well as sell homes. That’s where the conflict of interest pops out.

Enrolling in a buyer’s agent study program that not only teaches the job well but also helps you apply the knowledge practically is a crucial step.

Why Become a Buyer’s Agent?

The real estate industry is vast. A person who is planning to buy a property would be overwhelmed by the complexity of the way things are done.

For instance, how would an average person know about the accurate price range of a property in a specific location, or how would they perform market analysis over a certain period? This is when a buyer’s agent comes to help out the customer.

There is an increasing need for buyer’s agents because they ease out the entire buying process for the buyers. Especially, they know how to keep emotions away from a decision to purchase a property. If you like to travel and make new connections with people, then this is the job for you.

This is because you will be able to travel and meet new people, yet at the same time, you’ll be providing value to your customers, too. Every buyer wants to experience a smooth process of buying a property. No one wants to have a confusing, complicated, as well as unsatisfying journey in the real estate world.

As a buyer’s agent, you will provide the service that every buyer may not know they need. The process will be complicated, but the best part is that the buyer would not have to handle all the stress of getting the papers ready or preparing for an open house or auction. That will be your job as a buyer’s agent and, thus, easing out the process for the buyer as your main priority would be fruitful at the end.

Tip: Imagine the skills you would acquire as a buyers agent, if you are a property investor or developer yourself.

What is Your Role as a Buyer’s Agent?

As a buyer’s agent, you will be educating your customer not only about the property but about its locality, too. You will be sharing the pros and cons of the locality. You’ll be expected to study the demographics, transportation facilities, restaurants, shops, hospitals, schools, as well as other crucial details which the buyer must know.

Before presenting the property to the buyer, you must know it inside out yourself first. You would be expected to conduct inspections before you present the property to the buyer. Most importantly, you must be able to reason how purchasing that property will allow the property investor to accelerate their journey to wealth.

For example, is the property subdividable? Is there an opportunity to renovate and resell? Is there a opportunity to demolish and build a condo or a multistory apartment unit? …etc.

A buyer’s agent analyses and negotiates on the buyer’s behalf so that they don’t have to waste their time. Negotiation skills are one of the most important reasons that a buyer considers going for a buyer’s agent.

You will be able to comprehend what the prices of a property in a certain place are and what the pricing history of the property had been before the buyer was interested in it.

Moreover, not just the history, you must be able to analyze the future of the property, too. It may not be accurate 100% because you are not expected to be a fortune teller, but an approximate analysis would also help the buyer make up their mind if they want to invest in the property or not.  

Is Enrolling in the Buyer’s Agent Institute Useful?

The job of a buyer’s agent is a fulfilling career. This career is undoubtedly financially rewarding, as you may know. But you must note that with such great benefits comes great responsibility.

In order to succeed as a buyer’s agent, you must be aware of how a property can be a money saver for your client, which property is exactly the one they require, how to handle the complex paperwork, how you can provide the best customer service to excel, how you can promote your services, as well as how to keep track of your leads.

If you are trying to switch career paths, and such terms sound overwhelming, you need not worry…

There are plenty of more tasks that you are supposed to conduct as a buyer’s agent. All the tasks must be performed with ultimate professionalism and must satisfy the buyer. Otherwise, it may not only cost the buyer a loss but also affect your image in the real estate market. Therefore, you are recommended to learn from the best so that your services are immensely professional and up-to-the-mark.

Buyer’s agent programs have been taught by various experts who have been in the real estate industry for over decades and know it inside out. It is your choice for how dedicated you truly are to excel in this industry as soon as possible.

What is Taught at Buyer’s Agent Institute?

There are several duties that a buyer’s agent must be able to handle apart from the routine tasks and certain values that they must possess to conduct a successful experience for the buyer.

Apart from the main curriculum, below are the main duties that you will be taught thoroughly Buyer; ‘s Agent Institute of Ben Handler once you enrol in the program.

  • Build and plan all kinds of budgets

Each buyer has its own budget requirements. You are supposed to maintain a balance and carefully plan the budget for each buyer. This accountability will be necessary to manage and keep the buying process for the buyers. You may create budgets in monthly, quarterly, or annual formats according to the buyer.

The Ben Handler’s program contains cheatsheets using which you can easily plan budgets.

  • Organize the real estate documents as well as verify them

These documents may include the lease records as well as the agreements. The paperwork is one of the most crucial tasks done by a buyer’s agent. Therefore, you must be able to give 100% accurate information in the paperwork because a tiny error may cost you the entire sale.

In Ben Handler’s program, you shall be taught easy methods using which you will be able to put as precise work as possible with minimal to no chances of mistakes.

  • Create client databases

As a buyer’s agent, you are expected to list all the properties that the buyer is interested in. With this list, you are supposed to analyze each property’s pros as well as cons and make sure that the buyer buys the best property and is satisfied with your service.

The Buyer’s Agent Institute teaches a variety of methods to properly analyze the market and compare two or more similar properties.

  • Conduct efficient research

The program helps you connect with various experts in the real estate industry, as well as with students from across 38 different professional industry backgrounds. These incredible connections will help you have contacts in a variety of places where you would be able to conduct better research because of your amazing network.

  • There are some particular values that a buyer’s agent must-have

For instance, a learning attitude is always one that attracts all kinds of people. Everyone will love to work with you if you have such a healthy attitude.

Moreover, other important values that the program tries its best to teach and instill in its students are growth, courage, flexibility, as well as commitment. Such vital qualities
would always help the students grow in this field in which people skills matter a lot.

What are The Benefits of Enrolling in the Buyer’s Agent Institute?

As mentioned earlier, the institute has a great network of successful experts in the real estate industry. Apart from getting access to this great network and connection, there are other perks that you would surely enjoy after enrolling in the BAI to become a buyer’s agent.

A few of the key perks are mentioned below.

  • Since the program is 100% online, you can access the course material anytime you like

Yes, it is available 24×7 to help you study whenever it suits you. This is a major help to the people who haven’t yet left their jobs and are pursuing this program part-time.

Moreover, in case if you find yourself with a question or unresolved issue, you would still be able to access the material without having to worry about missing out on anything.

  • The program material is comprehensive yet you may encounter some problems or doubts regarding what you study

Therefore, to make sure all your doubts are answered, you can ask your mentors and get those doubts cleared as soon as possible. The support that the mentors provide is incredibly helpful, especially during the training.

Moreover, they are available to help you out at any point in the year. Your doubts are important to them, and the support staff surely wants you to be benefitted from the program.

  • Since the institute is only for buyer’s agent students, you will be studying with like-minded people

This is highly beneficial for your growth in this industry because such great connections will help you develop and discuss new ideas and possibilities. This way, the opportunities will maximize, and you would be able to make the most out of your time there.

  • If you are planning to quit your job and change your career and enter the real estate world, then a career of a buyer’s agent is a perfect choice to make

Learning in such a constructive environment will help you bring out your most dedicated self and, thus, become a successful buyer’s agent.

  • It will help you improve your performance as a Buyer’s Agent

If you are already in the real estate world and are planning to increase your income, even then, you can go for this program because you’ll learn new skills that you may never know you could use. Also, at the same time, the ability to share the experience
with a great network with fellow buyer’s agents is a great opportunity.

  • A good platform if you want to achieve more

The mastermind program by BAI has been designed especially for those who think they are capable of achieving more.

For instance, if you happen to be a buyer’s agent with a business earning 6-figures, then you can enroll in this mastermind program and learn to grow it to even 7 to 8 figures annually.

The mastermind program consists of weekly live calls, online training, as well as in-person events, which are filled with a lot of experts in the real estate industry.

  • The institute also provides a one-on-one chat which will help you discuss your ideas and strategies more easily.

The program goes on for 52 weeks of the year, and you get lifetime access to not only the material but also to their support team.

Is Ben Handler A Scam?

No, Ben Handler of Buyer’s Institute is not a scam.

Buyer's Agent Institute Review - Is Ben Handler A Scam?


Working in the real estate industry can be daunting for a novice real estate Buyer’s Agent. In this case, all you need is a proper, structured, as well as comprehensive program that can help you learn everything about this career. Such is a program at Buyer’s Agent Institute.

The Buyer’s Agent Institute has a platform that connects you to various experts in the real estate industry, including Ben Handler. You learn from the best so that you can apply the best.

Their mission is unique, and they aim to provide a wholesome learning experience. Since the work is commission-based, the more you sell, the more you earn. So, it becomes important that you have the right skills while making a sale.

As per our Buyer’s Agent Institute Review, this program is not a scam, and it can be seen by the several testimonials that their students have provided on their official website. You can go for it without a doubt and begin your incredible journey of becoming a successful buyer’s agent with the help of the program by BAI.