Here we explore the mortgage brokers to identify the top mortgage brokers in Australia. Many other relevant questions related to organizing a home loan through a mortgage broker will also be discussed here.

Why Mortgage Brokers?

Brokerages have taken the real estate industry to the next level, helping a great deal of borrowers manage their mortgages. According to data released by CoreLogic business and commissioned by the MFAA, brokers recorded their highest ever market share result by settling 57% of all residential home loans between April and June in the FY20 (2020 financial year).

The figure rose to 59.4% during the December quarter, and by the first quarter of FY21, it had already hit an outstanding 60%.

Renting out your investment property and selling homes has become easier than ever in Australia during the pandemic! Suddenly, there seem to be more buyers than sellers in the Australian property market, indicating that there are fewer available homes as compared to the people who want to buy one.

Catching the opportunity, aspiring property investors and developers dive in, utilizing the current low market rates, government schemes and increasing demand for property to grow their investments.

The cycle of buying, holding and selling real estate is never-ending, and everything when a mortgage is involved with a property, your mortgage broker got a vital role to play.

In other words, your mortgage broker is a key player in your real estate team. But, do you really know what a mortgage broker is?

Let’s find out in detail…

Who is a Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker is your mortgage guide. They can be a protective shield between you and lenders. They are the in-between ‘guys’ who can arrange a deal and manage the process between you (the borrower) and a mortgage lender.

Your mortgage broker can help you with vital decisions concerning finances and home loans. Now, let’s turn on the top mortgage brokers in Australia.

Who are The Top 21 Mortgage Brokers in Australia?

To determine the ranking, each of the brokerages was asked to provide information on their business metrics from 2020 including the number of loans written, volumes, years in business, the number of brokers work for them, overall book size, and the number of support staff so on.

Below is the compilation of the Top 21 Brokerages in Australia 2021 based on figures from the FY20 (2020 financial year), according to The Adviser Magazine in partnership with the National Australian Bank (NAB).

Top 21 Mortgage Brokers in Australia 2021

2021 RankBrokerageFranchise/Non-FranchiseNumber of Loan Settled (FY20)Number of BrokersTotal Support StaffBroker ProductivityTotal Volumes $ (FY20)Total Loan Book $(FY20)
1.Aussie Home LoansBoth44,632949288$17,944,157.30$17,029,005,277$71,491,942,131
2.Mortgage ChoiceFranchise31,427509101$20,537,019.57$10,453,342,960$53,977,340,636
3.Loan Market GroupFranchise24,288544142$20,267,567.02$11,025,556,457$36,664,585,103
4.Shore FinancialNon-Franchise1,371249$45,829,381.25$1,099,905,150$3,079,124,489
5.Buyers Choice Mortgage & FinanceNon-Franchise3,1961608$6,748,058.54$1,079,689,367$4,939,084,283
6.Nectar MortgagesFranchise2,4307013$15,252,925.79$1,067,704,805$2,376,259,653
7.Resolve FinanceBoth1,8874723$17,083,932.83$802,944,843$3,842,051,702
8.Oxygen Home LoansNon-Franchise1,211272$25,218,951.11$680,911,680$3,238,209,200
9.Smartmove Professional Mortgage AdvisorsNon-Franchise9521518.4$47,654,422.87$714,816,343$2,289,510,234
11.Loan Gallery FinanceNon-Franchise1,432386$18,606,679.34$707,053,815$2,269,796,662
13.Azura FinancialNon-Franchise632108$56,376,990.00$563,769,900$1,100,697,000
14.Redrock GroupBoth1,594874$6,343,222.91$551,860,392$1,660,326,368
15.Clarity Home LoansNon-Franchise1,03797$52,604,689.67$473,442,207$1,502,773,887
16.The Loan CompanyNon-Franchise1,3232017$21,998,255.80$439,965,116$2,075,309,758
17.Simplicity Loans and Advisory Pty LtdNon-Franchise183611$78,821,218.83$472,927,313$1,098,024,489
18.Experity CapitalNon-Franchise47958$58,479,000.00$292,375,000$819,039,000
19.Acceptance Finance Pty LtdNon-Franchise1,0601710$24,442,668.23$415,525,359$1,460,000,000
20.Mortgage ProsNon-Franchise52735$108,638,621.33$325,915,864$749,671,180
21.Time Home LoansNon-Franchise65266$52,773,866.33$316.643,198$874,325,359

Top 12 Mortgage Brokers in Australia

Obviously, as a real estate investor or developer, you don’t need to know all 21. Still, you will definitely need at least one of the top 12 mortgage firms in Australia to assist with your current mortgage renegotiation or your next home loan.

We can see how much effort the brokerages exerted from the ranking, major brokerages, however, continued to lead in settlement figures.

1. Aussie Home Loans

Aussie Home Loans is a CBA-owned brokerage leading the ranks in the Top 21 Brokerages of 2021. Aussie, led by CEO James Symond, has maintained its first position for the second year in a row.

James explained in an interview with Business Insider how the “family-style business” mentality helped Aussie overcome challenges and brought them to where they are today. The family-style business channels their focus on recruiting, cultivating and supporting the right people who believe in Aussie’s purpose, so that they can adapt and succeed in a fluctuating environment.

The success of Aussie in the past year can be attributed to their “aggressive multimillion-dollar growth strategy”, starting with their investment of over $16 million spent on marketing the brand. As a result, they received nearly 90.000 broker appointments with Australians.

They went ahead to invest in growing their broking network by launching a recruitment campaign that attracted remarkable people from various niches.

Finally, Aussie went for a technology boost, acquiring new sales tools together with Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) software.

2. Mortgage Choice

The focus of Mortgage Choice in 2020, according to CEO Susan Mitchell, was effective and timely communication. Noting that customers appreciated updates on how the mortgage market was impacted amidst covid-19, the group gained an uptick in refinances through timely and quality communication between their brokers and clients.

Mortgage choice succeeded in strengthening their broker-customer communications pre-covid. Afterwards, they readily fed customers with the latest information over emails and a “COVID-19 financial support webpage”, which increased refinancing submissions and mortgage applications by almost 79% compared to the same period in 2019.

The brokerage also successfully implemented a formalized BID (best interests duty) program, as well as an ongoing detailed program for BID learning and development. Subsequently, they boosted up technological advancement for their Broker Platform.

3. Loan Market Group

The Loan market group succeeded in maintaining their ranking as the third best for 3 consecutive years. The group has grown steadily since last year, even more so after they acquired 3 aggregators owned by the National Australian Bank (NAB) – FAST, Choice Aggregation Services, and PLAN Australia.

Brokers voted Loan Market the Top Aggregator of Choice for 3 years straight.

This feat was achieved by utilizing – the step-by-step “Kaizen-led” process fully operational within ‘MyCRM’, Loan Market’s multi-award-winning tech platform.

This process ensures the safety of Loan Market’s broker BID (best interest duty), and the smooth sailing of any digital settlement starting from the initial client meeting to pending post-settlement service.

And lastly, improved productivity, which encouraged them in 2020 to launch a major CSM (client service manager) drive.

4. Shore Financial

This Sydney-based brokerage happens to be the only broking group that made the top 5 this year without an aggregation offering.

CEO Theo Chambers and the group settled about $1.1 billion in loans in FY20, rivalling big groups side-by-side as the highest-ranked non-franchise mortgage broker.

Mr. Theo has added that this year they are determined to become mortgage managers. Following this goal, Shore Financial will be expanding its capabilities this year.

Some of the factors responsible for Shore Financial’s high ranking include the painstaking effort they put into reviewing and developing a fundamental strategy for generating business. Then, ensuring customer satisfaction and positive reviews. And lastly, a strong technological base, centralized processing, CRM systems and a management team to ensure adequate service delivery.

5. Buyer’s Choice Mortgage & Finance

Based in Victoria, non-franchise brokerage Buyer’s Choice
has consecutively held to fifth place for the second year

CEO of Buyer’s Choice, Brett Mansfield, attributed the success of the group to their ability to swiftly adapt to change, as seen in how seamless they were able to shift to a virtual office with marginal impact. They also secured the necessary technology by utilizing their cloud-based business; thus, support levels could receive maintenance.

During the pandemic, Buyer’s choice and its strongly cultured broker network were able to take advantage of the situation and assist their clients through their uncertainties. They continued to metamorphose, launching a number of major projects and developing new marketing strategies.

6. Nectar Mortgages

Paul Newell, CEO of the franchise brokerage Nectar Mortgages and the Nectar team, has been busy in the last few years accumulating a host of awards through their efforts, pushing the brokerage up the ranks.

They successfully settled over $1 million in loans in the 2020 financial year, with a total loan book of $2.3 billion.

Nectar is based in Robina, with about 70 brokers delivering a consistently great experience to their client ‘The Nectar Way’.

The brokerage recently allied with credit repair agency Clear Credit Solutions, following the new laws mandated by ASIC beginning from 1 July 2021. Nectar brokers, through this partnership, will be able to help their clients with poor credits, who will be referred to Clear Credit Solutions to get loans. The approval rates for the brokerage company will also be increased.

7. Resolve Finance

The ever-evolving Resolve Finance has always been within the leading ranks of The Adviser’s Top 25 brokerages since 2011. In the FY20, they once again made the ranks with their tenaciousness and excellent customer service.

Resolve Finance, headed by Managing Director Don Crellin, prides itself in its top-notch customer service and satisfaction, which has won the brokerage multiple awards over the years.

Gaining the Customer Service Business award in the 2021 MFAA Excellence Awards and the Customer Service of the Year Finalist in The Adviser Better Business Awards 2021, is proof of their collective efforts.

8. Oxygen Home Loans

Oxygen has been operating as a non-franchise brokerage in NSW (New South Wales) and other locations since 2003. The independent brokerage currently boasts an annual settlement of $700 million and a loan book of about $3.2 billion.

Recently in April 2021, Oxygen acquired a huge investment of $2.5M cash from a merger deal with real estate group McGrath Ltd says The Adviser, which reportedly will be used to “deliver enhanced scale and optimization of its Oxygen Home Loan business”.

The transaction is expected to “expand” Oxygen through accelerated digitization, resource growth, and added complementary fintech products.

With the appointment of the new CEO, Eddie Law, we can expect better performance, mortgage delivery and growth from Oxygen in the coming years, following their new technological investment.

9. Smartmove Professional Mortgage Advisors

In 2020, Smartmove won the AMA Australian Brokerage of the year
award, and was able to secure its rank among the Top 10 Brokerages of 2021.

CEO/MD and senior mortgage adviser Darren Little heads the client-centric brokerage, which focuses its attention on building trusted relationships with clients and business partners that will last for a lifetime. Their systematic and deliberate strategy builds the individual personality of each broker, so that clients can enjoy the same Smartmove experience, whether with a new broker or a decade old broker.

Moreover, Smartmove’s meticulous approach to the recruitment process, application process, and beyond to Smartmove post-settlement, guarantees the brand’s strong advocacy in the market. An annual full Kaizen review ensures the development of the brokerage team and satisfactory service delivery.


Coming in at 10th
place in the Top 21 brokerage ranking of 2021 is RateOne, a Victoria-based brokerage with over $600 million loans settled in 2020.

RateOne’s company of about 30 brokers, a team of financial advisers and an offshore processing team has shown great enthusiasm over the appointment of a new CEO Blake Albones, formally the head of broker distribution Vic/Tas at NAB (National Australia Bank).

In recent years, they have witnessed the brokerage going through aggressive growth in line with their targets, accumulating several awards and recognition. They are customer-focused and motivated, providing great support for its brokers.

RateOne believes the appointment of Mr. Blake plays a key role in the growth of the brokerage and their vision for expansion in the near future.

11.Loan Gallery Finance

Victorian-based independent finance brokerage, Loan Gallery Finance was in 2020 voted No 1 by real customers in Product Review standings. The brokerage operates with professional brokers possessing extensive local knowledge, and years of experience which has helped them build the reputation they have today.

The award-winning brokerage led by Founder and CEO Steve Matsoukas had earlier engaged in an extensive detailed review of their brand and advertising, in response to the auspicious changing market during the “lockdown”. Mr. Matsoukas, noting that “home construction has been one of the essential services least affected by the pandemic”, the brokerage took advantage of the situation and embarked on boosting their brand image. This marketing campaign helped them stay ahead and gain a lot of customers, especially first time home buyers.


Keylend is a non-franchise brokerage based in Norwood, South Australia, for over 20 years and counting. Chris Burns is the CEO and founder of Keylend, leading his team of more than 80 brokers to gain the prestige and recognition they have today.

In the 2020 financial year (FY20), Keylend settled over $600 million in loans with a total loan book of about $2.9 billion.

The brokerage has been able to stay ahead of the pack by following their “holistic approach to clients”, in depth understanding of client needs, growth and innovation. Although the brokerage secured 12th place in the Top 21 Mortgage Brokers in Australia 2021, they’ve always been ranked among the best mortgage company in Australia by The Adviser and other associations.


As we gradually adjusted to the new normal life post-covid, we saw a strong mortgage market and low unemployment numbers. The government took appropriate measures to ensure the property market’s vitality by engaging more first home buyers through the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme and the HomeBuilder, attracting more borrowers into the property market.

Meanwhile, troops of borrowers looked to benefit from generous cashback offers and refinancing their mortgages to saving some money.

In a nutshell, these Top 21 Mortgage Brokers have overcome the outstanding challenges of the past year, helping many Australians with a number of core financial decisions in their lives.

These brokers have gone the extra mile in supporting home and business owners through an arduous 12 months. They have proven that their services are essential to the Australian community, as they remain committed to providing the best service to their customers, and achieving the best possible outcome.