The property markets across the world provide diverse opportunities for individuals and companies to take part in the real estate market. Property investment and development are likely to make a person’s life financially savvy if you do it right.

The property market since ancient days developed into an extraordinary opportunity to take part today.

However, like in any industry, of course, some people have reached successes, and others have not! As regular people, we ask ‘should we take part in this opportunity or not’? Property development can bring many risks and challenges regardless you are an investor or developer who plays ‘the game’ in the industry.

Over many years, the property development field included high levels of financial complexities, risks and opportunities that developers discovered by experience. Because of the change in the field complexity and difficult project or financial situations recorded by many, the current generation of developers requires more hands-on training opportunities.

Subsequently, people like Australia-based Mr Bob Andersen started with his property development course. The training influenced diverse individuals and businesses to improve their skills in the field by becoming more focused on a problem-solving approach.

In this Bob Andersen’s Property Development Course Review, we attempt to provide some insight into Bob Andersen’s career and why he became interested in expanding the education component of his property development business.

Let’s see why we need to learn from the expert, what makes him so popular and the course fundamentals students may (and may not) appreciate. The article summarizes key aspects related to the training but also the positives or challenges people may experience when attending.

Who is Bob Andersen?

Bob Andersen has over 30 years’ experience in the property development market. He started his career as a developer during 1980 and has generated a considerable profit from long-term property investments to generate a stable income stream. Bob has used his marketing and investment skills to grow his approach or methods in the specific sphere.

Bob Andersen experienced good and bad things in the field he shared with other individuals who follow a comparable career path. Similar to any prospective business environment, some of us present a more daring approach than others. Bob took an extra step and commenced to start a brand for himself. What brand do we refer to?

So, the name Bob needed something extra to attract supporters or customers in the field, and the name Property Mastermind commenced to receive popularity. Property Mastermind sounds complicated, similar to registering for an MBA that scares us but let’s see what it means. That’s also become one of Bob’s leading brands.

What is Property Mastermind?

Property Mastermind offers an online property development course unique to the Australian market. The training sessions aim to educate and inspire individuals and companies who want to participate in the property development market. The course, combined with diverse workshop events, online tutoring, immediate guidance, and advice, presents all an individual needs to grow.

However, sometimes, we become nervous because of overwhelming online courses and certificates available on the web. Therefore, it stays critical to research the credibility of the online courses presented. The research completed about Bob Andersen’s career history displayed a key sector, namely Positive Property Strategies (PPS).

PPS plays a significant part in the Bob Andersen business mind, and the following chapter describes why it presents the case.

What is Positive Property Strategies?

For us to develop an understanding of the approach, one needs to dive deeper and create an insightful meaning of the approach. So, Positive Property Strategies based on the boutique property development environment provides the means for consultancies or individuals to become part of a trusted brand. As we know the big name behind PPS refers to Bob Andersen, who aimed to develop a collective opportunity for property developers to participate in his business vision.

Because of the significant growth in the ‘Positive Property Strategies’, the core management team progressed to present combined property development experiences of more than 75 years. These experiences offer collective knowledge by diverse property development experts across the world.

Generally, people who present interest in the property market ask how much? According to research Positive Property Strategies offers numbers of 2 billion worth of properties, 1 billion worth of investments and 100 million worth of property development projects.

In the event the numbers impress us, what can we do to also participate in the property development market? The following section provides a high-level understanding of what we need to become a property developer strategist.

12 Steps How to Become a Property Developer Strategist

According to Bob, companies or individuals need to follow 12 key steps to progress to a level where you can call yourself a property developer strategist.

These steps relate to the following:

Get started and commence learning new skills in the property development market. It sounds simple, but some research allows a person to collect sufficient data to guide a person during the set-up of their business.

We all know a team can break or build a business, and for this reason, you should pick the right team. Focus on people who understand you and shares your business vision.

A seasoned property developer knows that you need to find the correct site suitable for your property development idea. No use finding a ‘perfect’ suburb, but if you struggle with wetlands or slopes not conducive to your property type.

Before securing the site, it becomes critical to undertake due diligence that identifies the red flags in your development proposal. One of the key areas, for example, relates to the seller or buyer’s financial status.

Securing funding for your real estate development presents risks and opportunities a developer deals with. Developers need to decide if they want to follow the traditional loan application or cash purchase routes like crowdfunding.

Before you settle all your paperwork, legal requirements and finances make sure you completed an inspection. Inspection allows you as the developer to develop a final view of your property development status and also to close some gaps if needed.

The valuation of your property stays key, and this links to your funding methods. How do I value my property? Here, the use of an independent expert offers the professional approach one needs to ensure that you receive the correct number aligned with your anticipated property valuation.

Property developers can comprise many business ideas, funds and finances, but without a good architect, all the plans mean nothing. So, ensure you identify a well-known and accredited architect. In all developments, the architect plays a key role in your property strategy.

We cannot build without applying for the correct permits from the local authority. Ensure to liaise with experts in the property development market and determine the timelines required to collect the correct paperwork you need. You cannot start or finish your project without permits or following the proper application procedures.

What happens next? You developed your property, but you cannot keep the structures for yourself, you need to sell them. Marketing, apart from your architect and financial advisor, plays a key role in your business strategy. Let’s get the marketing rolling to ensure you receive the profits you worked so hard for.

Property developers understand that they cannot progress without the necessary construction schedules and the appointment of a well-disciplined project manager. Construction teams base their successes on time, budget and schedule; otherwise, it may eat into your profit margins. Constructive planning stays key in the property environment.


Bob Andersen’s Real Estate Development Coaching Programs

In the previous section of this Bob Andersen’s Property Development Course Review, we learned about the steps one needs to become a property developer strategist, but these skills take time and some training. Bob Andersen’s passion for educating people interested in the property development market, guided him to present the Property Mastermind course we mentioned earlier in the article.

The educational programs consist of the online training option but also face to face training methods. In addition to this approach, an interested learner can also participate in the following:

  • Workshops in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in the format of live training.
  • The lifetime uses of a property development system that offers a person access to diverse case studies, templates and forms.
  • As a registered learner, you can participate in various property development discussions or ask as many questions you like.

Bob Andersen’s Property Development Courses Review

In summary, the Bob Andersen Property Development Course provides an opportunity for people who comprise knowledge of the property development environment but need to expand their capabilities. The highly structured approach bases its education strategy on continuous participation by its registered members. Meaning it allows for practical experiences and opportunities to share your ideas with like-minded people.

As you grow as a property developer, you collect many experiences, but you can only build a brand by engagement and development of a network. The Positive Property Strategies option provides people with high-end training and also the ability to learn from their peers about the mistakes they made in the past.

Generally, before we register for a course, depending on the level we operate, an understanding of the training contents or steps provide a person with some initial guidance. Positive Property Strategies presents the following key benefits a person can use to grow their perception of the property development market or to learn new skills:

  • Access to educational videos.
  • Insights into the benefits and challenges related to the property market.
  • Financial guidance and advice a property developer’s needs.
  • Easy access to checklists, flowcharts and templates.
  • Wide range of case studies.
  • Easily available mentor support.
  • Access to several webinars.
  • Lifetime access to the Positive Property Strategies system.

Role of Zadel Property Education

While reading about the Positive Property Strategies educational system, by now you may be also familiar with the name referring to Zadel Property Education (ZPE), mainly if you have ever visited one of those property seminars.

Interestingly Zadel Property permits a person to become part of the Australian Wealth Education system that offers free or paid workshops. Zadel Property Education provides specialist training in private property and financial market environments.

Zadel Property Education aims to provide support to and inspire individuals who aim to grow their knowledge in the wealth creation landscapes (including real estate) by providing the necessary support.

Zadel Property Education base their education approach on reaching specific goals related to the following:

  • Presentation of life events.
  • Contribution to the local communities.
  • Distribution of educational books.
  • Tree planting as a charity.
  • Provision of financial advice.

Similarly, the Zadel Property Education is the platform which does most of the Australia-wide marketing for Bob Andersen and his Property Development Courses, as an intermediate marketer between you (the student) and Bob Andersen.


As with any educational center, one attempts to provide an opportunity for loyal followers to upgrade their accessibility to the training system. In the case with Positive Property Strategies, a person can upgrade their ordinary membership to become a Platinum (or an advanced) Member. Platinum members receive an opportunity to become a lifetime affiliate and participate in highly skilled educational activities.

For example, a person can join three-day workshops and bring a partner with for free or re-attend life sessions against a much lower price. The aim of upsells allows Positive Property Strategies to maintain the interest they collected and offer their members with premier training possibilities.

Essentially, the upmost upsell create a group of property developers hang-around closely with Bob Andersen to receive Bob’s input and insights into their ongoing developments timely manner.

After reading all the information of Bob Andersen, the wealth he created and the people he influenced to create some thoughts in a person’s mind. Is this for real?

Is Bob Andersen a Fraud or Scammer?

In the wealth and property market, one becomes nervous because of the historical scams continuously reported by many people. In the case of Bob Andersen’s PPS, I somewhat cannot describe the course as a scam.

Bob Andersen published many books, managed diverse, successful workshops and successfully impacted other individual’s wellbeing. These outcomes present prove that the course seems reliable and worth attending. It presents more of an opportunity to learn from a long-term property developer strategist and grow by using the methods he presents.

However, in our experience with this course, we do not recommend joining this course if you are an absolute beginner into property development. Bob Andersen’s course is ideal after completing your first development (e.g. subdivision), where you want to grow and do bigger developments. In other words, the courses are more suited for Intermediate to Advanced property developers.

All business people make challenging decisions, and in this case, the risks lie with the person who aims to invest in such a course. Investments entail complex outcomes, economic downturns and good times, but experience allows a person to understand the property market difficulties. So, can we attend alternative training options? Let’s find-out.

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Alternative to Bob Andersen’s Property Development Courses

People who aim to participate in more low-key property development courses can easily participate in diverse online programs presented by trained individuals in the field. For example, Michael Yardney’s Property Update focuses on the provision of podcasts and a series of educational books.

Another name that comes to mind relates to Property Development Insights that provide a range of opportunities where individuals can participate in online training sessions. Some individuals prefer a more informatory approach because they just want to increase their knowledge in the field. Others aim to participate in serious development programs.

Participating in training takes a lot of time and effort that makes us ask if we should invest our funding in this opportunity or not? In other words, if it’s the time and are you prepared to take risks and challenges as a property developer.

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Advantages of Bob Andersen’s Property Development Courses

Bob Andersen’s Property Mastermind Education provides many advantages to a person who aims to grow a career in this field. Becoming a property development specialist requires a range of commitments, understanding and time that a person needs to invest.

Some advantages identified while studying the training methods included many well-structured characteristics, the following key phrases came to mind:

  • It provided an opportunity to trained property developers to become part of a greater community and pushed you to the next level.
  • The engagement methods allow the property developers to learn from the more experienced members.
  • The course provides training methods aligned with modern society approach by presenting online courses.
  • Workshops present an opportunity where members can learn by interactive activities and develop a network of other property development strategists.
  • The course make-up allows a person to grow within a community that understands them and the market.
  • Opportunity for joint venture deals.

Limitations of Bob Andersen’s Property Development Courses

As much as we identified good characteristics related to the course, some frustrations may also occur. These disadvantages may present some negative features, but it depends on the individual if the course may work for them or not.

The following disadvantages may frustrate a potential client:

  • If you already a full-time employee, the training intensity may require some additional time that you may not have.
  • If you do not have fundamental ‘mindset’ and ‘work ethics’ to be successful in the property development, then you may disagree with the property development approach and feel you waste your time by attending the live sessions.
  • If you have no experience in property or property development and you invest significant funding to develop a career through property development by joining the Bob Anderson’s Property Development Courses, then you are more likely to receive an unexpected negative outcome. In our opinion, Mr Andersen’s Courses for Intermediate and Advanced Property Developers.
  • You feel excluded from the greater network because of different viewpoints and prefer to work on your own. You should have a mindset to be a part of the bunch.
  • The economy may influence your success rates that can cause your objectives to fail in the process. You need to be resourceful to be successful. This is not necessarily the money in your bank, but have skills of advanced-level lending strategies.


In summary, should we attend Bob Andersen’s course or not? I give Bob Andersen’s Property Development Course a 4 out of 5 because of the focused and structured approach it takes. The property experience aligned with the course, the feedback provided by different individuals and the success rate of the PPS team offers a trusting relationship.

The methods of networking and engagement allow business owners or individuals who work in this field to become more confident and knowledgeable in property development.

One must remember, you need to comprise some knowledge in the property development market to fully understand the program or play an active role. Start-up individuals should first enrol for basic training through other courses (e.g. Dymphna Boholt) and then revert to the more complex programs likes the ones provided by Bob Andersen’s Property Development Courses.

Bob Andersen’s course participation requires a significant time to allow a person to become familiar with the online system, templates, flowcharts and other available resources. Ideally, you should do a property development project parallel to your learning so that you can get best out of it.

Bob Andersen’s Property Development course comparing to other, more basic courses present the most recognized online educational approach in Australia. If committed with the correct mindset, a person can smoothly progress in the property development market, grow significant wealth and invest your knowledge in larger property development projects.