Jim’s Heating & Cooling is an Australian-based company specializing in a wide range of heating and cooling services. With one glance at their website, one can notice their promise of 24/7 reachability, including the same prices for the whole 24 hours of their reachability. They also promise the wait of only one hour until their attendance, as well as emergency services in the times of Covid-19. That’s a lot of promises – In this Jim’s Heating and Cooling Review, let’s see how many of them are true and which are false.

In the first part of the article, you’ll find the services they offer, and in the second part of the article, we’ll look at reviews – we’ll here share our own experience and the reviews left to the company at the review website Word of Mouth.

Giving promises is easy; keeping them is the hard part. Let’s see if this company succeeded or not.

Services Provided by Jim’s Heating & Cooling

Jim’s Heating & Cooling promises high-quality service connected to all evaporative cooling, split systems, and ducted air conditioning, as well as ducted heating and gas log fires. And all of that is available 24 hours a day.

Let’s name the wide range of services this company offers.

  • Air-condition installation

It is crucial to install the A/C at the right place inside the house. The installation of A/C should be done on the most appropriate side of the wall. Otherwise, there may result in some issues like less cooling or leaking. That is to say; the installation should be done in such a way that the A/C can cover the whole room and cooling occurs at every corner.

Jim’s Heating & Cooling promise quality upgrades and replacements of all heating or cooling systems available at all times.

  • Air condition repairs

Jim’s Heating & Cooling call their workers experts and promise expert repair of heating and cooling systems.

  • Ducted air conditioning

Firstly, what’s ducted air conditioning? The central air conditioning system will help to cool the whole house uniformly so that whenever a person moves from one room to another, they will not feel the temperature difference. To avoid this, ducted air conditioning is the best choice.

Jim’s Heating & Cooling promise to be on your service regarding installation, repairment and servicing of your ducted air conditioning.

  • Ducted gas heating

Ducted gas heating provides heat in every room of the house and makes the whole house comfortable.

Jim’s Heating & Cooling will provide the experts who will help investors to install or repair the ducted gas heater.

  • Evaporative (cooling) gas (heating) conditioning

Jim’s Heating & Cooling pride themselves in keeping in contact with the new technologies and promise expert handling of your environmentally friendly evaporative gas conditioning needs.

Evaporative air conditioning is one of the best and nature-friendly cooling systems. It works on the principle of cooling the surrounding by evaporating the water and using water vapor to cool the room. The same concept is used by the plants.

Moreover, the evaporative air coolers are also portable systems and can be carried anywhere along. This makes the system very useful and unique.

  • Gas heaters

Their expertise also covers the affordable gas heaters that they can install, service and repair at any given moment.

  • Gas leak detection

The gas systems can cause a major catastrophe if they are not checked and maintained properly and regularly. So, it is crucial to detect any problem in the gas system to avoid any tragedy.

This is an extremely dangerous situation that Jim’s Heating & Cooling promise to have under control.

  • Gas log fires

The same promise of high-quality service regarding installation, repairment and servicing of your gas log fires applies as well.

  • Gas wall furnaces

The purpose of gas wall furnaces is to optimally heat the larger spaces and to provide the best experience in the case of a huge property. The repairing or servicing is necessary regularly to use the gas wall furnace at its optimum or maximum capacity.

Jim’s Heating & Cooling promise to provide that.

  • Inverter air conditioning

Inverter A/C does not work the same as conventional air-con systems. Likewise, the repairing and servicing of it is also different. The best thing about the inverted air-con system is that it is eco-friendly and does not use much energy or electricity.

By installing the inverted air con system, an investor can save a huge amount of money.

Jim’s Heating & Cooling promise to provide that as well.

  • Reverse cycle air conditioning

Jim’s Heating & Cooling promise to provide all reverse cycle air conditioning services, no matter the type. Be it ducted, window box, cassette or slit system, they promise to make sure you’re provided with comfort at all times.

  • Split system air conditioners

Their promise of high-quality service counts in this versatile system as well.

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Jim’s Heating and Cooling Reviews

The above list of services this company provides is long and, in theory, tempting. It’s time to see if the execution is equally as good. When we scroll at the bottom of their page, a couple of featured reviews can be found there. All three of the featured ones are full five-star reviews.

Very professional staff with excellent suggestions, writes Paul. Alan recommends Jim’s Heating & Cooling as they arrived on time and did a great job, as does Masahiro. (The question remains how genuine and authentic those reviews really are?)

However, it’s obvious that they’d feature only the best and most positive reviews on their official page – that’s business. It’s also hard to trust a business nowadays, especially with the popular practice of buying reviews. It happens all the time, everywhere.

To portray the full picture, we’ve searched far and wide for some more reviews. The problem is when there aren’t many reviews, such as in this case.

After all, our personal experience with Jim’s in Adelaide hasn’t been good, so we had every right to believe that the reviews in their website are unreliable.

So, let’s try to find some genuine reviews, of frustrated real clients. Are there any? Are they the minority? Or the other way around?

The best way to find objective reviews is to look at third-party sites, sites specially designed to gather reviews. In the case of Jim’s Heating & Cooling, there weren’t many to find. Here are two, and both are critical and very much in line with our own experience.

Firstly, there’s the user named Hliu. They touch upon the professionalism of their employees as well as the 24/7 service, both of which had been loudly advertised on the website. They also mention their customer service representative was quick to end the call, even though they’d been nothing but polite to the representative. For the quality of the service, especially for such a large company, they also truthfully mention that “the price is a rip off.”

User mikes690 left another one-star review of Jim’s Heating & Cooling on the same site as the previous user. They call the business “a scam”. (It’s not a scam!) In their experience, they’d gotten charged a hefty sum only for a representative to reach their location and diagnose the issue, even though the customer had already diagnosed the issue and told them about it. After unnecessarily short service, they’d been charged another large sum. Their A/C had since broken down multiple times.

Our own experience also suggests their warranty promises are worthless and unlikely a free service if something goes wrong after even a week of a new unit installation.

Their service is a middle man between you (the client) and the installer (contractor). Their business model is based on taking a commission for you and, most likely, from the contractor.

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To conclude everything, let’s reevaluate everything that’d been said and calculate the final score.

Jim’s Heating & Cooling offer a wide variety of services and take pride in their policy of the same price around the clock (yes, they’re open 24/7). But, this is unlikely.

There are certainly some stellar reviews left to them, and they certainly do a satisfactory job if they’d managed to stay in business. However, critical reviews of their service exist, and they shed a different light on them as a company.

Of course, one can expect them to grow from the critical reviews, and it is completely possible that it was solely a bad employee that should not be the representative of the whole company.

Taking everything into consideration, Jim’s Heating & Cooling deserves a score of 3 stars out of 5.