If you are a beginner property investor, the first and foremost thing that you look for is the safety of the property that you will be investing in. Car proof fencing is one of the greatest investments that you can make in saving your property from the damages that can be caused by the crash of high speeding cars. But, When Do Investors Need to Consider Car-proof Fencing?

No matter if you are investing in a property with a house or an office building at a busy transport hub, a consideration for car proof fencing can be a handy move. It can be essential for your asset protection.

A Car-proof Fence gives you a safety solution from high vehicle mitigation. It keeps your property safe from the damages that can cause havoc on your pocket.

So, if you want your property to be safe from any hostile car crash or you have just invested in a property and want it to be protected and have a long-life safety, then you should surely consider a car proofing fence.

A car proof fence can actually save your life too, and it can make the life of your property much more than it actually would have been otherwise. An investment in a car proof fence is very fruitful in a number of circumstances as we will be discussing shortly.

Before anything, let’s make sure we all know what I mean by car-proof fencing…

What Is A Car-proof Fence Or An Anti-vehicle Fence?

A car proof fence is an additional security fence that is installed on the borders of a house or a property to provide security and save the property from car crashes. They are installed to prevent car crashes from having an impact on the house.

They are a great measure from the point of view of safety measures as they not only save the property but also the people residing in them.

Residential fences provide the protection that is not enough to keep property out of the purview of danger from a vehicle crash, a car fence must be installed to provide that if the property is at ‘risk’.

Each fence has a different rating that is associated with the amount of load they can intake and the speed at which a car is travelling would be stopped by them to prevent the damages caused by its crash.

The use of car fences is not only limited to the use for residential properties, but they are also used in transport hubs, business offices, military borders, prisons and state courthouses. They are a great investment when it comes to protecting any property or a premise.

A car proof fence can save your house or an office building from a lot of damages and will keep them intact for a longer time. Hence, they will eventually save your money from being put into the damages and will serve the purpose of an ideal protector of your property.

In short, you must consider a cash proof fence if your property at a risk location such as closer to a highway, in a bend where cars travel at speed… etc.

What Kind Of Fences Can Stop A Car?

There are various kinds of fences available that can be used by you to protect your property from a car crash. There is also an option to get them customized according to your needs.

The most popular fences include cemented and fences that are made up of hard steel with metallic ropes wrapped around them. An ideal car fence is durable, easily installable and easy to maintain.

Starting with the initial step, you will have to see how much money you are ready to invest into a fence and what kind of fence will suit you the best. Expert opinion is the key!

Below are the types of anti-car fences.

  • Anti-RAM Bollards

Anti-ram bollards comprise a chamber and are, for the most part, made of steel.

They’re drugged in the ground in a deep concrete balance for the greatest soundness. This forestalls the entry of vehicles while permitting people on foot and bicycle riders to go through. Bollards can likewise comprise supported concrete and steel segments.

Anti-ram bollard frameworks should be intended to stop a vehicle incredibly rapidly and abstain from leaving an opening for different vehicles to enter. You can arrange bollards with straightforwardly connected decorative steel.

Other customization alternatives include:

Cast sleeves:

Materials incorporate iron, bronze or aluminium, even concrete.

Anti rusting abilities:

Bollards can be electrified, which will secure them against consumption.


Bollards can likewise highlight inner brightening, making them more noticeable.

Remember that an average bollard establishment requires entering a few feet into the ground, which may prompt issues with underground utilities in case you don’t know of their area. On the off chance that these utilities muddle the establishment of conventional bollards, you may then again utilize bollards with a shallow establishment beneath grade to help forestall upsetting.

In case you’re anticipating introducing bollards, you’ll need to pick among removable and fixed models.

  • Anti-RAM Gates

These are the gates that open manually or automatically to let pass vehicles or cars. It is mainly used at military stations.

There are many options available such as cantilever slide gate, vertical liftgate, overhead slide gate and swing gate.

  • Anti-RAM Fences

Fences can likewise be planned as anti-ram frameworks. Anti-ram fences are an optimal answer for properties that require an uncommonly significant degree of safety around them, either because they’re at a higher danger of a crash or their structures are not strong enough.

A typical arrangement includes link restrictions, which are frequently positioned inside the fence at guard tallness and can be hidden in planting. Bollards or posts hold the link restriction set up. The mix of the bollard/post establishments and the opposition of the actual link guarantees an accident rating.

Different Crash Rated alternatives are accessible and dictated by your danger evaluation led at the site. Fences with link frameworks permit a lot of diversions before the interrupting vehicle is quit, which means the vehicle can enter the edge mostly before a vehicle is halted. How much redirection happens relies upon the distance between the concrete.

Site conditions, along with a danger evaluation will decide the suggested design of the Anti-Ram Fence establishment.

Now, let’s explore the pros of car proof fences.

Benefits Of Car Proof Fencing

  • Limits the access to your property

The first and foremost thing that a car fence does is not only it saves your property from being damaged but also limits the entry of an outsider in the premises that can cause some potential harm.

  • Strong security tool

It is no doubt the greatest security tool when it comes to saving your property from any car crash. This can save your loss up to a significant amount.

  • Durability

Car fences are known for their high durability. They stand strong in all the seasons, be it a sunny summer or a windy winter or rainy season. Once you get them installed you need not worry about replacing them at short intervals.

  • Versatility

Car fences are very versatile. You can get installed a customized car fence according to your requirements and can design them according to your property’s security plan and design.

  • Easy maintenance and installation

Installing a car fence is not a very hard task to do. Its maintenance is also very pocket friendly. You need not spend hefty amounts on them. You can easily get them installed and can maintain them at a low cost.

  • Cost-effective

They are very cost-effective, and they cater to provide security for a long-lasting term and adhere to all the money you’ve spent on them.

  • Increased safety

With improved toughness and unwavering quality, crash fences likewise give expanded security to your home or office building.

They ensure against wrongdoing, assaults and vehicle mishaps to keep your edge secure. You can even introduce run hindrance fences into security doors or crash entryways for extra insurance.

Now, let’s explore the cons of car proof fences.

Disadvantages Of Car Proof Fencing

  • High prices

When you opt for a customized car fence, the prices for its installation and design can get quite high and sometimes can reach out of the range of what your pocket allows you to spend. Even the materials used for them can be on the expensive side and can result in high prices.

  • Inconvenience to visitors

People who have fences all around their property and especially if they use manual or automatic RAM gates, can cause inconvenience to visitors entering the premises.

If you are not available at that time to open the gate, they might have to wait for you are standing outside your property.

  • Inconvenience to residents

Car fences can sometimes cause an inconvenience to residents as well. Suppose you’ll have to leave for an early office meeting and the fence gate manual or automatic system stops working and there is no other way to step out, then you can be in trouble and will have to wait for getting the system efficient again by spending money on its maintenance. This can be quite inconvenient and frustrating, especially since you’ll have to skip your work because of this.

  • Damages in extreme weather

Your fence can survive in all seasons, but sometimes the weather becomes so extreme that it can lead to damage to the fence, causing a high repair charge to you.

Extreme rains can cause your iron fence to erode or heavy lightning on a steel fence can destroy it, also extreme temperatures might result in losing the fence materials and mechanism.

When Do Investors Need To Consider Car-proof Fencing?

When you are ready to invest in a property, many things need to be taken care of, and car proof fencing is one of them if the property is at a risk location.

If an investor has taken property in an area that is very prone to car accidents or people in that area generally drive at high speed, then, it would be a smart and protective decision to consider car proof fencing. Fencing at that property will keep your property safe from high speeding car crashes and will keep you and your property safe.

An investor should also consider a car proof fencing if his property is in a place that is close to a transport hub and many vehicles, heavy as well as light pass through it daily, it makes the property prone to a danger of vehicle crashing in, a car fence at that place would help in preventing the loss to the property and people.

If you live in a hilly area and cars there may often slip and drag into the property, then investors should surely opt for car fencing.

Remember, In Australia itself, damages worth 50 million dollars are alone caused by cars crashing into houses and office buildings. This shows how prone car crashes are when you are living in a risky location, so to protect your property you should get a car crash friendly fence that will shield your property.

When Shouldn’t Investors Consider Car-proof Fencing?

If you have invested in a property that is located in a deserted area and there are hardly any cars, all you see is solace, then you might not need a car proof fence. Well, by ‘deserted’ I mean areas with low car crash risk.

Another probable reason for not to invest in a car proof fence can be the unavailability of the type of fence that is required by you. Suppose you reside in an area where heavy vehicles travel and often at night when the drivers get drunk and they just crash in at people’s property, then you need a car proof fence that is strong enough and is designed to stop such vehicles from doing any damage to that property. But, if they are not available at that point in time and the available fences are suitable for small cars, then you might restrain from installing those car proof fences since they will not serve the sole purpose of stopping heavy vehicles and you will just invest your money in something that is even not of your perfect use.


In a nutshell, a car proof fence is a great way to strengthen the security of your property and to save it from any damage that can be caused by a car crash.

Their versatility, durability and easy maintenance is an add on. In addition to this, you can also get them customized according to your needs.

So, if you have just invested in a property or you have an existing property at a risky location, but you do not have car proof fencing around it, consider getting one installed and enhance the levels of security around your house.