The article looks at some of the benefits and flaws of buying a second-hand gate. We start off by discussing what a gate is? And later on, we discussed types of gates with the visual representations of each type. Furthermore, we looked into the customized gates, brand new gates and second-hand gates. Eventually, we sort the situations where you should and should not buy a second-hand gate, and address the main question ‘what to look in a second-hand gate?’.

Why Considering a Second-hand Gate Matter?

While buying material for your development, we make sure that we are spending on something that is worth the cost. It is a common thing to look into the benefits and flaws of things we are about to buy and measure them according to our buying power. Security is one of the most basic necessities of today. Gates are an extraordinary invention to provide security within a bounded region.

Gates have several uses and benefits which will be discussed in the writing. Certain questions cross our minds while purchasing a security gate, e.g. is the gate worth buying? Will it last for a good amount of period? Is the style of the gate really that practical? Is it available at a reasonable price? After going through all these concerns, we are able to make a transaction (buy the gate).

Before digging further into gates, let’s define gates first.

What is a Gate?

To start off, let’s answer the basic question of what a gate is? The answer to this is different in different books and websites.

As per Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, ‘gate is defined as a barrier like a door that is used to close an opening in a fence or a wall outside a building. One of the major functions of a gate is to provide the bounded region with security.

Although our major focus is on second-hand gates here, it’s worth discussing the pros and cons of a gate. Everything has pros and cons, the same goes for the gates.

Let’s discuss their benefits and flaws now…

Pros of a Gate

There are numerous benefits for installing gates some of them are

  • Greater security
  • Added safety
  • Better Privacy

There is a very fine line between the first two mentioned benefits, security is protection from the situations that are a consequence of an intentional behavior whereas safety is protection from circumstances that result due to the unintentional human acts.

Privacy is something that everyone wishes to get.

Cons of a Gate

The cons of gated residencies or regions are that they have a huge installation cost. Moreover, gates can be a huge inconvenience to the visitors as the visitors have to wait for someone to open the gate in order to get in.

However, there is a solution to every problem. Due to the huge costs, people prefer to buy a second-hand gate which provides with all the benefits and also, cuts the cost considerably.

As for the other problem, people have automatic or electronic gates installed to take on the advantages more comfortably.

Tip: This article explains why an automatic gate is worth the investment.

Types of Gates

Gates can easily be categorized. Generally, there are 6 different types of gates for homes and public areas. Each type will also be seen from the point of view of the second-hand gates in this article.

1. Sliding gate

A sliding gate is one of the best-selling gates of all times. It gives the property or region bounded a niche look. Likewise, the name says, it opens like a slide from one end to the other. It is unlike a conventional gate that needs to be opened from the middle. Moreover, automatic sliding gates are also an option in this type, free from manual work.

This type of gate is the best suitable in areas where owned land is less.

While buying a second-hand sliding gate, one should make sure that it functions properly. And the land where one needs to fit should be prepared prior to the installation as it has to be fitted with the tires which are the best if kept a bit lower than the ground level.

Concrete driveways are the best to go with sliding gates, in terms of cost point of view. In contrast, if you wish for a tiled driveway, that comes at extra cost. Bear in mind!

Tip: Be mindful of these things before concreting a driveway.

2. Turnstile gate

It is more of an indoors gate with a capacity of one passenger at a time. Initially, these gates were only used in airports and railway station, but due to their huge flexibility of usage, they are now also seen in other public places.

One of the benefits which can also be a huge drawback for this type of gate is that at times it doesn’t allow people to enter just casually. You have to have access to office security for the entrance, which is a good and a bad thing, simultaneously.

Usually business and organizations (commercial property developers) buy these types of gates or doors for the offices, so it is better to check for the sensor and gate functionality and efficiency before purchasing a second-hand in order to secure the premises.

3. Vertical gate

A vertical gate is like a sliding gate installed vertically. It goes up and down or if pivoted then its move halfway up and down.

The greatest advantage with vertical gates is that you don’t need to bother with an additional space to open them. You can consolidate them effectively, and they will naturally open once the sensors sense a vehicle drawing close.

Vertical rotate entryways are costly than other sorts; however, effective for a place of business which has limited space.

Just like sliding gates, vertical gates should be properly checked when buying a used vertical gate.

4. Swing gate

It is typical and one of the oldest types of gates. It is the go-to option if your property is far away from a busy road as these types of gates give an aesthetic look and are opened manually, mostly. They can be customized nowadays, unlike the old days so one can get what one wants and motorize them too to open automatically.

However, if you are looking for a second-hand swing gate, you would have to use in the different size, shape and design in which it already is because reshaping and redesigning will only add to the cost which one is not in the favor.

5. Retractable Security gate

These types of gates are a must where security is a priority. If there are some unwanted personalities, with the help of these gates, you will get to know the second they enter onto the premises.

These types of gates are more favorable to buy brand new rather than going for second-hand as its installation will cost just the same.

6. Automatic gate

Residential buildings prefer automatic or electric gates as it adds to the security of people living there. It is difficult to keep the track of each, and every resident or even employee in the office where it is installed so authorizes prefer electric gates which allow an entry in the case if you have a pass card.

These types of gates should also be bought brand new as it has huge costs so one would not want to risk huge amount (installation and data systems used to store data of people having access) for a used gate.

Now we will look at some different gates, for example, second-hand gates, brand new gates and customized gates.

Difference Between Second-hand Gates, Brand New Gates and Customized Gates

There is very much difference between these 3 types of gates.

  • Second-hand Gate

A second-hand gate is basically a used gate that you buy.

There can be several reasons for buying a second-hand gate, one of the major is the cost factor. Unlike brand new and customized gates, second-hand gates are cheap to buy, but on the contrary, they have a shorter life span because they have been already used.

A second-hand gate is most preferable in areas where a guard is present at all the times for added safety and security.

  • Brand New Gate

The gate you buy in its best condition from a shop or market. It’s the first purchase. Although it is expensive due to its new structure, it is more preferable to a second-hand gate if you have the buying power.

Remember, most of the new development sites require brand new items, including gates. Only in a handful of small developments, you would able to consider a second-hand gate as a choice.

  • Customized Gate

Customized gates are basically gates made and fabricated on-demand according to the customer’s preferences. They are basically brand new and have benefits of a brand new gate as well as the benefits of its unique structure.

One of the major drawbacks of customized gates is that they are costly and consume time for the making. E.g. If you want a non-standard size swing gate or sliding gate. When the shape and design of the gate is not common. You can have unique choices and design come to a reality as-fabricated customized gate.

From the above explanation, I am sure you understand that these 3 gates cannot be compared as each and everyone is different in its own way and has its advantages and disadvantages of different types.

When Should You Consider a Second-hand Gate?

The second-hand gate is most beneficial in situations where you are on a cost-cutting side. Although the cost-cutting factor is a huge advantage of a second-hand gate but there also some the major disadvantages.

Iron rusting is a common thing, and it is something that has no cure. It does have prevention of putting an aluminum foil, but again the aluminum reacts with the air and iron is again left at its own. Iron rusts because it reacts with the air. Most of the gates are made of iron, so once the iron starts to get rusted, the gate can become no more useful as it start to change its shape little by little and becomes hard to move.

So, while buying a second-hand gate, one should assure that the condition of iron is perfect or at least good.

When Should You Not Consider a Second-hand Gate?

Do not consider a second-hand gate in the following circumstances.

  1. While looking for (very) cheap gates. Too cheap means there is a reason for too cheap
  2. When the bounded region does not need that much security
  3. For huge Warehouses where a guard is also there
  4. When you need a gate as soon as possible, or you are in a rush.
  5. When you do not need to do a market search and see what is available and what is not.

What to Look in a Second-hand Gate?

If you decide to go ahead with a second-hand gate, make sure the following.

  1. How much time will it last for?
  2. Weigh the pros and cons if pros exceed the cons go for the second-hand gate option
  3. Does the gate fulfill your requirements?
  4. Is the gate functioning properly?
  5. Is the iron of the gate secure and not a rust underneath?
  6. Is it really up to the mark?


The whole article was written in view of gates and its uses, however; the major focus was on the second-hand gates. Types of gates, their uses, their advantages and disadvantages and whether to buy it as a second hand or first purchase are fully explained with examples.

Moving on, the article then explains the differences among the second-hand gate, brand new gate and customized gate with the situations best to buy each of the ones. Moreover, the articles look into the scenarios of when to consider and when not to consider the buying of the second-hand gates mentioning the different factors and their circumstances for the best understanding of the reader.

Lastly, we enclosed the main body of the article by factors that the buyer should consider while buying a second-hand gate and should not avoid or neglect them at any cost.

To sum the whole article, it can be concluded that second hand is an option to avail when you are not able to afford a brand-new gate or the region is not that much of a danger.

We also compared the brand new and customized gates with the second-hand gates and reached a conclusion that each of them is different in their own ways.

I would personally recommend that if you have enough resources to buy a new gate rather than a second-hand gate, that (i.e. new gate) would be the preference.